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Scott to announce Florida is abandoning PARCC testing

by John Kennedy | September 23rd, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott is expected today to tell U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan that Florida is withdrawing from the testing system designed to evaluate the new Common Core standards in schools, which rattles former Gov. Jeb Bush’s defense of the nationwide program in his home state.

Scott plans to send a letter to Duncan announcing that Florida will no longer take part in the nationwide Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) testing, according to those briefed by Scott’s office in the matter.

State legislative leaders earlier this summer also said they wanted to back away from the PARCC and develop a Florida-only testing system.

The Florida Board of Education, meeting in West Palm Beach last week, ordered state Education Commissioner Pam Stewart to start looking at what it would take to develop a state-only system in time for 2014-15, when Common Core is set to be fuly implemented in Florida.

Scott will echo this request to Stewart in a second letter today. He also will reiterate his support for Common Core, despite calls from critics for Florida to abandon it.

Scott, who earlier said he supported Common Core and huddled recently with Bush and other backers, has been mostly quiet on the subject in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, opponents from the political right and left have been calling for the state to withdraw, blistering Common Core either as government overreach or another step toward “teaching to the test” in schools.

Scott today also is expected to issue an executive order, setting the framework for state education officials to enact his policy switch.

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30 Responses to “Scott to announce Florida is abandoning PARCC testing”

  1. Gina Chapman Says:

    FCAT was Florida only testing and look what it turned out. Students who cannot read nor write. Way to go Florida! It is called common core for a reason. Students in every state need to be on the same page. We need to raise our level of education and quit lowering it.

  2. greg Says:

    this is the best thing this governor could possibly do for children. i dont care what his motives are, he’s got my vote.

  3. Darwinist Says:

    Common Core was started by the state governors then taken over by the U.S. Dept. of Education. There is too much federal bureaucracy involved in education. I agree with Gov. Scott, let the parents in the local communities determine the standards of education for their children as it has been in the U.S. for generations and has made this country great and technologically advanced.

  4. Z Says:

    This testing is the dumbest thing ever. A school should be graded on how many of the graduating students continue to college and are gainfully employed after graduating college. Not on how kids perform on some test, which has no relation to the real world work environment. Primary schooling should be under the control of localities, not the feds. The PBC school district is way too big, it needs to be broken into smaller and more localized pieces.

  5. Repubtallygirl Says:

    Thank you Governor Scott!

  6. throbo Says:

    We don’t need the Federal Government telling us are kids are dumb. We’ll let local politicians set the standards. What could go wrong with that?

  7. TrafficAvenger Says:

    This was to be the new and improved G.O.P. endorsed, F.C.A.T. only nationwide. If was to be another profit machine for former G.O.P. Gov. Jeb Bush and friends. That was why it had the backing of Gov. Scott in the beginning, his reasons for doing this I am sure are due to the re-election campaign and his being so unpopular on his past undoings of the education funding that still is not funded to what it was when Mr. Scott took office.

    This has nothing to do with educating students. This is just another way for a couple of folks to make money off the backs of the students. They could give a rodents backside about the education system, because in doing so would be to jeopardize the prisons for profit that they are so gung ho to implement around the state.

    The 4th. Of Nov.2014,
    1 Year 1 Month and 12 Days,
    406 Days from today.

    That would be the Tuesday that “We the People” will vote each and every member of the G.O.P. we can, because of back door deals just like this.

    Have a nice day.

  8. TrafficAvenger Says:

    Should read;
    That would be the Tuesday that “We the People” will “VOTE OUT” each and every member of the G.O.P. we can, etc…

    Have a nice day.

  9. Sherri Says:

    FCAT has to go! Kids are taught how to pass FACT and not much else in school today! Whatever grade their in and the FCAT they have to pass is what they are taught.

  10. Downtown Danny Says:


  11. Ralphie Boy Says:

    do you see a “common core” in the comments of Traffic Avenger, DT Danny and throbo?

  12. rebar Says:

    Why does that kid have a giant poster of Rick Scott’s head on his locker door?

  13. Repubtallygirl Says:

    @Ralphie Boy – Astro turf by bored Democrats.

  14. SteveO Says:

    Rebar, why not? Everyone needs a hero. Who’s yours?

  15. It is all smoke and mirrors Says:

    Don’t take the bait and switch, it’s not over yet!David Coleman, the architect of the Common Core is still in the game!!

    We can not get excited yet because as with all government moves it appears this may only be a farce for Rick Scott to make brownie points with those who oppose Common core.

    Once they dump PARCC, per the RTTT grants they will be “required” to be part of a consortium. One possibility would be to partner with Alabama. They withdrew and went with ACT Aspire. This would be just a head fake as that organization is controlled by David Coleman the architect of the Common Core, and the Aspire products all “align with common core” in a manner that still ensures Federal control. We have to go back into state law and undo the mandates passed into law in the SB 2120 in 2011 that wove Federal control over education into state statute.
    The Republican Party is divided about the Common Core standards. Can’t imagine that if they read the idiotic requirements like the “Bluest Eye.”
    The Republican National Committee has come out in opposition to the Common Core, calling it “an inappropriate over reach to standardize and control” education. Senator Charles Grassley wants to defund the Common Core.
    But Jeb Bush is one the loudest cheerleaders for the Common Core. When his sidekick Tony Bennett lost the state superintendent job in Indiana, In part because of Tea Party opposition to Common Core, Jeb Bush made sure he landed on his feet as state commissioner in Florida.

