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Medical marijuana backer rips Bondi, offers to pay for TV debate on issue

by George Bennett | October 28th, 2013


The lawyer leading efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Florida ridiculed Attorney General Pam Bondi for calling the proposed ballot language for the measure misleading.

“She knows about as much about constitutional law as my Jack Russell terrier does,” Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan said of Bondi after Bondi argued to the Florida Supreme Court last week that the ballot summary for the medical marijuana question fails to inform voters of the “breathtaking scope” of the amendment.


Morgan, whose law firm employs likely Democratic governor candidate Charlie Crist, offered to pay for TV time for a debate between Bondi and Jon Mills, the attorney and former Florida House speaker who Morgan said wrote the proposed medical marijuana law.

Morgan and his law firm have contributed $400,000 so far to the campaign to gather 683,149 voter signatures to put a medical marijuana question on the November 2014 ballot. The summary that would appear on the ballot says the amendment “allows the medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician.”

The full text of the proposed amendment — which doesn’t appear on the ballot — lists cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and five other “debilitating medical conditions” and also adds “other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.”

In a petition last week to the Florida Supreme Court, Bondi wrote: “Particularly for a physician who considers marijuana’s health risks low, there is no ‘condition’ beyond the amendment’s reach. The ballot summary does not convey this breathtaking scope, instead telling voters that marijuana would be limited to ‘individuals with debilitating diseases.’”

Morgan disputed Bondi’s contention that the law would be too open-ended.

“I have to trust our doctors. The state regulates our doctors. I have to trust that regulation and if you have a rogue doctor that’s abusing that trust, the state needs to do something about it…It will be on Bondi to prosecute that rogue doctor,” Morgan said.

28 Responses to “Medical marijuana backer rips Bondi, offers to pay for TV debate on issue”

  1. Shecky Says:

    Let’s just hope that voters throw this bimbo Bondi out of office. Then she won’t have to reschedule any other executions to fit into her future campaign schedules.
    Wanna bet she will NEVER debate the marijuana issue? She’s just a Sarah Palin wanna-be.

  2. bito63 Says:

    She will never show up for a TV debate over this issue, She would probably come up with the excuse that she had a fundraiser to attend!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. TrafficAvenger Says:

    This is where you can find the petition to get medical Cannabis on the 2014 ballot.
    Print it out, fill it out, date and sign it on the back. If you can get friends and family to due the same, the more the merrier to send a message to the ones who would deny the ones who could and would use Cannabis to make a quality of life choose.

    Please to due your part to help the cause.

    Thank you for your support.
    Have a nice day.

  4. mm4cancer Says:

    Obviously, Bondi doesn’t have cancer, or family that has or had cancer, or she would not deny them quality of life with mm! Get em John!!!!!

  5. wpbdiver Says:

    This is a done deal, the “Scott Cartel” is finished soon, and everybody in this state knows it is time to pass this amendment. Be sure Skelatore will somehow appeal it, and lose. Bondi is a joke, a political shiv that looks good on her knee’s under the Gubernor’s desk

  6. Says:

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  7. Michelle Says:

    I hope she finally gets kicked out! Could she be any less intelligent? She seriously knows NOTHING about the Constitution.

  8. substitutes Says:

    wpbdiver Says: “Bondi is a joke, a political shiv that looks good on her knee’s under the Gubernor’s desk”

    Bimbo Bondi’s are a dime a dozen on the streets but,

    Where have you been? Like him or not the last “MAN” in the governor’s office was Lawton Childs. Check out the facts Jeb Bush, his old man and his brother all have funky pasts. Rick Scott and CharLIE Crist are not men they are feminine homo’s lying about what they really are.

    Oh yea! and remember how Obama and Rod Blogovich didn’t know each other before the photo’s surfaced?`Well Rick Scott was a Dallas Texas Bush family oil lawyer and partner with DUBYA and Tom Hicks in the Texas Rangers and they don’t know each other either!!!

    God Help Florida and the USA!!!

  9. jim Says:

    Don’t beleive everything Morgan & Morgan tell you. They are lawyers!!!

    They will say anything to get you to believe them…

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