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Scott’s 61,550-vote victory margin now a target for Capitol protesters

by John Kennedy | August 8th, 2013

On their 24th day of a sit-in outside Gov. Rick Scott’s Capitol office, the Dream Defenders seeking repeal of Florida’s “stand your ground” law said Thursday they have no plans to end their protest.

In fact, executive director Phillip Agnew said the organization is adding a new dimension to its effort to get state lawmakers to approve what they dub Trayvon’s Law, in honor slain teenager Trayvon Martin.

“We value love, we value peace, we value unity, and more than anything, we value the power of our vote,” Agnew said, during a news conference in a Capitol hallway lined with portraits of former Florida governors.

Agnew said Dream Defenders is launching a campaign to register 61,550 voters in Florida by next election. The number represents Scott’s margin of victory in 2010 over Democrat Alex Sink.

“We intend to register the people that are forgotten,” Agnew said. “The black, the brown, the indigent, the poor, the LGBT community. We will meet them where they are…and encourage them to vote in the name of their issues, not in the name of any candidate.”

Democratic-allied activists have been looking to carry the controvery stemming from neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting death of the teen into next year’s elections as a sign of Republican leadership working to oppress minorities.

Like 2011 changes made to the state’s voting laws by Scott and the GOP-led Legislature, organizations say the self-defense law mostly threatens poor, black and young Floridians.

Florida groups that used the voting measure as a rallying point to drive supporters of President Barack Obama and state Democratic candidates to the polls last fall have been organizing behind the call for repeal of stand your ground.

Republicans, however, say the push to change the law, which remains popular with voters in most polls,  misrepresents the legal strategies used in Zimmerman’s case.

Agnew said the Dream Defenders’ voter work will parallel that of other organizations. But he emphasized that it should not be seen as a partisan effort. Instead, it’s aimed at raising the political relevancy of such issues as ending racial profiling and what protesters have called the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

“At the end of the day, we’re not blue or red,” Agnew said.

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51 Responses to “Scott’s 61,550-vote victory margin now a target for Capitol protesters”

  1. JerryK Says:

    “At the end of the day, we’re not blue or red,” Agnew said.

    Yeah, right. How many of the Dream Defenders participating in the sit-in are willing to be honest and say they will vote for Gov. Scott.

  2. Una Paloma Blanca-ah-ahh Says:

    “Democrat allied activists”: dumb kids who are playing ‘occupy movement’. The obvious solution (after 24 days) is remove them. Just arrest them all… meanwhile, Trayvon is still room temperature.

  3. Carol Says:

    Tun off the air conditioning and lock the public restrooms. After just a few days I read that it cost the taxpayers $45,000 in police overtime. 21 days is quite enough. Let them hit the hot streets and sign up what they term ‘blacks, Hispanics, LBGT whatevers, the indigent, the poor’ to the tune of 61,500 to defeat Scott. I guess they want to wait until the weather cools off for that project. I repeat, turn off the A/C and lock the public restrooms.

  4. Noway Jose Says:

    Blacks have benefitted from stand your ground laws more than any other group. 262,400 blacks have killed each other in the last 40 years and 93% of all black homicide victims were killed by other blacks.

  5. No A/C, I Agree Says:

    I agree with Carol. Shut off the air and lock the restrooms. You people do your cause no good because it is just making people want to do the opposite of what YOU want. They say they will encourage people to vote the issues, not the person. What a bunch of liars. Good job Gov. Scott, stand your ground.

  6. Tea Lady Says:

    And We Tea Partiers will sign up 62,000 new voters as well!

    Join The Tea Party. We don’t waste taxpayer money on frivolous nonsense! =)

  7. Ray Cist Says:

    I bet it smells like warm vegetable soup in there.

