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Lobbyist Anita Mitchell is frontrunner for Palm Beach County GOP chair

by George Bennett | October 10th, 2013

Sworn in as a Republican Executive Committee member Wednesday night, Anita Mitchell could become party leader next month.

Lobbyist and GOP fundraiser Anita Mitchell is now the only announced candidate for county GOP chairman as a Nov. 13 special election approaches to replace Ira Sabin, who resigned last month.


Mitchell and GOP activist and former state House candidate Tami Donnally had said they would run for chairman in next month’s election. But Donnally dropped out in a brief, emotional speech at Wednesday night’s Republican Executive Committee meeting.

Other candidates can still emerge up to the Nov. 13 meeting, when the roughly 180-member REC will open the floor to nominations. But Mitchell has been lining up at least enough support to convince Donnally to get out of the race.

“Several key people who I respect and trust came to me and told me they were going to support Anita because they feel her fundraising skills are what the party needs right now,” Donnally said in an interview.

In remarks to REC members, Donnally said: “We need to come together so we can work in unity…In the name of unity, so we all can be united, I am withdrawing from the race for chairman. I’m not going to run. And I think we all should get behind one person and make it work….I hope that over the next four weeks we don’t have any more division.”

Mitchell only became eligible to run for GOP chair on Wednesday night when she was unanimously elected to a vacant committee seat. She has been active in Republican campaigns and the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches. Mitchell is the mother of West Palm Beach City Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell and the ex-wife of moon-walking astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Sabin, narrowly elected chairman in December, resigned Sept. 26 after 10 months of weak fundraising and friction with other party leaders. Mitchell said her intent is to serve the remainder of Sabin’s term, which ends in December 2014, and turn the leadership over to someone else.

“I hope to build a really strong bench,” Mitchell said Wednesday night.

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40 Responses to “Lobbyist Anita Mitchell is frontrunner for Palm Beach County GOP chair”

  1. Fingers Crossed Says:

    Let’s hope she will unify and bring forth young eager candidates to run for office in PBC.

  2. rebar Says:

    @ Fingers Crossed
    I totally agree with you, I sincerely hope she can bring forth young and eager people. Let me tell you something else about her, she can do a St. Louis stroll like nobodys business. When she is not dressed up like a GOP den mother, she can make a 450lbs midget transvestite look like Jonathan Winters in red pumps.
    Speaking of 450 lbs. midget trannys, I ruined a perfectly good pumpkin pie last night. I won’t go into too many intimate details (after all this is the web, don’t want my personal stuff out there) but I was involved in some serious genital manipulation, when I heard a distinct and audible “pop”. It was the most intense sensation, one I haven’t had since 5th grade gym class. Next thing I know there is pumpkin pie and about a quart of my spooge everywhere. And I mean everywhere. How on earth it got into my nanna’s ashes I have no idea.

  3. Anita Deadbeat Says:

    Anita is a deadbeat who is in foreclosure and doesn’t pay her taxes.

  4. Bill Says:

    It’s sad that Tammy won’t run. She would be a much better choice than Ms. Mitchell. I’m surprised that the current Vice Chairman won’t run. He would also be a much better choice! What’s wrong with this party. Ms. Mitchell isn’t going to anything but continue where the previous chairman left off…and that’s DIVIDE everyone! Mitchell already has people within the party that do not like her…so all I can say is…here we go again!!!

  5. Bill Says:

    @ Fingers Crossed & @ rebar
    I totally disagree with you both! Ms. Mitchell already has enemy’s within the party…she already has people that dis-like her…so here we go again! She will continue where the previous chairman left off…she will just divide the party because she is NOT someone who can unify. Her choices within her own club at Bear Lakes have always been about herself or those closest to her…not about the party. If you are not an immediate family member or a very close friend of hers, she would not consider you for anything that she is in charge of…and this if first hand experience I am sharing with everyone!!! I think we know what this is called to all those that know what I’m talking about.

  6. Fingers Crossed Says:

    @ Bill
    Hey buddy, no need to take it to that level. Your racist comments are not welcome here let alone civil society. I could care less about your sexual orientation, but there is no need to disparage african-americans the way you just did. At least myself and rebar were honest in our assesments.

  7. Bill Says:

    @ Fingers Crossed

    That’s pretty comical of you to make such an accusation. You do realize that anyone reading my comments are going to wonder what in the world you are talking about…don’t you? Anyone with half a brain can see you are unable to respond intellectually…THEREFORE…your response doesn’t make any sense…in other words it is lacking basic common sense. But this could be your attempt at trying to be juvenile or funny, which can only back fire on you.

    But if this is really the highest extent of your intelligence, then maybe perhaps you didn’t realize that I was praising Mr. Michael Barnett in saying that he should be the chairman…and he should also run for the seat of chairman. Mr. Barnett, in case you didn’t realize, is African-American. So this clearly makes you look very foolish in your comments. And to make things even worse for you…you mentioned something about “sexual orientation”…which isn’t even found anywhere in my comments. So now this only makes you look like an imbecile.

    Anyway…my work is done here!

  8. Bill Says:

    I know I had said that my work is done, however based on the foolish posts done by the aforementioned imbecile I cannot simply let it go. You did mention “sexual orentation” and I let it pass. As a homosexual I will no longer walk away from any bigoted posts or slurs. I am sure it is just some teenager trying to get a laugh from his buddies or more likely someone with serious mental defects to think that posts like this are even funny.

    Anyway…my work here is finally done!

  9. Bill Says:

    It seems we have a comedian in our midsts. The post from earlier is not me. Just wanted to clairfy things.

  10. Bill Says:

    Nice try…..”Bill”

  11. Bill Says:

    Again, the earlier post is fake. Someone is pretending to be me. Hope they are having fun.

  12. Bill Says:

    I gotta jump in here

    My name is Bill also and I just don’t want anyone to confuse me with the above person with what appears to be multiple personality disorder.

    …..just sayin’

  13. Friend of Bill Says:

    I am a good friend of Bill and I can tell you that I cannot tell which one of these above posts are real and which ones are fake. Like most people reading this thread, I have no idea what is going on and what it even has to do with the story. Will the real Bill please stand up?

  14. Friend of a friend of Bill Says:

    I could not agree more w/ friend of Bill

    It’s harder than Chinese math to figure out this conundrum.

    Like living in a “Where’s Waldo” book

  15. Bill's Neighbor Says:

    I always knew something wasn’t right with him. The way he would peer over his hedge while I was washing my car. I would hear him giggle everytime I dropped the hose and it “spurted” me in the face. Come to think of it, the hedge would shake from time to time when we was behind it. Hmmmmmm?

  16. Bill's Uncle Says:


  17. Bill's Bookie Says:

    Please, please, please don’t elect Kimmy’s Momma. Comcast will just raise our bills.

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  21. Bill's Urologist Says:

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  22. Bill's Prostate Says:

    @ #21

    How dare you sir!!

    You would think that being a doctor, you and your staff would have a little more decorum when dealing with such matters.

    Excuse me! I have a weight problem! that DOES NOT give you the right to joke about me being a twin!

    For shame on you!

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