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Rubio contributes an hour to Cruz semi-buster; displays improved hydration skills

by George Bennett | September 25th, 2013

Rubio smoothly sips water during his Senate remarks this morning.

While most of America slept, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and a few allies held the Senate floor through the night in a semi-filibuster against the federal health care law. Cruz began at 2:41 p.m. Tuesday.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio appeared on the Senate floor at about 6 a.m. and gave Cruz a respite by speaking for about an hour on American exceptionalism and the American dream.

“My first question is, what did you do last night?” Rubio jokingly said to Cruz when he began.

Unlike his awkward lunge for a water bottle when he gave the Republican response to the State of the Union speech in February, Rubio effortlessly sipped from a glass of water during his remarks this morning.

“If there’s anything worth fighting for, I would think the American Dream is worth fighting for,” Rubio said near the end of his remarks.

“I thank the Sen from Florida for his inspired comments and his excellent question,” Cruz said when Rubio finished.


44 Responses to “Rubio contributes an hour to Cruz semi-buster; displays improved hydration skills”

  1. BERNIE Says:

    My medicare Advantage benefits were cut by 20 per cent. Thanks Obama.

  2. mahi slayer Says:

    That’s because those benefits will be covered for free under the new health plan for medicare recipients. This is the last gasp for the right wing Republicans to stop a national health plan. The special interests who own them, the insurance companies, the doctors, the hospitals don’t want to lose the price gouging system that is in place now.
    The current system is so unfair and broken that it has to be changed. Americans pay more than 3 times more for health care than any other country yet our quality of care isn’t even in the top ten.

  3. sammy Says:

    Got to love the Liberal Palm Beach Post running this story.

  4. Educated Individual Says:

    FREE FREE FREE…It’s all FREE!!!!! Nobody has to pay for anything. Also candy and cookies grow on trees and they are brought to you by unicorns.

    Somebody pays for it, nothing is free you morons!

  5. rebar Says:

    It’s not rocket science. When everyone pays into a system, the unit cost goes down. As opposed to the current system in which some of us pay for insurance and subsidize the losers who only get medical help when they’re sick or dying. Moron.

  6. OBIWAN Says:

    GOVT designs a product removing all consumer price control deductibles and copays…

    GOVT throws out real actuarial tables and mandates prices from 1-3 times for children to seniors…

    GOVT adds twice as much in ‘exchange fees’ as current net profit of the 1,500 health insurers…

    GOVT mandates an 85% gross benefit cost from premiums paid…

    … all without the Consitutional Amendment allowing FEds to even regulate insurance or offer specific welfare benefits reserved exclusively to the states.

    This is the reason it had to be done without reading – let alone discussing – their road to Single Payer BILLARYcare??

    Any honest ‘daily newspaper’ might illustrate even one example of a better health system anywhere in the world that GOVT offers??

    They can’t as none exist in the one hundred years Marxists claim they got the better solution… and fail…

  7. Tea Lady Says:

    Hurray for our Loyal Patriots, Senators Rubio and Cruz!

    We Tea Partiers know that Obama$care must be defunded and repealed to restore our Libertys and Freedomes!

    Let’s rally behind Senators Cruz and Rubio as they attempt to derail Mr. Obama’s twisted plan to destroy These United States!

  8. Carrie Says:

    Ah Ted Cruz

    He’s released his Canadian birth certificate and then had to renounce the dual citizenship he claimed not to know about. How did his Cuban father wind up with an American wife in Calgary? That’s the interesting part that few know about…he fled from Batista after the man he fought a guerrilla war with was arrested and jailed…that man’s name was Fidel Castro

  9. taxpayer Says:

    What a waste of taxpayers time and money. These two guys should be working on something beneficial to the American people. No doubt they and their families enjoy the best medical care in the world whereas the little guy who elects them has to go to the emergency room because he is denied the benefits of the ACA.

  10. rebar Says:

    The idea of the individual mandate insurance model isn’t some Marxist plot. It was actually first proposed by Republicans during Nixon’s admin. (1974), as well as during the Reagan admin. The conservative Heritage foundation gave it political push in 1989. Historical revisionists like to ignore those facts, because they’re idiots.