  8. Ray Cist Says:

    Call George Zimmerman and let him do security at the capital building

  9. Tea Liars Says:

    TeaLiarLady will be lucky to sign up six new members much less 65,000. She is the perfect example of the delusional bigoted liars that remain behind in what was once symbolically a freedom movement but in fact from the beginning was a scam by the Koch Brothers to sucker poor bigoted whites into voting protection for rich bigoted whites. 2/3 of their membership is gone with more leaving daily.
    Tea Party members and posters like GodGunsGuccis, Obiwan, kenobe,DelrayRetiree, nospinman, Genesis667 etc adamantly insist on believing things that are untrue. Like:
    1. The birth-certificate conspiracy. Reality: Not even official birth certificates from Hawaii, newspaper clippings from 1961, and the testimony of state officials will convince the true-blue Tea Partiers. Which is why WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah lectured the National Tea Party Convention for an hour about the “truth” of the birth-certificate story.

    2. Death panels. Reality: PolitiFact named Sarah Palin’s Facebook invention its “Lie of the Year,” and the belief was thoroughly exposed as a falsehood by every news network (even Fox). Yet Palin still insists that the panels exist somewhere in the health-care reform bill that was signed into law, its actual language notwithstanding.

    3. Obama is a Muslim/Socialist/Fascist. Glenn Beck’s fantasy of the week — one week Obama was a Socialist, the next he was a Communist, then a Fascist. Then it was on to Marxism and Maoism — was avidly adopted by sign-bearing fans at Tea Party gatherings, who sometimes shared Beck’s confusion by just calling Obama All of the Above. Reality: Give us a break. Obama’s self-evident cautious centrism, embodied by his health-care reform package stripped of a public option, as well as his more recent embrace of a limited offshore drilling program, has infuriated liberals in his party — but it hasn’t stopped Tea Partiers from denouncing the president as a radical anyway.

    4. Obama is going to take away our guns. Well, the NRA managed to scare a whole lot of people into buying up every gun and piece of ammunition in sight the first year or so after Obama’s election. And at least five police officers died because the suspects they were arresting feared Obama was going to take away their guns. But Obama not only has adhered to his promise not to address gun-control issues, there hasn’t been even a breath of it from his administration. Which, of course, just makes the paranoids that much more paranoid: It’s proof that he’s really up to something.

    5. Obama is raising our taxes. Reality: Obama lowered taxes for 95 percent of working Americans in his first year in office. But, you know, he’s a liberal Democrat – and for true-blue right-wing folks, that ALWAYS means a tax hike.

    6. Fascism is a left-wing phenomenon. We can thank Jonah Goldberg — with a big assist from Beck — for the popularity of this one, even though Goldberg’s thesis has been demolished and angrily dismissed by academic historians. It’s especially come in handy for Tea Partiers with Obama-as-Hitler signs, who are not impressed by those pointy-headed professorial types anyway.

    7. Global warming is a hoax. So Sean Hannity assures us, citing the Climategate brouhaha — which was itself shown largely to be a hoax of its own. Meanwhile, the world’s ocean levels keep rising, and glaciers and the polar ice cap keep receding — regardless of the endless words thrown up denying that they are.

    8. Some 16,000 new IRS agents will enforce the new health care reform act by throwing you in jail. Reality: The IRS is actually only increasing its spending in the coming budget year as it normally would — but some Republican operatives decided to figure out how many positions its increased budget would buy, and came up with 16,000, a figure that then became gospel on Newt Gingrich’s lips. According to the same mythmakers, this nonexistent new army of health care police was going to start throwing people in jail if they failed to buy health insurance — though in fact, the only penalties contemplated for such failures are fines and taxes.

    9. Two million people were at the 9/12 March on Washington. At the culmination of a monthlong promotion (highlighted by a national Tea Party Express bus tour) by Beck and Fox News, about 70,000 people gathered on the National Mall on September 12 to protest. Beck cited an erroneous early report that over a million had shown up. Later that grew to be two million, the figure now commonly cited by Tea Party leaders as evidence of their tremendous numerical force.

