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Bush endorses Scott, saying he “has delivered”

by John Kennedy | November 12th, 2013

Former Gov. Jeb Bush endorsed the man currently holding the job Tuesday –praising Rick Scott for his leadership “when Florida needed it most.”

“It’s simple why I’m supporting Rick Scott,” Bush said in a statement. “He campaigned on a platform of getting Florida’s economy back on track, and has delivered on that promise.”

Bush also included in the endorsement a dig at congressional Democrats and President Obama — who is expected to eventually weigh-in with support for the man sandwiched between Bush and Scott in the governor’s office, Charlie Crist, a Republican turned Democratic who is now that party’s frontrunner for his old job.

“While President Obama and Democrats in Congress are fixated on penalizing success, Governor Scott is pursuing policies to restore prosperity for more Floridians while prioritizing core state responsibilities, including increasing the state’s investment in education,” Bush said.

“Rick Scott demonstrated leadership when Florida needed it most, and he is the best candidate to lead our state for four more years,” Bush concluded.

The timing of the Bush endorsement is difficult to gauge. Speculation has been mounting for weeks that Bush plans to name Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, as his choice for lieutenant governor for the election ahead, and that the selection was at least partially designed to cement the overall support of the Bush network for Scott’s re-election bid.

Thrasher was House Speaker when Bush first took office, and steered the new governor’s education, tax cut and lawsuit-limiting policies through the Legislature. Thrasher likened his relationship with Bush as that which existed between Col. Tom Parker and Elvis Presley.

Thrasher, though, continues to deny being talked to about the job. And Tuesday Scott also said he was still in search of someone to fill the lieutenant governor slot, now vacant since Jennifer Carroll resigned in the spring.

Crist formally announced his campaign last week and has since been vigorously fund-raising. Although Crist does not have to file his first campaign finance report until next month, Scott reported Tuesday that he raised $824,835 last month — bringing his cash-on-hand to $17 million.



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6 Responses to “Bush endorses Scott, saying he “has delivered””

  1. partners in crime Says:

    Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott. He was a partner at Johnson & Swanson, which was the largest law firm in Dallas at that time. Specializing in Oil,and communications. A major client was Tom Hicks of HM Capital Partners.While establishing his career in the hospital industry Rick Scott developed a partnership with Tom Hicks and George W. Bush in the Texas Rangers.This partnership with “Dubya” was the reason he walked “scot free” from the largest Medicare fraud at Columbia HCA in US history.Rick Scott and Jeb Bush are also partners in IMC a south American hospital group and the partner is Miguel Recary a Trafficanti associate who is running from US federal indictments at this time.Yep! Jeb Bush supports Rick Scott and has all along. They are partners in crime. Also JEB needs Rick Scott to help him pull off his Common core Nazi programming for the New World Order.

  2. Jerry Rathburn Says:

    Scott has delivered a big turd by crapping all over Florida. This right wing nut is barely even a Floridan who used stolen money to buy an election.

  3. Yes! Wake Up Florida Says:

    And he is right in the sack with Jeb Bush and all of his privatization efforts as well. Jails, prisons,charter the public schools (keep the taxpayers money but take away taxpayers input on educations) hospitals you name it they want their partners in crime running everything. Jeb Bush Common Core NWO programming for America’s youth!

    Every Florida juvenile facility is privatized. Green isle Ranch no closed but dozens of other Bridges of America schemes are destroying our youth while robbing the taxpayers for doing so.

    If you want to destroy a nation start by destroying it’s youth. The Bush family criminal dynasty has done a great job of this. The wolves in sheep’s clothing. Compassionate-Aggressive conservatives!

  4. just say not to Scott Says:

    When Rick Scott stops lying and covering up for sheriff Gary Borders and his friend the Green Isle rapist and orders an honest investigation into why Borders did not immediately arrest the immediately identified rapist (pictured with sheriff Borders during the time frame of the rapes)then some people might consider voting for Rick Scott. As long as Scott continues to cover up crimes against children he will not get any support from us.

    Note: Rick Scott did not want to agree to allow those searching for bodies at the Dozier School for boys to continue to search. He only reluctantly agreed to go along with the rest of the cabinet. What does Rick Scott have in common with Jeb Bush when it comes to abuse at boys schools. ranches, farms and boot camps that they want to hide?

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