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Frankel, Deutch say Boehner allowing ‘reckless’ minority of GOP to drive shutdown

by George Bennett | October 7th, 2013

U.S. Reps. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, and Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, talk with Palm Beach County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor outside a Head Start facility in Boynton Beach before a news conference about the federal government shutdown today.

BOYNTON BEACH — On the seventh day of a partial shutdown of the federal government, U.S. Reps. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, and Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, stood outside a Head Start center this morning to urge House Speaker John Boehner to call a vote on a no-strings-attached spending bill to keep the government running.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor joined Deutch and Frankel to highlight Head Start, which gets $16.4 million a year in federal money. The commision last week approved $1.2 million in county money to replace the federal share for three weeks in hopes of getting reimbursed when a federal spending bill is approved.

The elected officials were accompanied at a news conference by representatives of Florida Atlantic University’s medical school, a food bank, a government employees union and a foundation that supports Everglades preservation. All said a prolonged shutdown will hurt their programs and the people they serve.

The Republican-controlled House has insisted that bills to continue funding the government include provisions gutting or delaying the federal health care law. The Democrat-controlled Senate and President Barack Obama have insisted on a “clean” funding bill. The impasse led to a shutdown of many government functions when the new fiscal year began last Tuesday.

“This shutdown is irresponsible, infuriating and reckless. Congress has been hijacked by 30 or 40 radical members who oppose a reasonable solution……Because of a tea party tantrum, the whole country’s been paralyzed,” said Frankel.

Deutch said a clean spending bill could pass with votes from Democrats and some Republicans in the House, but Boehner has resisted calls to bring such a bill to a vote.

“There are enough moderate Republicans on record, members of Congress that we serve with, that understand that this decision to shut the government down is irresponsible and reckless and dangerous and they will vote for that clean resolution if the speaker is willing to bring it up for a vote,” Deutch said.

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees have been furloughed, but Congress has agreed to give them back pay when a funding bill passes. But Avon Sansone, an executive vice president with the American Federation of Government Employees, said workers are hurting now.

“No one’s getting paid. Even though the resolution was passed that they would pay us letter, what do you do in the interim? We live paycheck to paycheck, just like you all do,” Sansone said.

John Newcomer of FAU’s medical school said research has not been interrupted yet, but future money is in question.

“You can keep going if you have a grant paid. But the point is, if that grant’s going to end in January, we need to get the new grant reviewed now so that there’ll be continuous funding. The consequences of this shutdown are going to be felt in the months to come,” Newcomer said.

Similarly, Feeding South Florida President Paco Velez said that because of the shutdown, the food bank isn’t sure if it will receive food from the U.S. Department of Agriculture during the holiday season. About 30 percent of the

“Past November, we don’t know if we’re going to be receiving some of our USDA commodities,” said Velez, who said his agency gets about 30 percent of the food it distributes from USDA. While the food bank has food now, he said it can’t make orders for the future.

During the impasse, the House has passed bills to continue funding for slices of the federal government, including some national parks and museums, NIH grants and veterans programs. Frankel and Deutch joined most Democrats in voting against those bills.

“I don’t think that we should be in the position of picking the winners and losers,” Deutch said. “Leadership has introduced a new bill every time they’ve gotten pressure from a particular constituency…At the rate that they were going it would take us months, if not years, to finally reopen the entire government. That’s not the right way to govern.”

Said Frankel: “Piecemealing the government, getting it back one piece at a time, doesn’t make sense. It’s a stunt, a publicity stunt. If you want to get government back to to work, bring up the bill that gets government back to work.”

30 Responses to “Frankel, Deutch say Boehner allowing ‘reckless’ minority of GOP to drive shutdown”

  1. David Says:

    It’s called extortion. The Mafia has used it for years.

  2. Wacko Birds Says:

    It’s not a minority in the GOP, ITS THE GOP! And of course the Koch Brothers.

  3. Repubtallygirl Says:

    Why does Frankel and Deutch not want to fund FEMA?? Why did they vote no??

  4. robert patton Says:

    Frankel and Deutch, both loosers!

  5. Chip Says:

    It was extortion when it was passed, don’t you remember House Speaker Nancy Pile of ….. saying DON’T READ THE ACA JUST PASS IT AND WE WILL FIX LATER…..hmmm do you, now we want to fix it and the dems don’t want to. Plus name one GOV program that does not fleece America and you want them to run our health care, stupid people, plain stupid people.
    Wacko, read above its the dems not doing what they said they would.

  6. Phyllis Says:

    83% of the government is NOT shut down, yet there are “hundreds of thousands of federal employees” who have been furloughed??? WOW. We are a nation of govt. employees. The Pres and his cronies are acting like spoiled brats. Stop playing games and negotiate. That’s how the founders meant for this to work.

  7. LPTruthTeam Says:

    You can always count on Lois to jump in front of a microphone and point the finger of blame at someone else.

    Hey Lois, when is the last time you made a vote that wasn’t hidden behind Nancy Pelosi’s skirt?

    We need more Congress-people like Patrick Murphy, who is there not just to vote as a Democrat but as an AMERICAN!

  8. Fan-Dan-Go Says:

    It takes two to tango. It also takes two — Repubs and Dems — to shut down the government. Refusing to negotiate does not resolve you of culpability, it only makes you an unwilling accomplice.