    10. The Tea Parties are a non-partisan, broad grassroots movement. Sure, if by non-partisan you mean rabidly paleo-conservative, to the point of even dismissing Republicans, and by grassroots you mean fake populism organized and whipped up by the most popular cable-news network on television, with a heaping helping of corporate financing.
    Tea Party folks and their defenders also want to believe that they’re just ordinary Americans who want to be serious about helping their country. But it’s pretty hard to fit that description when you embrace plain old nuttiness.

  10. Mike Says:

    Let me get this straight. Blacks are protesting a law that empowers law abiding citizens the legal right to protect themselves from criminals, all in the name of a druggie, thief, thug who was kicked out of school and his Mothers house, who was shot while he was assaulting man protecting his neighborhood……and whites are racist?

    Martin is dead because he deserved to die because he physically assaulted a man after he ended a phone call with police, protecting his neighborhood. The court found him not guilty because of SELF DEFENSE not Stand Your Ground. I assume these people are either on welfare or independently wealthy, how else could they spend this much time hanging out in front of an office. Get back to work….and by work, I mean an actual job not robbing and killing.

  11. SOFLGirl Says:

    @Tea Liars

    I gather you won’t be one of the 62k that Tea Lady is going to sign up to re-elect Scott…lol

    Gov. Scott is already “purging” voter rolls as we speak!! He spends a ton of our $$ on nada…like “drug testing”…can’t wait for 2014!!

    Excellent summary of the “nutty” party.

    Good riddance!!

    @Carol…your post is NOT reality and has no bearing on “OUR TAX $$$” “savings”…Come On’ Girl…get a clue!

    @ Mike…your post is..well…REALLY… know…how can I say it…well, never mind.

  12. ted Says:

    why does the PB Post keep reporting on this? It is a non news event?

  13. gethefax Says:

    Since the acquittal there have been numerous self defense shootings in which the attacker was killed, both white and black, but mostly black on black, in which I still see a null and void protest about those.

  14. Horatio Graneau Says:

    SOS who cares.trayvon is dead and zimmermann is alive.Young thug that got his wings,nothing more ,get over it and momma martin and daddy martin enjoy that 1 million you rec’d and watch out for jackass and sharptoungue,they might want a little piece of your sons college fund!!

  15. jackie Says:

    The protesters need to camp themselves outdoors day and night in the nice Florida sun, rain and mosquitos. Loitering…isn’t there some law against that anymore. Charge them a bed tax like the rest of the tourists have to pay. We pander all the time to these politically driven people taking advantage of a situation to now “register the forgotten and overlooked people” really!! Don’t these people have jobs to get back to or does someone pay them to do this…hmmmmmmm

  16. Larry Sweatte Says:

    I guess the people mentioned in the above article, feel more threatend if they know that someone has a weapon when they commit their crime, why do they feel that we have no legal right to defend ourselves. Don’t do the crime, if you don’t want to be shot. As statics prove, if someone is about to commit a crime, but knows you can protect yourself, they will move to someone that cannot protect them selves. They need to get a real job, and not depend on someone that
    has something that they worked for. Being a criminal is not considered a legitimate job. Just saying my feelings.

  17. The sheep follow Says:

    If George Zimmerman was truly doing his job as a neighborhood watchman he would of made sure Trayvon Martin got home safe, not dead.

  18. bito63 Says:

    @Thesheep, If TM would have kept going home, Instead of ATTACKING GZ, He would have made it home SAFE, And NOT DEAD!! Get the point? All these people want is to be able to ATTACK AND ROB people without them being inconvinienced by someone defending themselves. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!

  19. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    Coming for someone who makes threats, that so much a pus*** , you can’t fight anyway.

    LOL Bito63, that bigot retard has spoken.

  20. T Syndicate Operatives Says:


    Boy you are not kidding.

    However you give the TEAPARTY FAT Bigots to much credit.