  11. Repubtallygirl Says:

    Proud to call Sen Rubio MY Senator! Repeat after me…PRESIDENT TED CRUZ!!

  12. rebar Says:

    Repubtallygirl is right.

    Ted Cruz has an excellent chance of being President… of his homeowners association. LOL. Delusional.

    Click your heels and Repeat after me…
    “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….”

  13. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    If all you pro Obama care supporters have for justification to support this monstrosity is to point out the Present healthcare system is broken you indeed have a weak argument. Yes its broken Yes our existing healthcare is over priced and under performing, but to give credence to this back breaking rediculous alternative is ludicrous. Why didnt we just use common sense and fix what was broken rather than re-invent the wheel?? I would wager any of you supporters of Obamacare have yet to wrangle yourselves thru even one major illness under this new system. I would love to be a fly on the wall.

  14. mahi slayer Says:

    How people can support these flunkies of big money lobbies is beyond me…Romney brought in the same program in Mass. and was applauded. Yet when he wanted to be Prez, he refuted his own health law. Come on, people, think for yourselves instead of blindly following the dogma of others.
    They don’t care about you, the country or anything other than making more money and having greater power.

  15. mahi slayer Says:

    How you people can support these flunkies for big money lobbies is beyond me…Romney put a similiar plan into place in Mass, yet when he wanted to be Prez refuted his own law.
    These right wing wackos don’t care about the country, only making more money and getting more power.
    Come on, people, thing for yourselves instead of blindly following their dogma.

  16. rebar Says:

    Valerie. You would lose that wager.

    And for all of us that already had insurance through our employer, not much will change. What will change is that all the free-loaders will now be obligated to have health insurance.

    That way those of us responsible enough to carry insurance won’t have to subsidize them any longer. When we all pay into the insurance market, unit costs will go down. It’s not that complicated.

  17. bito63 Says:

    Valerie, What about people who have major illneses right now and have no insurance? Try asking them! Every right winger is saying Obamacare is a failure, And it hasn`t even been implemented, How about once it goes in to effect asking the american people if they like it or not? You will not like the answer!!! Because you are a right winger who doesn`t care about anybody else except yourself!!!! Just like the rest of you!!!!

  18. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    @ REBAR & BITO63
    You want to know what a failure is? Your inability to get and maintain an erection, that’s failure! I could care less that your nanna has prostate cancer blah-blah-blah.
    I do not wish to subsidize your desire to change your “doo-hickey” into a spooge-trap mm-kayy?

  19. rebar Says:

    Oh dear Valerie, I didn’t realize it was that time of the month for you. As for maintaining an erection, it sounds like you’ve experienced this problem with your man before. Don’t worry, I’m sure it has nothing to do with you.

    You’re missing the point regarding “subsidizing” sweetie. Those of us currently paying for insurance under the status quo were subsidizing the dead beats who weren’t paying. Those days are over, everyone is going to pay now. It’s called personal responsibility, which I thought was a Republican mantra.

  20. rebar Says:

    Valerie, you may want to brush up on human anatomy. Nanna’s don’t have prostates. At least my nanna doesn’t, you know…. because only guys have prostates.

    But hey, maybe your nanna is a dude. That’s pretty messed up.

  21. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    @ REBAR
    I don’t have a man in my life, actually I am a lesbian therefore I have no need for that small appendage just below your navel.
    Please have some respect for the dead. My nanna died in a concentration camp in Germany. Thank you for being so heartless.

  22. rebar Says:

    That explains why you are so clueless about erections and prostates.

    So I’m heartless because I brought up your nanna (like I knew she’s dead), but you AREN’T heartless for calling a guy limpdick and not “caring if his nanna has cancer”? Here’e another chance for you to take personal responsability, hypocrite.

  23. rebar Says:

    And one final thing i would like to mention Valerie, if you think that I am going to shed a tear for your dear nanna you are wrong. As to you and the GOP’s personal responsability, maybe your nanna should have gotten her butt out of Germany when she got the chance! In my opinion the Nazis were right.

