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Jesse Jackson’s Selma, apartheid remarks denounced by Scott, GOP chairman

by George Bennett | July 31st, 2013

Florida Gov. Rick Scott hasn’t spent much time in his Capitol office or had a whole lot to say about the Trayvon Martin-inspired sit-in protest that’s been going on there for the past two weeks.

But words by Jesse Jackson while visiting the demonstration Tuesday led Scott to call for an apology and Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry to urge Democrats to denounce Jackson.

Jackson, who earlier called Florida an “apartheid state,” called the state the “Selma of our time” on Tuesday and compared Scott to former Alabama Gov. George Wallace during Wallace’s segregationist phase.

Jackson spent Tuesday night with the Dream Defenders, who have camped out in the Capitol to demand a special legislative session to change Florida’s “stand your ground” self-defense law after the shooting death of Martin and a jury’s acquittal of George Zimmerman. Scott, who met with the protesters July 18, supports the law and says he won’t call a special session.

Scott’s office noted Jackson’s Selma and apartheid references in an e-mail today that included a statement from the governor calling on Jackson to apologize.

“Jesse Jackson owes every Floridian an apology for his reckless and divisive comments,” Scott’s statement said. “It is unfortunate that he would come to Florida to insult Floridians and divide our state at a time when we are striving for unity and healing. Floridians are a strong, resilient people. We are fortunate to live in a great state where all Floridians enjoy opportunities to get a great job and a world-class education.”

Curry followed up in the afternoon by bringing up Jackson’s infamous 1984 description of Jews as “Hymie” and New York City as “Hymietown.” Jackson, a Democratic candidate for president at the time, denied the remark at first but eventually apologized for it.

Said Curry: “With Jesse Jackson having a history of making offensive remarks, like calling New York City ‘Hymietown,’ it’s surprising to see that Democrats are not denouncing Jackson for what he said about Florida and Governor Rick Scott. Jesse Jackson’s attacks are offensive, inappropriate, divisive and ill-informed. We should be thankful to Governor Scott for his focus on uniting Florida during this time.”

Scott and Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, have opposed a special legislative session to address the stand your ground law. House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, told the Tampa Tribune editorial board he’d be open to changing the law if law enforcement officials are “uniform” about what is needed.


48 Responses to “Jesse Jackson’s Selma, apartheid remarks denounced by Scott, GOP chairman”

  1. JerryK Says:

    Just goes to show how out of touch with reality Jackson is. Just like the extreme right-wing nuts, he’s best ignored.

  2. Bane Says:

    Right on, JerryK!

  3. Jesse for Hire Says:

    Whenever the Rev. Jackson looks into a mirror, it cracks. The weight of his hypocrisy is shattering. (Jesse: How many black children have been killed in your hometown this year?)

  4. mjkj Says:

    “Curry followed up in the afternoon by bringing up Jackson’s infamous 1984 description of Jews as “Hymie” and New York City as “Hymietown.” Jackson, a Democratic candidate for president at the time, denied the remark at first but eventually apologized for it.”

  5. Francisco Says:

    This man is a disgusting Race Whore. (no offence to Whores)
    The George Zimmerman verdict was exactly the verdict he was hoping for… The profitable verdict. Go in the back room and count your millions your have made off the lives of Black people for decades….The KKK would be proud of you…

  6. Downtown Danny Says:

    Republicans have no worries – in 10 years they will be obsolete and gone.

    Just keep restricting everyone’s personal freedom and you’ll be gone sooner.

  7. Joe Says:

    I thought Jessie Jackson was dead… wait that was Michael Jackson. Both are out of touch with reality and addicted to media attention. SYG had nothing whatsoever to do with the Zimmerman case but Jessie’s not about to let facts get in the way of his face in front of a camera. This man, in a desperate effort to once again become relevant has given us the “dream defenders”. He is clearly a racist and not interested in equality for his people. Instead, he wants special treatment and an unfair advantage granted to people just for being black. In effect he wants a special dispensation in the law for reasons of race. Good luck with that one in Florida dude. I just went through the blotter and counted the dark faces at 40%. That’s just a sad fact. This is just like middle eastern people complaining because they are scrutinized more than others at the airport. It’s unfortunate that this has to happen but we know what terrorist’s look like without exception and profiling just makes sense. We all do it everyday and with good reason.

  8. Jon Reeder Says:

    Why should he apologize when he’s right?? Florida has sunk to its lowest point in history since the Republicans and Scott have taken over. Raping the environment, keeping voters from the polls, funneling money to his corporate friends and donors, stealing pensions from State employees are just a few of their despicable acts. Wake up Florida and smell the legislative stink!

