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Palm Beach County GOP Chairman Ira Sabin resigns in late-night e-mail

by George Bennett | September 27th, 2013


Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman Ira Sabin has resigned “effective immediately,” he told members of the Republican Executive Committee in an e-mail late Thursday night.

Sabin’s e-mail, which he sent at 10:50 p.m., does not give a reason for his abrupt departure after less than 10 months in the job. The party has been plagued by weak fundraising since Sabin was elected in a 71-69 vote in December.

At a June meeting in which he proposed a 44 percent cut in the party’s budget to respond to the revenue downturn, Sabin acknowledged criticism of his leadership style.

“I’ve been told I’m abrasive at times. I know I can be…I am determined to change that. To all those I’ve offended, my deepest and sincerest apologies,” Sabin said at the June 12 meeting.

The party’s vice chairman is attorney Michael Barnett.

Read the text of Sabin’s resignation e-mail after the jump…

E-mail from Ira Sabin to Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee members Thursday night:

To the REC membership,

I hereby resign my position as Chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party effective immediately.

I am also resigning my position as Committeeman from Precinct 5128 also effective immediately.

It has been my honor to serve as your Chairman,



21 Responses to “Palm Beach County GOP Chairman Ira Sabin resigns in late-night e-mail”

  1. serge Says:

    Is the Republican party dead at the national level? Although it is not good for the country they may be. I voted for Reagan and Bush 1 back in the old days, but this group today has me scratching my head. Rick Scott, Bush war in Iraq, The Koch brothers, The born again Christians, The odd love of guns, The dislike of minorities and gays, Calling everyone who disagrees with them socialists and communists, FOX news. After Rick Scott and the second president Bush I will probably never vote for another Republican again, but it is not good for the country where one party is so marginalized, but they have themselves to blame.

  2. Hope Says:

    If the Party was smart, they would offer the position to Angela West. She can get the local party back on track. Don’t ask Sid to come back, and don’t even think of offering the job to Mike or Marie Davis. They’ve been around too long and have been very ineffective. There are plenty of local elected Republicans that don’t get involved with the party because of the local party’s ineptness.

  3. SteveO Says:

    Bring back Sid!

  4. Educator Says:

    Like rats from a sinking ship…….¡ADIOS!

  5. Dee Hope Says:

    Bye Bye Repuglithugs. With the likes of Alan West and Ted Cruz your party is a goner.

  6. Shameful Says:

    I did not agree with Ira but what Furnari did to Ira is disgusting. He did it first to his girlfriend and now to Ira. Sid was a disaster and made it so that anyone that took his place would fail. Sid lost all of the donors years ago and is a clown. Maybe they can find someone else to go after that huge voting block of Haitian Americans. Just put Furnari and Mary McCarty back, that is what they want.

    Serge, what you are saying is foolish. To not vote for a person because another person disappointed you. You might as well say that you will never vote for a white person again because Scott and Bush are white.

  7. Registered Independent Says:

    When the worst president in the last 100 years (W) and the worst Governor in recent Florida History (Scott) are what the GOP gives us how can we trust this party?

  8. bito63 Says:

    Serge, Im with you 100%!You seem to look at facts and not rethoric.
    @ Sameful, YOU SHOULD be ashamed, At no moment did Serge bring in race in his comment, But YOU DID!! Shows what a racist BIGOT you really are!A person should be judged by his actions, Not the color of his skin! And GW and Scott have showed very poor judgement in their decitions!

  9. Just Wondering Says:

    Is it Serge or Sarge? As in “I know nothing” Sergeant Schultz.

  10. Ironic Says:

    Wow, a fat, rich, white guy. Ironic.

  11. Bunny Says:

    Bunny for Chairman!!

  12. Rob Says:

    You mean this guy was more annoying than Sid ? Hard to believe !

  13. TossOutBums Says:

    Look at the unqualified people trying to be “political leaders”. None of these people have the proper background in say government or public policy making.

    But hey they are “business men” so they must be the ones for the job right?


  14. Shameful Says:

    bito, so foolish as well. You are judging OTHER people based on the actions of W and Scott. Who is the bigot now. You just said that a person should be judged based on THEIR actions, NOT the actions of someone else.

  15. bito63 Says:

    Shameful, I said a person should be judged by their actions, NOT the color of their skin, Maybe you should learn how to READ!!! Typical right winger that would change the message to meet their needs! Did you learn that from the GOP handbook also???????????

  16. Downtown Danny Says:

    That face in that photo says it all about the Republican party – old bald fat pasty white guys.
    Good luck with that in the next 10 years.

  17. something stinks around here Says:

    Rick Scott, Jeb and George W. – All in this sack together. Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott Dallas Bush oil family lawyer and partner in the Texas Rangers with Dubya! He had a lapse of memory spending that $70 MILLION of his own bucks. (Bovine Droppings) All he could remember in 2010 was his Momma and his DoNut Shops.

    Privatize, Privatize and Privatize

    New World Order COMMON CORE and Gulen Charter School friends Prentice Hall Muslim History books in Florida achools

    Call them what ever you like but there is a dead rat in the wood pile somewhere because it stinks to high heaven!

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