  24. rebar Says:

    That post above me was by Valerie using the “rebar” handle. She’s a well known troll and that’s what trolls do.

  25. rebar Says:

    Hey Val, I guess that when someone’s handing you your ass on a platter, the only recourse for you is to resort to slander and impersonate them. But then this wouldn’t be the first time you do this, right? It’s all good. We know wha’t up.

  26. RingStingSalve Says:

    Hey Mr. Rebar, Leave the gal alone. (And for the record, I ain’t her). Now if you are handing out asses, I would love to jump the line ;-)

  27. Mrs. Bernswenapee Says:

    Lets be honest rebar! “handed her ass on a platter” please! She called you a Nazi sympathizer and it must have touched a nerve or something. All I saw was a MAN verbally belittling this poor woman and her grandmother. For shame

  28. rebar Says:

    Leave her alone? It takes a special kind of spineless weasel to impersonate someone and say crap like “the Nazis were right” in order to slander them.

    Lord knows it’s easy enough in this forum to hijack a username.

  29. rebar Says:

    Hey Val, maybe we should call you Sybil, what with all of your multiple personalities.

    Regardless, your still outmatched.

  30. Gus Chiggins Says:

    rebar is right. This Valerie Parkhurst is one certified nutjob. The truth is I’ve known her family for years now and she suffers from schizophrenia.

    Just last week she called me up at home and my caller id blew up. Also, she suffers from penis envy syndrome.

  31. rebar Says:

    Thank you Gus for standing up for me and exposing Valerie for the “nutjob” she is. I am sick and tired of these teabaggers coming on here and causing trouble. People like Valerie/Sybil should just go back to Africa where they belong.

  32. Gus Chiggins Says:

    Your welcome fake rebar/duchebag Valerie.

  33. Gus Chiggins Says:

    Your welcome fake rebar/douchebag Valerie.

  34. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    I see the above sex offenders have decided to join the party. Shouldnt you guys be updating your travel logs and charging your ankle monitors??

  35. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    rebar is is Derek Logue Hamilton County Ohio sexual predator.
    Likes kids under 11

  36. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Gus Chiggins is the same person
    rebar is is Derek Logue Hamilton County Ohio sexual predator.
    Likes kids under 11

  37. Says:

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  38. oncefallendotcom Says:

    Valerie Parkhurst is a real nutjob. Not only does she accuse two total strangers of being me, she posts a garbage link to attack them. To top it off, she even sends me an email just to let me know she’s posting her attacks here.

    Valerie Parkhurst is a mentally disturbed individual who will actually benefit from Obamacare so she can get some of that inpatient counseling she so desperately needs.

  39. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Once fallen, rebar or Chiggins, makes no difference to me..all sexual predators who love to insert their two cents on my comments anywhere on the web. They like having sex with children, I say we should put a bounty on them. They dont like my stance..potato podato..

  40. rebar Says:

    It has become evident that Valerie is a pathological liar. She not only takes on a user’s name to slander them (see phony rebar comments #23 and 31), she uses the “sexual predator” label to falsely attack.

    A truly classless and pathetic individual with no moral conscience. She devalues the Holocaust and sexual predation with her baseless lies. Just google her name and you’ll see what a duplicitous weasel she is.

  41. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Rebar get help as soon as possible. We can see you seething on your keyboard (in between the CP) you like to watch. But thanks for the heads up on the google search, saves me the trouble of explaining exactly what depths sex offenders will sink too and what should be done about them.

  42. rebar Says:

    Who’s “we”? Are you refering to yourself in the plural of majesty or just including your multiple personalities. Either way, it’s yet another sign of your mental illness. It’s always good to know who the crazies are, so thanks for so clearly identifying yourself.

    You don’t know who I am, and yet you continue with the sex offender crap. That seems to be your MO. Shame on you.

  43. Oakley Radarlock Says:

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    but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  44. EkzbqS Says:

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