  9. Una Paloma Blanca-ah-ahh Says:

    Jesse ‘Hymietown’ Jackson has the brain of a pencil erasor. He makes Joycelyn Elders look bright.

  10. ELC Says:

    Why bother listening to this jerk. Firstly, he doesn’t speak English..heaven only knows what gobleygook passes his lips. Secondily, Jesse is and always will be a rabble-rouser with no brains in that empty head of his. I’m no fan of our Governor, he should just continue to ignore this low-life.

  11. Mark Says:

    Rick Scott for President!!!

  12. pete Says:

    The head of the shake down artists of corporations who gave him lots of money and a total race baiter. Hymie town .

  13. Larz Says:

    What an absolute joke this hateful, disgusting, opportunist Jackson is. You want to express frustration with the verdict fine. But what he is doing is an absolute insult to the people he claims to represent. To compare this situation to apartheid and to Selma. What a scumbag he is. I am no fan of Gov Scott but you do not give in to intimidation and threats no matter what the so called cause is. If you want to have a discussion like adults them do it (I know, that is not what Jesse wants). If you want to grandstand and placate the ignorant masses through intinimidation and bullying then you have no place in civilized society.

  14. carolyn chevy Says:

    Ditto Jon Reeder. Though I do not agree with everything Jesse stands for he is right in this case. People, wake up and smell the stink that has been going on in FL since Scott got elected. No one is rising up against this idiot. He is not for Floridians, only his buddies allowing them to rape us until it hurts regarding healthcare, rail plan and most of all insurance in Florida. Citizens is pathetic!!!

  15. Larz Says:

    @carolyn chevy

    Oh get a grip. No one is rising up? So what you want an overthrow of the governor, grow up. You use nice colorful words like he is raping us but it is typical liberal nonsense. All grandiose no actual facts or substance. Rail and insurance has nothing to do with the inappropriate and downright embarrassing display by Jackson. And it has nothing to do with tray on Martin. So save your lunatic rantings for another topic.

  16. Ally Says:

    I agree with this:
    “Florida has sunk to its lowest point in history since the Republicans and Scott have taken over. Raping the environment, keeping voters from the polls, funneling money to his corporate friends and donors, stealing pensions from State employees are just a few of their despicable acts. Wake up Florida and smell the legislative stink!” Florida has way too many extremist wingnuts.

    I do not agree with Jackson, however. His yelling lacks any credibility. That said, I think Florida’s stand you ground law should be changed. If a person has an opportunity to retreat, why shouldn’t he? Instead we now have a law that allows him to make a choice to shoot, even if he had an alternative.
    That’s wrong.

  17. boyntonsteve Says:

    Hard to make the guv look good but it’s simple for the rev.

  18. Carol Says:

    As a poll worker at the 2012 elections in Fl., my observation (and that of my fellow workers) was that the wording of the many (I think it was 12 or 14) amendments also on the ballot was the reason for the long lines that resulted in delays of voters getting into the polling place to vote. The reason: the amendments, though printed on ballots on several languages and dialects, contained wording that could not be understood by American born voters and those that spoke foreign languages (even though the translations for the foreign language voters were as close as possible that they could get to their language). The shocker was that so many of the younger voters of all races, white, Hispanic, black, could not understand words like ‘adjudicate’, ‘affirmation’, ‘proponent’ – these are just a few that I remember. We poll workers, when they came to question us as to the meaning of the words, were told by our captain that we are prohibited by law from trying to explain the words’ meanings, reason being that even one of us might be accused of giving the wrong definition or trying to influence an individual’s vote. The Board of Elections offices throughout Florida are aware of this problem but reluctant to publicize it because it would mean they’re discriminating, making it difficult for the poor and illiterate to vote, etc., but it caused very serious delays. I hope that when and if amendments again appear on the ballot (and they will), they are reduced to simple words not exceeding five letters in not only English but all of the languages and dialects that the State provides. It’s a sad commentary on the country’s educational system.

  19. Carol Says:

    Per Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 1980 edition (and I treasure this old dictionary as the last bastion of the English language):
    “apartheid – racial SEGREGATION; specifically a policy of SEGREGATION and POLITICAL DISCRIMINATION against non-European groups in the Republic of South Africa.”
    Many will recall that apartheid was still in effect in 1980 when this version of Webster’s was published. With the many, many laws passed to protect all minorities, and now including even sexual preferences, regarding employment, housing, political activity (we have a black President, blacks in Congress, and black politicians at every level throughout the country), it’s impossible to take Mr. Jackson’s childish and uneducated remark about Florida seriously, and I’m surprised that it even made news.

