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It’s a bromance: Texas Gov. Perry endorses “passionate” Rick Scott

by John Kennedy | November 7th, 2013

Texas Gov. Rick Perry took time out Thursday from competing with Florida Gov. Rick Scott to endorse Scott’s run for reelection in 2014.

In a teleconference with reporters Thursday afternoon, Perry lauded Scott for 37 months of falling unemployment and steady job creation. And the one-time presidential contender lambasted Scott’s most recently announced Democratic rival, former Gov. Charlie Crist, for the loss of 832,000 jobs when Crist governed Florida as a Republican from 2007-2011.

“I know Rick Scott and I know Charlie Crist and know the difference. Rick Scott is a clear leader, a job creator who has been a great competitor,” Perry said. “He is one passionate dude. He is a guy who is absolutely on fire about creating opportunities for the people of Florida.”

Crist filed his candidacy papers Nov. 1, and is competing with former Sen. Nan Rich, D-Weston, for the Democratic nomination for governor.

— Tony Doris, assistant watchdog editor


13 Responses to “It’s a bromance: Texas Gov. Perry endorses “passionate” Rick Scott”

  1. Traffic Avenger Says:

    And with the endorsement of Rick Scott by abortion prohibitionist Rick Perry. My vote is sealed for anyone other then the man we have in office.

  2. OBIWAN Says:

    How much will the White House “vaunted ground game” get involved in Florida next year??

    IRS / FBI / HLS / NSA / CIA / EPA / OSHA / CMS / HHS / ED / etc….

    ALL part of the gestapo persecution of any but the rabid progressive liberal loons!

    Last nite’s PAC-12 ‘commercial’ announced to the world their attributes… PROGRESSIVE was their description of their edumukashun at those 12 Left Coast colleges??

    Like Texas… Florida has weathered this Democrap induced jobless recovery of SPENDuLUST, PORKuLUST, Double Down GOVT expansion and now BARAMAcare…
    … AFTER the real recession ended June 2009 simply burning out with GW Bush token tax rebates… larded up double that with tax gifts to the 47% who paid no taxes!!

    Florida got just $11 BN … will pay back over $55 BN plus interest for those projects Bill Nelson desired for his payback projects… Tequesta Bridge, Turning Lanes, etc. we could have waited on…
    … eliminate that $800 million approved by GW Bush to complete the Lake O Dike!

  3. OBIWAN Says:

    More substantial ‘news’ would be why G. Soros funded Terry McAuliffe’s Libertarian party opponent …
    … to assure his narrow win using ‘late inner city ghetto’ double counts??

  4. OBIWAN Says:

    Unlike some other states, I bought one of these after I caught my man cheating. now he can only have pleasure when I want him too! He is so much more obedient now. The trash is always going out on time and I haven’t had to do the dishes in WEEKS! I knocked off one star because it is kind of a flimsy metal and I found him trying to take a hammer to it. luckily my brother does welding so we were able to reinforce it and hook up an old shock collar we had lying around so if he ever tries to tamper with it he gets a good zap to the balls. Over all a great purchase.

  5. Traffic Avenger Says:


    Your post reads like a first attempt at writing an “It’s Okay to Be Gay” pamphlet. Completely unoriginal and a step-by-step account of the most common issues in a coming out story, with absolutely no drama and amateur quality writing.

    Your writing style and especially the dialogue have no natural flow, are stilted and much too straightforward. There is no subtlety and the characters simply state exposition, feeling very unrealistic – as if the post was written by a grade-schooler. I was constantly cringing and barking laughter while reading because the characters spoke and acted so unnaturally and bluntly – it was horribly awkward and ridiculous to read. There was no conflict – any possibly inner turmoil over “Ack, I’m not sure if I’m gay, what do I do?” was accepted or dismissed about two minutes after the question was brought up.

    Your post had barely any dramatic arc and absolutely no originality. I would have wanted my money back if I had paid anything for it.

  6. Blondeone Says:

    Just Vote out Prick Snott. He is just like the rest of the Teabaggers!!!

  7. Traffic Avenger Says:

    Wow. To have ones avatar hijacked and name used to try and insult others and at the same time trying to come out of the closet is really something I have never seen before. The funniest part about that is the fact that I am a Lesbian. That should help you in your future Identity Thief’s.

    It is really surprising to see ones name slandered to such a point by someone who can not create their own life, let only have the man stones to do it on their own. I do hope you and your little dog due get the help you oh so need.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Dior Says:

    沿岸警備隊は、彼らは良い仕事をしたこれはKentucky – The練習でカリパリの第三シーズンである、にもかかわらず、長い道のりを歩んで、および標&#2831

  9. Its for the Children Remember Says:

    Both Rick Scott and CharLIE Crist have played a personal role in covering up the horrors of the Child Rapes at Sheriff Gary Borders and Bridges of America’s Green Isle Boys Ranch. Spread around a few million here and there and the lives of the children don’t mean a thing. After all it’s only about the money, right.

  10. Its for the Children Right? Says:

    This link establishes Sheriff Borders was pictured with the rapist during the times the rapes were occurring and shows the hand written statements of the victims of Sheriff Borders little friend the Green Isle Rapist.

    Also you can google “Green Isle Ranch 44 page summary” to see more documents and pictures that prove Tyler Anthony Jackson was never really arrested, prosecuted and put on community control. Citrus County Sheriff’s reports and court documents prove he committed more acts of violence when he was supposed to have been on community control.

  11. ??? tumi Says:

    そして、チームがため戦ってチームからそう変わらない Zerom、あまりに、タコマDome – Heに戻ること熱望している先に3017枢機卿のズームを助けた第二&

  12. ??????????? Says:

    GESSはPACのラインナップがformidable – So、あなたはどう思いますか,tumi リュック?知事が死刑執行に歯止めを直撃しているべきであるのと同様であり、侯爵

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