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Trifecta: Bondi files re-election papers

by Dara Kam | July 1st, 2013

Joining her two GOP Cabinet colleagues, Attorney General Pam Bondi filed papers on Monday to seek another term as the state’s top legal eagle.

Bondi announced her entree into the 2014 race on Twitter: “Officially filed for re-elect this morning-looking forward to continuing working hard and serving the people of Florida!”

Chief Financial Jeff Atwater and Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Adam Putnam have also filed their initial campaign documents. Thus far, only Putnam has drawn a Democratic challenger.

Bondi, backed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, won a three-way Republican primary in 2010 and handily defeated Democrat Dan Gelber, winning nearly 55 percent of the vote.

Since she took office in 2011, Bondi’s been at the forefront of some high-profile lawsuits. She took over predecessor Bill McCollum’s case against the federal government over the federal health care law, ultimately losing when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that the law is constitutional but that states don’t have to participate in the expansion of Medicaid.

More recently, Bondi sued BP over the Deepwater Horizon oil blast that rocked Panhandle tourism and dumped oil onto the region’s pristine beaches and emerald waters.

She also was one of the lead attorneys general in settlement with banks over foreclosures.

Since her election in 2010, Bondi has been on a crusade to stop prescription drug abuse, convincing Gov. Rick Scott to back a statewide prescription drug database and backing measures to crack down on “pill mills.”

Bondi’s also a renowned pet-lover who brings her St. Bernard Luke to work with her and has made a habit of bringing dogs available for adoption to Cabinet meetings.

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40 Responses to “Trifecta: Bondi files re-election papers”

  1. Boynton Steve Says:

    I’d tap that.

  2. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Bambi needs to go

  3. Downtown Danny Says:

    So after firing the 2 people investigating the Banks that were robbing us blind she thinks we should vote for her?

    FORGET IT!!!!

  4. TrafficAvenger Says:

    Can anyone name a single piece of legislation that was proposed or passed by the leaders of the the G.O.P. legislature or Gov. Rick Scott and friends that the sole intent of said legislation was in the best interest of the taxpayers of Florida in any way shape or form?

    This is not a timed quiz.

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