  20. Boca_Mom Says:

    The law needs to GO, it allowed Zimmerman to get away with murder, plain and simple!!!! How many others??

    Jackson is right on, this Gov. is ruining us!!!!! Republicans better wake up!!!!!

  21. Conflict Says:

    I have a problem. I do not like Jackson, but I REALLY do not like Scott. If I had to weigh it out though, Scott has done more harm to Florida and Jackson is just an annoying egomaniac.

  22. Real World Says:


    Meanwhile in Jackson’s homie town of Chicago, the ghetto rats continue to decrease the surplus population

    If it’s ok with Jessie, Al and all the other bros, it’s sure alright with “Us”

  23. bob247 Says:

    Such a sad day for me. I didn’t know I was a racist until this whole mess. I voted for Obama.. TWICE!!! I woke up this morning an independent. I’ll go to sleep tomorrow a registered Republican. I have no choice but to embrace the double standard. Gov Scott didn’t pull the trigger. Stand Your Ground was not used as a defense. PERIOD. End of story.

  24. Ban-Liberals! Says:

    You just can’t keep a liberal from causing trouble–They are the most devisive, nasty, hateful, arrogant, mean spirited, rottenest people around–

    When they don’t get their way, they act like 2 yr olds on crystal meth!

  25. Tax Religions NOW Says:

    Posted by wmr2012 at 3:53 a.m. Jul. 29
    “GKR, you are really on a tear in regards to that radical ” GGG ” and his/her followers and I have to agree with you, when the facts don’t support their viewpoint, you are labeled a racist,a hater,a moron just to name a few of the insults these people throw around…. cowards because they hide behind their computers.
    The Palm Beach Post has allowed ” GGG ” to post some really disgraceful remarks while having others struck down “

    Posted by GunsKillReason at 4:29 a.m.
    You make good points wmr but I admit my main goal here is to expose the cowardice of @GGG and his unAmerican, classic religious behavior of seeking to ban that which exposes his vapidity… and I intend to counter with sheer volume and frequency of posts the despicable manner in which he exploits the automated PBPost spam bot apparatus to do so.
    He becomes lower than anyone he attacks when his words are so empty and impotent and his facts so lacking that he resorts to that. Since PBPost will not spend the money to hire a monitor to do anything about it, I will do what I can… until it stops.
    I could… but will not… stoop to his and Obi’s level of multiple registrations and filing false spam clicks to eliminate posts by GGG. I don’t since having his anger, idiocy, and dearth of substantiation remain on display is my best weapon IF my counterpoint post survives… which it has not lately because of GGG’s amoral vandalism… reminiscent of his hero Trayvon’s school/community record in Miami..
    I apologize to all for the inconvenience/nuisance but colloquy and an exchange not tyranny of ideas needs defense from enemies such as GGG…. if someone has a better way to stop GGG’s subterfuge, please share. As is their privilege in a free, unregulated market, PBPost does not care to intervene as there is no profit in it for them.

  26. Educator Says:

    The Republican Tea Party is drawing it’s last shallow breaths. The opinions of he local horrors is hardly indicative of the rest of this great country.

  27. NPBill Says:

    If thinking that Jesse Jackson is a complete fool makes a person racist then yeah I guess there are a lot of racists not only in Florida but in the rest of the country too.

  28. BeBo Says:

    If Scott was interested in unity, why want he talk to the protesters @ the state capitol. He himself, is one of the BIGGEST problems in Florida. If he can eat & sleep @ night knowing, that people are in the capitol sleeping on the floor, benches, etc. to get a point across yet, he would deny them. Yea who’s really the enemy here! ~NO Apologies for to the Martin family or TRAYVON YET~

  29. Francisco Says:

    Black Floridians have made about a third of the state’s total “Stand Your Ground” claims in homicide cases, a rate nearly double the black percentage of Florida’s population. The majority of those claims have been successful, a success rate that exceeds that for Florida whites.

  30. Joe Says:

    Rev. Jackson has no clue as to what he is speaking of. He talks of equal rights yet he is the one who is “dividing” our Nation. Futhermore, Florida is NOT a racist state. Florida is one of the most anti-racist states in the country. This is what I don’t like about these rights activist; they come to a State which they know little about and stir up controversy and make people angry! Rev. Jackson is not part of the solution!