  9. Gloria Says:

    You listen to Fox news way too much. That is not what she said. What was said was to pass the bill and that any problems could be dealt with as they come up. It may have been a dumb idea to think Republicans would work on any fix but that is far from EXTORTION, which is exactly what the Republican party is doing, plain and simple blackmail.

  10. Hard Hitting Questions Says:

    Ask Frankel and Deutch why THEY and THEIR STAFF get reduced cost OBAMACARE while the rest of us, peons, will pay full cost? Are they more special than the rest of us?

    Ask Frankel and Deutch why they support COMMON CORE, President Obama’s educational Initiative?

    Ask Frankel and Deutch why they support elderly WWII vets and other elderly citizens being bumped BACK in the line when it comes to Home Healthcare, allowing Holocaust victims (who were liberated from the Camps by these WWII vets)to JUMP AHEAD of the line when it comes to these services?

    Does the Post Times JUST allow these reps to get their PR time and political noise in the news without even ASKING PERTINENT QUESTIONS.

    What a soft ball game the Post Times plays. They are an UNbalanced ‘news’paper. They print the ‘news’ THEY CHOOSE to PRINT and FOCUS on THEIR THE POLITICAL GROUP they FAVOR.

    Pathetic reporting.

    It’s just Public Relations and the Post Times cooperates.

  11. Negotiate! Says:

    Politicians are in a marriage. They need to COMPROMISE and NEGOTIATE.

    When 1 side says they are not going to NEGOTIATE or COMPROMISE we have a dysfunctional marriage.

    Just imagine your marriage partner REFUSING to sit down, talk, negotiate and compromise issues in your marriage.

    As for ObamaCare: It is NOT a perfect law. There are MANY problems with it. Sit down and CORRECT the problems with ObamaCare!

    Perhaps, if the Democrats had sat down and conferenced with Republicans during the crafting of ObamaCare these problems would have been discovered and corrected.

    Democrats, remember, controlled the House, Senate and Presidency and would NOT have had to worry about sitting down and going over ObamaCare bill. They had TOTALLED CONTROL!

    But, as former Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: we’ll know what’s in it, when we pass it.


  12. Tom Says:

    Obama will negotiate with the child killing Syrians, the Russians and nuclear bomb building Iranians. But simply refuses to with those with the foresight, logic, common sense and right to protect the American people from blowing themselves and the country up by letting the train wreck Obamacare continue.

  13. djnfla Says:

    President Obama taking America to a $17 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT IS RECKLESS.

    I hope the Republican cancel the Democrats spending spree. The Constitution gives the power of the purse to the HOUSE, USE IT.

    Stop the insanity.

  14. Educator Says:

    No negotiations. We are beyond that. It is time. CHANGE.

  15. bhd2801 Says:

    These two Morons are standing outside the Headstart building in Boynton. Headstart is nothing more than a government funded babysitting service. I have an idea. How about the people who use this service pay for it (only until this so-called shutdown is over)? Frankel says the Country is paralyzed because of the shutdown. Paralyzed? Really? These people have no credibility. The GOP is in favor of funding the government 100%. All the Dems have to do is agree to do that. Every poll indicates that the Country does not want O’bamacare. Like Nancy Pelosi says, “we’ll figure out wants in it later” Later is now, and they still don’t know what’s in the bill.

  16. jac Says:

    I fI was running for the GOP I be nervous about the possibity this was going to RUIN MY CHANCES OF GETTING RE ELECTED. But then again if your hear what coming out of our own Governor and O’Bama. You can see they really are out of touch. O”Bama for those that don’t understand can’t run again for the Presidency so why do we keep bashing him. I guess they alienating anyone that thought they needed to vote for them. Just Making sure the GOP loses another big one again. The last two weren’t flukes.

  17. OBIWAN Says:

    The US HOUSE was directly elected by American citizens … in response to the ludicrous power hungry Pelosi/Reid nitemare!

    All spending bills originate in the House for a simple reason… the Senate is a ‘deliberative body’ and can’t make a decision to have a budget the past five years.

    Maxine Water, Sheila Jackson, Pelosi… Frankelstein and Duesbagger fit perfectly within this abomination of rabid progressive liberal loon Marxist…
    … check out the goals of those ‘progressive’… Unkle Karl wrote them originally!

  18. Chip Says:

    You are wrong she said and I quote “Don’t read it Pass the Bill we can fix it later”. I do not listen to fox news, or cnn or msnbc, I listen to BBC news, thank you very much. All our networks are biased one way or the other. So it is okay to ram a bill down Americans throat its fine, trying to fix it is not. I don’t understand people, i really don’t. Name one program that the GOV runs that does not fleece America, and you want them to run our health care, wake up, they just want to screws us dems and rep.

  19. Chip Says:

    Sorry Gloria, I was wrong, here is her quote

    Video: Speaker Nancy Pelosi: We Have To Pass The Health Care Bill So You Can Find Out What’s In It

    And here is the video

    so what you got to say now, thats how the dems pass a bill that will cost 10 trillion get freaking real.

  20. Repubtallygirl Says:

    Both Frankel and Deutch, along w. 164 others Democrats voted today to NOT to fund Head Start.

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