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Before Allen West, conservative media star, there was Allenwest Inc., San Diego printer

by George Bennett | October 18th, 2013


Former U.S. Rep. Allen West has launched a new website that collects his writings, provides links to his many TV appearances and offers information on his foundation, political action committee and forthcoming book.

The site is, featuring the conservative firebrand’s middle initial in the domain name.

The domain name was not available. It belongs to a company in San Diego called Allenwest Inc. that prints labels. The owner, Albert Allen, said he registered the domain name long before Allen West was a national figure.

‘We’re not going to change it or give it up right now — no offense to the former senator,” the printer told the Politics column.

7 Responses to “Before Allen West, conservative media star, there was Allenwest Inc., San Diego printer”

  1. kelly Says:

    I almost spit up my coffee; who would possibly be interested in the collected writings of Allen West? What a staggering lack of self-awareness and narcissism.

  2. Allen West Blows! Says:

    His ego is bigger than he is. Who cares?

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