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Teachers union wants to check email between Bennett, ALEC and Jeb

by John Kennedy | August 12th, 2013

The American Federation of Teachers said Monday it is filing public records requests in Florida for email and other communication between former Gov. Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education, ex-state Education Commissioner Tony Bennett and others.

AFT Randi Weingarten said the move follows a similar request the teachers’ union made last week in Indiana, where Bennett formerly was Education Commissioner. Bennett resigned from his Florida post earlier this month after it became known that he pushed to raise the letter grade given a school run by a top Republican donor in Indiana while he ran that state’s school system.

Before he resigned, Bennett emailed Bush and Indiana Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels seeking support.

“Public education is a public good, and taxpayers, parents, teachers and others who rely on our public schools are entitled to full transparency around the decisions and actions made regarding our schools—whether in Indiana or here in
Florida,” Weingarten said.

“We need to reclaim the promise of public education to help all children reach their full potential,” she added. “Tony Bennett betrayed that promise when he put backroom deals and favors for political donors ahead of the children of Indiana. Creating full transparency will ensure continued confidence and trust in our public schools.”

AFT’s public records request also is aimed at trying to get communication between Bush’s foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council, the conservative policy organization that has been a longtime advocate of charter and online education.

AFT wants to learn more about connections between the organizations the finance Bush’s foundation, including Charter Schools USA, and education policy nationwide.

Charter Schools USA employes Bennett’s wife in Louisiana and also was a major donor to Republican campaigns and an organization backing Florida’s corporate tax-scholarship program that sends low-income students mostly to charter schools.

Charter schools have grown tremendously in Florida over the past decade, helped by a receptive Legislature, which includes several members closedly involved with such schools or the for-profit companies that run them.

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7 Responses to “Teachers union wants to check email between Bennett, ALEC and Jeb”

  1. Dave Hartley Says:

    There is major corruption here. Period. And we all know it.

  2. yes major corruption Says:

    Jeb Bush and his family are on a mission to destroy the public school systems in every state in the USA.

    Neil, Jeb’s brother and jeb’s mother and father have the IGNITE LEARNING scheme which makes hay in the sunshine of the GWH No child Left Behind scheme!

    Pearson Publishing the PRENTICE HALL WORLD HISTORY BOOKS pushing the muslim faith. Their connections to the Gulen charter schools owned by their muslin friends like Christel DeHaan.

    YES! There is major corruption here. Period. And we all know it.

  3. yes major corruption Says:

    the question is just how dumb do these Bushes think the American people are?

    Yes GHWB’s old daddy Prescott got away with financing Hitler!!! The Two 41 & 43 got away with their oil wars. They made millions from Haliburton and other companies they own. Yet it is Bill O’Reilly who has to start a ovement to give the wounded warriors of their oil wars track chairs!!!

    Is the American people going to let these organized criminals get away with destroying the public educations sytem? Are we going to let them turn their NAZI COMMON CORE movement into programing our children for their NEW WORLD ORDER??? Listen to every word that comes out of their mouths. Listen to their trainer KARL ROVE[R] Then look at their actions!!! 180 degrees opposite of what they say!

    The American people have been scammed by these BushWhackers for decades!

    They are Wall Street bankers (Merrill Lynch) and others. Look at all the Wall Street bailout money George W. Bush give his Wall Street friends and companies before and with Obama’s help after Bush left Obama with his teleprompter! Google the stimulus plans and see who got the FREE MONEY that we the taxpayers and our children have to repay.

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