    Not one even understands the actual tea party in Boston. These retards never where a movement of actual american ideas.

    The Tea Party is the NEW Confederate Republican Party, otherwise know as the KKK.

    Confederdate Tea Party is mostly BABY BOOMERS sucking up Social Security thats 55% of United States Budget.

    Baby Boomers that were children of the greatest generation that fought in WWII only to provide the worst generation,the Baby Boomers, to ever walk the earth.

    Funny the Greatest Generation that fought Hilter, had nothing, then they produced the Baby Boomers the whiner baby generation that wants everything handed to them for NOTHING!

    Fuuny too most Baby Boomers don’t have college degrees, yet these retards think they know more then there Gen’X'er children that are mostly MASTER’S DEGREE educated now.

    TEA PARTY just don’t want to give up the Social Security PONZI SCHEME. They stole from there parents, they steal from there children.

  21. The sheep follow Says:

    @bito63, I believe Trayvon was trying to make it home to watch a basketball game with an iced tea and a bag of Skittles.

  22. Brieleigh Says:


    You obviously are not one of the Gen”x”ers with a Masters Degree. Basic Grammar, my friend….Please learn the difference between to, too, their and there. Sheesh. And you call other people retards?

  23. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    Thanks retard, I’m not trying to submit a novel here and it sure is not time for the KING’S ENGLISH. I live in the txting/twitter generation.

    Maybe you should try going to college if you want to understand how social media works. They have a college course of it! DUH!

    You do know RETARD that CURSIVE WRITING is no long taught in Schools, right retard?

    See if you actual attend college you learn on computers, they teach you the proper time for the KING’S English, which isn’t in blog’s, that for book publishing son!!

  24. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    Please JOIN the Confederate Republican Party with members like Brieleigh.

    Where you too can be concerned about petty things while stealing Social Security from actual HARD WORKING ADULTS in there 20s, 30s, 40s, while claiming EVERYONE IN THE WORLD OWES YOU SOMETHINGS, including Black People!

  25. Brieleigh Says:


    LOL. You’re right! There is a huge difference in using the correct spelling of their and there. Oh wait….. And as far as to and too…I realize that one “O” is a big deal to type. So sorry. I see since you have stooped to the level of name calling, that you might not be out of the sixth grade, but I’m pretty sure they teach grammar in elementary school.

  26. bito63 Says:

    @Syndicate, Spoken like a true IDIOT!!
    @Sheep, He should have kept going home instead of turning around and attacking GZ.

  27. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @Bito63, oh, you got me. You want to make some threats of violence now?

    We all know you can’t back those up either fatso!

  28. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    Brieleigh, thank you for your rant about spelling. Anything else petty that you want to be concerned about?

    What I know you? Who cares, I’m not tryin to draw a cult following here.

    Look I’m not a EDITOR submit your book to a publisher that cares.

    In the civil war the Confederate Republican Party, the goal wassn’t to be friends. I have enough friends.

    Not my fault that book you’re so concerned about, EVERY PUBLISHER TELLS YOU TO GO BACK TO COLLEGE. I took the Social Media Course.

    I’m concerned about real things like 55% of the entire United States Budget going to people as yourself that are getting back way more money from Social Security than they ever even paid into Social Security to began with.

    I feel stealing Seniors getting Social Security Benefits they did not actual pay into the system, IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THEN TRYING TO WRITE A BOOK.

    But Brieleigh I understand your position. Your living on Social Security, a PONZI SCHEME, and YOU DON’T WANT THE COOL AID to dry up!

    Maybe you should of planned for your own retirement then, instead of asking others to pay your retirement BUM!!!

  29. bito63 Says:

    @Syndicate, Threats of violence? Why? I don`t make threats to people who are mentally challenged, It would be a wasted of time.Fatso? You really hurt my feeling, I feel like crying. NOT!! LOL!!!!

  30. wpb_rich Says:

    TSO, Is the hat you wear made of paper or tin foil?

