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Williams, Pafford contest shaping up for top House Dem post

by John Kennedy | September 24th, 2013

Rep. Alan Williams, D-Tallahassee, joined the contest Tuesday for incoming House Democratic Leader, adding his name to that of West Palm Beach Rep. Mark Pafford in seeking the 2014-16 post.

The 44-member Democratic caucus is set to meet beginning at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Williams, like Pafford, were both elected in 2008 and are positioned to replace Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg, who was tossed out as incoming leader on a 24-17 vote Monday night.

Rouson had run afoul of party leaders and most of the caucus for establishing a fund-raising committee outside the Florida Democratic Party.

Pafford initially looked like he might be the only contender. The Democrat who lost earlier this year to Rouson, Rep. Mia Jones, D-Jacksonville, said Tuesday that she would not run and endorsed Pafford saying, “he will right this ship.”

Williams entry, however, is seen as a sign that some in the caucus are wary about Pafford, seeing him as too far to the political left. The leader’s job involves candidate recruiting and fund-raising, and some Democrats view Williams as having a stronger bond with the Capitol’s lobbying corps.

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3 Responses to “Williams, Pafford contest shaping up for top House Dem post”

  1. Tally Lobby Says:

    95% of the lobby community will not support Rep. Pafford. He is arrogant and a wise cracker with one of the worst reputations in Tallahasee. He may semi excite the extreme left fringe of the Democratic Party but he is doomed when it comes to raising money for good democratic candidates. If you can chose one member the republicans would want to be the democratic leader, you granted the wish. You just guaranteed 2014 house races for them. Disfunction will continue for years to come.

  2. Nope Says:

    “Tally Lobby” is what is wrong with Tallahassee. Lobbyists run the show. And god forbid that a legislator doesn’t do their bidding. He must be an idiot.
    This is the kind of thinking that has continued to to kill the Democratic Party. It’s last three (and next) gubernatorial candidates have been sell-outs, and where did it get them? Lots of Jeb Bush and Rick Scott.
    The Dems elected a leader who was willing to play nice with Tallahassee lobbyists in the spring. You may have heard the story. He got ousted for cashing checks made to the FDP and then putting them in his own account without telling anyone. He picked a leader pro tem with the morality of a Mexican druglord. And he got fired by his boss for being a sellout.
    So maybe it’s time for a leader with a sense of morals, ethics and what is right and wrong. Wouldn’t that be the real change?

  3. RzrXm Says:

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