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Allen West’s role reduced at PJ Media

by George Bennett | September 26th, 2013

West (left) promoting PJ Media's Next Generation TV with a cardboard likeness of himself earlier this year.

Former U.S. Rep. Allen West of Palm Beach Gardens will “transition” from being full-time director of programming for an internet TV show to being a part-time contributor “in order to give him more time to focus on his political interests,” PJ Media announced today.

PJ Media released a statement late this afternoon through a PR firm, Black Rock Group, after reported that West was leaving his job “after an altercation with a female staffer in which he allegedly called her a ‘Jewish American princess.’ “

“He was not fired,” Black Rock’s Elizabeth Beadle said this afternoon.

Asked about West’s alleged use of the anti-Semitic term, Beadle said, “We don’t comment on internal matters based on policy.”

West could not be reached late this afternoon.

The conservative firebrand narrowly lost his reelection bid to Democrat Patrick Murphy last year. In January, he joined conservative PJ Media as director of Next Generation programming and co-host of an internet TV show aimed at younger viewers.

11 Responses to “Allen West’s role reduced at PJ Media”

  1. dth Says:

    Did he leave or was his role reduced?? Your front page title says “West Leaves” yet the article says his role was reduced.

  2. Downtown Danny Says:

    Yes, he’s going back to his full time job holding the driveway light at David Koch’s Palm Beach homw.

  3. Downtown Danny Says:

    Yes, he’s going back to his full time job holding the driveway light at David Koch’s Palm Beach home.

  4. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Well, when you insult a jewish person they are going to walk you out the door.

  5. MimiB Says:

    West always knows better than anyone how to put his foot in his mouth. He’s really skilled at that. And his prejudices… wow. He dares to accuse white America of rampant racism? Look in the mirror, Mr. West… there’s a genuine racist standing there looking back out at you.

  6. Toni Says:

    Open mouth and continually insert foot.

  7. Educator Says:

    Another surprise today!

  8. AntiTea Says:

    Poor feller has been fired from his last three jobs.

    He’s a walking embarrassment.

  9. taxpayer Says:

    West is a very rough individual without any sense of respect or decency. He is extremely racist, insulting people from his own or other races for no reason. No wonder his “followers” got rid of him the past election.

  10. kelly Says:

    His earlier remarks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz now have more context and reveal West’s true nature. Floridians, it turns out, were prescient about his character.

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