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On House ‘Keep Your Health Plan Act,’ Murphy one of 39 Democratic defectors

by George Bennett | November 15th, 2013

Rep. Patrick Murphy, who represents a GOP-leaning district, was one of 39 Democrats to vote for Republican 'Keep Your Health Plan Act.'

Bucking President Barack Obama‘s veto threat and his party’s House leadership, swing-district freshman Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, was one of 39 Democrats to vote today for a Republican a bill to allow insurers to continue offering health insurance plans that don’t meet the standards of the new federal Affordable Care Act.

Murphy was one of only five Democrats to co-sponsor the “Keep Your Health Plan Act,” which passed on a 261-157 vote. Four Republicans voted against the bill, which some conservatives derided as a lifeline for Obamacare.

Palm Beach County’s three other House members — Democratic Reps. Ted Deutch of Boca Raton, Lois Frankel of West Palm Beach and Alcee Hastings of Miramar — all voted against the measure.

13 Responses to “On House ‘Keep Your Health Plan Act,’ Murphy one of 39 Democratic defectors”

  1. kelly Says:

    Bonehead move. An act of political cowardice. His seat is now really in jeopardy.

  2. Geek Squad Says:

    If you are unable to access the ObamaCare website, call the computer “Geek Squad” – Plastic Nancy Pelosi, Smiling Joe Biden and Heartless Harry Reid. (DNC Chair Debbie Debutante-Schultz will provide a 2,000-page user manual.)

  3. Educator2 Says:

    The democrats steer the vessel into an iceberg and now they are all jumping ship and swimming as far away as they can!

  4. Cassy Says:

    I really don’t think most realize what a tragedy the AHCA is. When people start losing their Dr. and can’t get a prescription renewed until they see a new dr. and that dr’s wait time for an appt is in 9 mos to 1 year…where are they getting help in the mean time? Blood work, etc. And those of you that are young and hopefully healthy, unfortunately will not stay that way as you get past your 50′s…we all need a little help now and is what it is. Give the uninsured Medicare’Medicaid. LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE. Congress can reform health care by other means and put the choice of our insurance back to us. We will NEVER be a socialized society, so forget about it. Poor folks that got cancelled after paying premiums..what the heck did Obama mean by “they can keep their insurance (to or through?) 2014″..never knew what that exactly means.

  5. Dee Says:

    Thank you Mr Murphy

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