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Florida Republicans flex legal muscles against marijuana

by John Kennedy | November 8th, 2013

Florida’s Republican legislative leaders Friday said a proposed 2014 measure legalizing medical marijuana should be barred from the ballot because of a host of constitutional problems.

House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, and Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, submitted a brief to the Florida Supreme Court, which is scheduled to hear arguments Dec. 5 on the measure backed by the organization United for Care.

Lawyers for the legislators cited failings in the proposal’s text and ballot summary, concluding it is misleading to voters and violates a number of constitutional standards.

“The proposed amendment and its ballot title and summary fail to provide the clarity that the voters deserve when considering whether to amend their constitution,” Weatherford and Gaetz said in their brief.

“This court should issue an advisory opinion directing that the proposed amendment not be placed on the ballot,” they told justices.

Attorney General Pam Bondi last month submitted papers to the court, saying she also found problems with the measure.

On Friday, the deadline set by justices for briefs in the matter, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida Medical Association, Florida Sheriffs Association and the advocacy group, Save Our Society from Drugs, also weighed in against the measure.

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7 Responses to “Florida Republicans flex legal muscles against marijuana”

  1. Searcher1 Says:

    So, gaining no TRACTION on gay rights or abortion, the local TEA-GOP is now taking on weed. Do they realize that the tide is in favor of all of the above?

  2. vyvanse Says:

    a3) Anyone taking this drug who experiences a rash, severe dizziness or trouble breathing should stop taking Vyvance and seek medical care quickly.

  3. Helen R. Frigo Says:

    Middle school students can get marijuana, but not us old folks? Miley Cyrus’ fans, and Madonna’s all know about “Molly”, and countless other designer drugs that kill, but a weed God put on this earth that has NEVER killed anyone, is STILL outlawed? Since 1970? Louie Armstrong was put in jail for it. He never understood why, as he said it was more like medicine. Alcohol was far more dangerous, as is nicotine. Both of them are legal. Marshall Frank, ex-cop, says it should be legal. $60 Billion a year wasted on “The Drug War”. “How’re we doing?” FL needs more dog and horse poop from more dog & pony racing? That’s the Repub solution? Or a new $350 million football stadium for the guy who wants to do you know what in someone’s mouth?

  4. amy cavanaugh Says:

    As the republicans look to lower health care costs in Florida, they turn there back on this safe and natural healing plant that people can grown in the privacy of their own home. The fact that they prefer expensive pharmaceuticals tells me that someone has a vested interest in cannabis remaining illegal. Time will tell.

  5. Hector Says:

    This Florida Republican is about to change his party affiliation to Independent. I don’t identify with the extreme Right Wing that has taken over the party, nor do I identify with those on the extreme Left. Call me a Conservative, Former Republican, without representation.

  6. Mark Says:

    Governments have been lying to us for decades now about the supposed harm of cannabis. My 3 years of intensive research into the “harm” of cannabis tell me, beyond ALL doubt, that not only is cannabis NOT dangerous, used responsibly in the raw, non-psychoactive form as a food supplement OR in the psychoactive form as a “joint” or oil, it is EXTREMELY HEALTHY and it’s use would drop health care costs hugely over time … reduced cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, pain relief, and so on. Keeping cannabis illegal IS the crime. Putting people in jail for just using it, is unconscionable, expensive and just plain evil.

  7. ????? Says:


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