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Alex Sink won’t run for governor in 2014; wants to ‘spend some hours’ with Dems Rich, Crist

by George Bennett | September 20th, 2013


Democrat Alex Sink announced today that she won’t run for governor in 2014.

That makes it increasingly likely that the battle for the Democratic nomination will be a two-person contest between liberal former state Sen. Nan Rich and former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist.

Sink, the state’s former chief financial officer, was the Democratic nominee for governor in 2010 and narrowly lost to Republican Rick Scott. She’s been part of 2014 speculation for some time, but put politics on hold for several months after her husband, Bill McBride, died suddenly in December. McBride was the 2002 Democratic nominee, losing to Gov. Jeb Bush.

Sink said she wants to focus on her foundation, Florida Next, which promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in Florida. She said she also hopes to help other Democratic candidates.

Sink earlier this year said she’d like to see Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson run for governor, but in an interview today she said she thinks that’s unlikely.

Sink has been publicly skeptical of Crist’s credentials as a Democrat after his long career as a Republican, his switch to no party affiliation in 2010 and his registration as a Democrat in December.

“I’m going to be like most other Democratic voters that I know,” Sink said today. “He’s new to us as a Democrat. I spoke to Nan Rich a little bit earlier and told her that what I want to do is take an opportunity to spend some hours with both of them and whoever else might announce as a candidate and delve deep into what their values are….what their vision is for Florida and how they can defeat Rick Scott.”

23 Responses to “Alex Sink won’t run for governor in 2014; wants to ‘spend some hours’ with Dems Rich, Crist”

  1. ELC Says:

    The bottom line is she knows she has no chance of winning again and since she lost to the idiot Voldemort(aka Rick Scott), the Dems want to someone up who has a decent chance of winning this time. Its laughable who they have though..Nan and Choo Choo Charlie. Looks to me that Voldemort is here to stay. Oh!This Independent voted for neither Governor last time and looks like I won’t to so this time. Noone good enough to run and I can’t stand Voldemort.

  2. thank the lord Says:

    ms sink and her deceased husband are and wonderful people, however her not not running is the best thing that could happen if you r a democrat. she has already run and lost. just like kendrick meek when he ran for senate i said to myself my god the job she wants is much to big for her.

  3. BERNIE Says:

    Rick Scott has been an outstanding governor and will easily win a second term.Just reading the comments by the idiots who hate him should reinforce that view.

  4. bito63 Says:

    Bernie, Based on most of the comments I have read he doesnt have a chance on earth for re-election, Get the FACTS straight, You right winger dont have a chance come 2014/16!!!!

  5. Jupiter Guy Says:

    bito, please remember that not all Republicans are evil. I’m a Republican, and I can’t stand Skeletor or his tea party scum friends.

  6. BERNIE Says:

    reading comments in a full of New Yorkers South Florida liberal newspaper does not represent the state of Florid..and “tea party scum” comments come from Jupiter or Mars??

  7. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Like Scott or Hate Scott you have to give him his due. To even Consider Crist is the definition of Insane the old (do something over and over and expect a different result). The highest point of Crist career was trying to determine which team he was Pitching for and Nan Rich will be on a constant, never-ending roadtrip to Israel. Scott has focused on Florida’s economic recovery and so far has done an outstanding job despite democrats efforts to see the economy crash and burn. Like I say, Like or hate Scott he has focused on Florida and the proof is in the fact we now have a surplus in the budget versus a deficit. Liars can figure, figures dont lie.

  8. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    State debt was paid down in the 2013-2014 budget for the first time since 1994.

    : Largest decline in size of state government workforce per 1,000 residents over last 14 years.
    :D ue to a 5% decline in recidivism rate over the past 2 years, Department of Corrections employees will receive performance incentives.
    :$30.4 million saved from contract renegotiations and lease savings.
    :· $132 million: Florida saved $132 million from consolidating 19 correctional facilities.

  9. BERNIE Says:

    and my property taxes are lower while the value of my home is up…Scott gets my vote and everyone else in my neighborhood loves what he has done.

  10. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    :Elimination of 3,647 state positions (3.1 percent).
    : Governor Scott’s budget eliminates business taxes for 80% of Florida businesses ($19.7 million
    :Florida companies will save an estimated $141 billion annually with the elimination of the sales tax on manufacturing equipment.
    YOu Crist/Rich fans go ahead and shoot yourselves in the foot by by electing either one of these two useless fools.

  11. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill into law Friday aimed at accelerating the pace of the death penalty process in Florida that could make the governor the most active executioner in modern state history.
    The measure, dubbed “the Timely Justice Act” by its proponents, requires governors to sign death warrants 30 days after the Florida Supreme Court certifies that an inmate has exhausted his legal appeals. Once a death warrant is signed, the new law requires the state to execute the defendant within six months.

    The only governor to take this issue on and fix it. To watch Jimmy Ryce’s killer still getting three squares a day while The child’s mother passed away never recieving justice for her family has been a travesty. Scott’s second term will shine brighter than his first.

  12. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Governor Scott thinks Immigration is important for growth. His focus is on growing business’s and putting people legally here back to work. Unlike democrats who want to flood the job market with dishwashers and unskilled persons who are dependant on social services. Scott thinks if your going to suck up the states social services there should be specific criteria for accessing those services. Unlike Democrats who love to give the store away under the guise of compassion. Scott believes that U.S citizens must be on a successful path to prosperity before extending that generosity to others. Border security and e-verify are valid conditions that AMERICAN’s want in place. For once we have a Governor whose priorities are where they need to be and he isnt going to fold under Pressure from LaRaza and other groups who want open borders and never-ending givaways.

  13. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    and what does Nan Rich propose?
    :Rich also said the state is wrong to block local governments that want to impose gun laws, shouldn’t try to restrict access to abortion services, and the 2011 undoing of the state’s decades-old growth management law is “disgraceful. It’s like the Wild West right now.”

    She might as well bend over and kiss her backside (political career) goodbye.
    Nana Rich a GUN GRABBER

  14. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Nan Rich on Obamacare
    “Affordable Care Act Implementation”

    I support the full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) because it will benefit Floridians and provide access to health care for those who need it.

  15. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Nan Rich wants open voting. No Id, no proof of citizenship nothing that would hinder voting by ex felons, illegals etc.

  16. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Nan Rich thinks our “public schools” are doing fine..we just need to pump more money into them. Can you say “pouring good money after bad”??

  17. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    Nan Rich supports Marriage equality, but she goes beyond that. Gay partners should be able to access all social and job benefits (healthcare, exemptions, etc that straight partners have. The public would be outraged to read the planned execution of fraud to harvest benefits by the gay community when legislation is passed which will cover disability for HIV long term care.

  18. BERNIE Says:

    Death penalty should be carried out the day after that sentence is given but lawyers who own the Democrat Party make a lot of bucks on the appeal process..

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