    Now Jeb has declared in TIME that David Coleman, the architect of the Common Core, is one of the world’s 100 most influential people. Jeb adores the Common Core. So do the high-tech corporations that back Jeb’s Foundation for Educational Excellence. The Republicans will have to duke this out over the next few years. Do they support federal control or local control? State standards or federal standards?

  16. Carrie Says:

    It never ceases to amaze that as Republicans trumpet America’s greatness and exceptional-ism, they paint a deplorable picture of the nation and in typical conservative fashion lay all the blame on government and particularly the waste of money on its social programs.

    The truth is their main complaint is using government funds to support any program that does not funnel taxpayer dollars to corporations and the wealthy, and they have particularly focused on what they call an obscene waste of money on public education that in their corporatist libertarian philosophy is better spent on for-profit private and religious schools.

    To bolster their contention that public education is failing miserably, they cite the deplorable performance of students enrolled in the public school systems, and they have had valuable assistance from corporate-owned media and the Koch brothers American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who want to send taxpayer dollars earmarked for public schools to corporate-owned private schools and religious programs.

    What America’s public education system needs is increased funding and support for teachers instead of perpetual cuts and degradation as “lazy babysitters on the dole in a job they can never be fired from.” For the record, the tenure Republicans complain give teachers lifetime employment regardless poor performance is a canard to portray public education in a negative light. The only thing tenure guarantees a public school teacher is that when administration fires them, they are required to give cause for termination and it is a protection against corrupt administrators and school districts.

    Before tenure, for example, a male administrator whose sexual advances toward a female teacher were rejected would allow the administrator to summarily terminate the teacher with impunity. However, with tenure, the administrator would have to put in writing he was firing the teacher for rejecting his sexual advances.

    Teachers are terminated every day for cause, but they absolutely do not have guaranteed lifetime employment or the hundreds-of-thousands of public school teachers who lost their jobs to Republican education cuts would still be gainfully employed.

    What is evident, is that despite Republicans cutting education budgets and subjecting schools to impossible to meet requirements, America’s public education system is not in decline and is in fact continuing to make great strides in providing every student, regardless language barriers, economic travails, and lack of nourishment with a quality education that will only improve due to the dedication of teachers working 16-hour days, funding their own classroom supplies, and catering to their precious charges.

  17. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Vote out every worthless Democrat in the state. Rick Scott knows a “pig in the poke” when he sees it. No one wants this common core crap. Anyone who does? Does it because Rick Scott is against it and I’ll bet dollars to doornails they dont even know what it is. “Carrie” above get some mental health help..and I only hope you are never in the same classroom with MY CHILD. Crawl off these political forums and focus on teaching not whining about the Koch Brothers.. Public schools are in the sewer and parents would rather cut their right arm off than send their kids to them.

  18. Jupiter Guy Says:

    I talked to people at work today, and some of them think it’s a great idea. But guess what, none of them has kids, so they don’t really count.

  19. RingStingSalve Says:

    How is it possible for you to “talk to people at work today”? Last time I checked, employees at the ole gloryhole use their mouths for activities other than talking.

  20. bito63 Says:

    Ralphie boy, You mean like the same rethoric you right wingers have been using? What`s the matter, You don`t like it when the tables are turned on you?

  21. Ruby Says:

    Wow!Voldemort(aka Rick Scott)finally came out in the best interest for the kids. Who knew he had it in him?I know enough teachers in the Palm Beach School District who are against Common Core. They will be overjoyed with Scott pulling out of this disaster. I’m surprised to say Thanks Rick.

  22. Mike Archer Says:

    Parents of Florida – Republican, Democrat, Independent – should know that this state’s use of testing to grade schools and evaluate teachers has been proven to be statistically unsound. The ongoing misuse of testing – regardless of whether it comes from state or federal programs – actually degrades academics by narrowing the curriculum. Schools have become test-prep centers, a trend that impedes the development of problem solving and critical thinking.

  23. why dont we just Says:

    let neil bush and his momma and poppy and the saudi prince that owns IGNITE LEARNING go ahead and take over all Florida education and let Jeb Bush and his Gulen friends take over all the school management and maybe they will all be happy for a change.

    Anyone who can not see this has had way too much nazi Karl Rover BS.

  24. Barbara Says:

    I am always so sad to read and hear all this bickering about the state of public education. I wish the kids had the kind of public education I had in the 50′s and 60′s. Teachers had our respect, wore business clothes and handled themselves as professionals. We had gym once a day, remember, a fit test once a year, taken pretty seriously. Parents rallied at school functions (mine worked, never said they were tired and supported us) We were taught how to achieve using our education, values, morals, and common sense. I don’t think anything I have mentioned cost extra $$$$$, do you. So you can put all the testing plans in order you want, and most public schools will still fail, thats a fact. And you know what, school was a blast! Why was that?

  25. Cheryl Dunn Bychek Says:

    Really? Because Florida’s already done such a stellar job of coming up with standardized tests??? No, wait…sarcasm doesn’t translate in written form. Seriously, this reminds me of when Florida withdrew from the previous national testing system. The reason given was that our children were already being subjected to enough standardized testing. The practical fact? Florida’s test scores, compared against those of other states, were consistently falling and we wouldn’t want our vaunted educational system to look bad, now would we???

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