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Allen West to headline fundraiser for GOP congressional candidate Ellen Andel

by George Bennett | October 17th, 2013

Former U.S. Rep. Allen West will headline a Nov. 8 fundraiser for Republican Ellen Andel, one of four GOP candidates who hopes to unseat West’s 2012 Democratic foe Patrick Murphy.

Six female members of Congress are also on the host committee for the $500-a-head event at the Palm Beach Gardens home of Adrienne and Michael Papa.

Murphy narrowly defeated West in one of America’s costliest U.S. House races last year. Andel, a Juno Beach councilwoman, is running for the GOP nomination for Murphy’s Palm Beach-Treasure Coast District 18 seat. Other Republicans in the race are former state Rep. Carl Domino, former Connecticut legislator Alan Schlesinger and former Tequesta councilman Calvin Turnquest.

13 Responses to “Allen West to headline fundraiser for GOP congressional candidate Ellen Andel”

  1. Boynton Steve Says:

    Nice! Now I know who not to vote for in that race.

  2. jebamoni4 Says:

    Ellen!!! “Tell your friend, I will find your character”!!! Keeping company with the WAR- criminal is good enough not to vote for you!!!

  3. Bill Says:

    @ Boynton Steve
    I’m right there with you brother. No way I am voting for some woman who consorts with a negro! What in the heck is this world coming to? Next thing you know the sissy-boys are going to want to walk down the aisle!

  4. Allen West Blows! Says:

    Yep, if you don’t want to cavort with a right-wing fascist loser who happens to be a negro, you MUST be a racist! NOT!!

  5. RadioMain Says:

    Murphy will get my vote and I will definitely contribute to his campaign.

    We don’t NEED any more Allen West wanna be’s…Republican Taliban aka Tea Party losers.

  6. Carrie Says:

    so why isn’t little allen running – I suspect after not respecting his supports the night of the landslide lose — poor little allen has lost a total lack of support Uhhhhh?


    Boynton Steve,

    Why is it that every time there is a politician who is not some crew-cut blond haired, blue eyed Anglo Saxon; that “race” has to be brought up? I could care less if he is purple w/ pink polka dots, as long as he has the best interest of OUR country and not himself than he has my vote! The real problem with American politics is they allowed the “fairer sex” to get involved. It was because of the 19th amendment that we suffered through: the great depression, dust bowl, WWII, Korea Vietnam, civil rights, GW Bush, both gulf wars, 9/11, Columbine, TV’s “Small Wonder” & Allen West.

    Look it up!

  8. ??? Says:

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  9. ILiveInDistrict18 Says:

    I won’t be voting for anyone associated, remotely or otherwise, with Allen West.

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