  31. Political Character Assassination Says:

    @Bito63 & WPB Rich,

    Bito63, did you not try inviting someone to your house in blogs, then made a written threat of violence? I saw it.

    WPB Rich, only KKK members like you and Kathy Shaw, Former Congressmen Clay Shaw’s family wear paper white sheets over your heads.


  32. Political Character Assassination Says:

    Looks like the start of the 2014 election season! YIPPEE KI YAY Mother f’er!

  33. Just Saying Says:

    I’m sick and tired of all this “rallying and sitting in”…by the way, don’t these people have jobs they have to keep like the rest of us? Just saying…..

  34. wpb_rich Says:

    I’m a member of the Florida Nazi party, not the KKK. Get your facts straight.

  35. bito63 Says:

    @Political, Is that you? Are you still waiting at the admissions office? I never made a threat, Much less written, Just invited him to a friendly chat, Which You declined.Funny how you changed your name.

  36. Political Character Assassination Says:

    Im a mason, it was my grandfather and several from the South Florida Jewish Community that killed many Nazi in WWII.


  37. Political Character Assassination Says:

    Bito63 you really are a mental patient. You hear sound too huh?

  38. bito63 Says:

    Political, You are a legend in your own mind. Get over it.

  39. Jose Ortega Says:

    Florida also belongs to me and a few million others who believe in the stand your ground rule.

    We will not be intimidated by Al Sharpton and his minions.

    Al Sharpton should go return to the arms of his old girlfriend, Tawana Brawley.

  40. they wonder Says:

    @ Political Character Assassination – It’s YIPPEE YO KI YAY… Dumbo!

  41. Loud and Proud Says:

    @T Syndicate Operatives, just like the Dream Defenders you take pride in showing how stupid you really are. Eyes can’t spell, but what difference do it make. Loud and Proud.

  42. Carol Says:

    I repeat…turn off the air conditioning and lock the restrooms. As for conservatives being old and fat, I am 5’3″ tall, weigh 120 lbs. soaking wet, and was born well after the baby boomer era (why do all of these groups need categorical names? Baby boomers, Millenials, Generation X – sounds stupid).
    Re: Sharpton and Tawana Brawley – last week the man she falsely accused of raping her at age 15 received the first checks from her – totaling $3,600 or thereabout. When it was learned that she lied about the rape because she feared punishment for not coming home on time, she was found guilty of perjury (but no jail time) and ordered to pay over $400,000 in retribution to the defendants (one committed suicide, the other died, only one remains, his wife divorced him over this, he’s a lawyer and now runs a large firm). Tawana is not a happy camper about having her nurses’ aide paycheck garnished. Her victim said he will rescind the order to pay him if she will simply confess. She will not. Photo of her shows that she is now big and fat, even in her hospital scrubs.

  43. Carrie Says:

    A crook with a mere 16% percent favorable rating – before the elections means Crook Ricky is on his way down the sewer pipe where he belongs..

  44. Carrie Says:

    Carol – The racism infecting the Republican ranks is borne of white supremacy and it is evident in opposition to free and fair elections and immigration reform. It is important to note that if minorities voted the way white Republicans told them to, there would be no voter suppression efforts in this country or opposition to immigration reform.

    The shoe(R) – fit your perfectly

  45. LouG Says:

    @Carrie, so it’s “suppression” because minorities vote the way Democrats tell them?

  46. Breaking News Says:

    The Florida Sheriffs Association announced Friday that it supports the “stand your ground” law, saying it falls in line with the “well-established” right to self-defense.

    @Carrie, obviously not good news for your Dreamers. Maybe you can have them stay at your house when they get tossed from the Capitol.

  47. Police Humor Says:

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  48. Arnold P. Says:

    “Dream Defenders” sat in the hall,

    chanting and holding signs, that’s about all,

    old leftie slogans and old leftie men,

    old leftie noise-makers twirled once again.

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