  31. Ray Cist Says:

    Jackson is nothing but a big lip flapper. I don’t and no one should give that piece of stool the time of day. Nothing but a reg gin on this planet.

  32. bito63 Says:

    @BeBo, You said why WANT he talk to protesters at the state capital? He already did, If you are going to make a comment, get your FACTS straight. And the Martin family doesn`t deserve an apology, TM got what he DESERVED. He was nothing but a THUG!!! Since when should ANYBODY apologies for the actions of A THUG!!!!!!

  33. FormerNYer Says:

    Gov. Scott, please don’t speak for me. I moved here from NY many years ago. Having grown up in NY with many friends of different races and different cultures, I had no idea that when I moved to FL, I would be time traveling back to the 1800s as far as race relations is concerned.

  34. GBurroughs Says:

    Politicians and entertainers that use this as a platform of any kind should be forced to pay the cost of the sit-in at the Fl Capitol and should share any liability of actions that are instigated as a result of it.
    There are lessons for all of us to learn from the waste of a human life. But a self examination should first happen to get the message.

  35. PBCnative Says:

    @bito63-If you would remove your head from your anus, you could GOOGLE GZ’s criminal history. He was arrested 3 times-twice for RESISTING ARREST-ONCE WITH VIOLENCE, AND ANOTHER TIME FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. He brags on his MySpace page about beating the rap (domestic violence charges) against the “hoe”. Daddy was a sitting judge in Seminole County at the time ‘Georgie’ was arrested and charged with these potential felonies-Charges went ‘poof’ when daddy pulled some strings. DO SOME RESEARCH!

    Oh, and Einstein; the word is ‘apologize’ not ‘apologies’.

    GZ got away with murder-TM was no THUG!! You’re right-no one should ‘apologize’ for the actions of a thug (which is George Zimmerman)- The price he will pay is far greater than a half-hearted ‘apology’. The Martins should be able to hug their son and celebrate his life achievements; no type of APOLOGY in the WORLD COULD MAKE UP FOR THAT.

    You need to get YOUR facts straight.

    TM smoked weed-so what? It will be legal in the U.S. within a couple of years (as soon as the government figures out how to cultivate, control the sale and tax it)
    TM got into a couple of schoolyard fights? And? TM had a 3.7 GPA in school and was on track for a college scholarship. Sure, he had been in some minor trouble in school-I don’t know of ANYONE who hasn’t been.

    P.S. And the word is ‘capitol’ when referring to the building which houses the central government of a state-not ‘capital’. I guess you’re a perfect example of “No Child Left Behind”.

    No, you’re the epitome of an inbred, bigoted, hateful Tea Bagger.

  36. PBCnative Says:

    Former NYer-Where do you think all the waste settles when the rest of the country flushes the toilet? Florida.

    I’m ashamed to say I was born and raised here. When I was growing up, there was NO HATRED OR BIGOTRY!! We were a united, close knit, neighborly,friendly, safe place to live. I grew up NOT SEEING THE COLOR OF SOMEONE’S SKIN.

    It seems as if the worst dregs of society in every other state migrated to Florida. We are back to the “Jim Crow” and “Wild West” days. While I don’t agree with some of the things Jesse Jackson says (he should keep his mouth shut on this situation)

    Rick Scott has done more to RUIN this state than any other Governor in Florida’s history. The MESS he has created is going to take years, if not decades, to reverse. We (Florida) are the laughing stock of the NATION. Who voted for this criminal Scott anyway? He defrauded the Medicare system to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars, invoked the 5th 75 TIMES DURING HIS CRIMINAL TRIAL and has done NOTHING to create the over 700,000 jobs he promised to Floridians during his campaign. Hang in there, Florida; 2014 is just around the corner. These past few years under Rick Scott has been hell.

  37. NY Jew Says:

    Send Jackson back to Africa.

  38. Enough already Says:

    Shouldn’t Jesse be back in IL visiting his son..IN PRISON? The unfortunate part of freedom of speech is it gives a platform to race/hate baiters like Jackson and Sharpton, and some uneducated people actually believe the drivell they spew.

  39. KeepinItRealNoMatterWhat Says:

    All he did was tell the truth… You knuckleheads are so afraid to admit the FACT that your racism is so deeply embedded in yourselves, that you don’t even realize that it’s there. And even the ones of you that know it, are such cowards that you’ll never admit it. That’s why you wore hoods over your faces for so many years. Now you hide behind your screen. Yes I’m behind mine as well. Simply because I don’t wat to kill anyone. I did enough of that for MY COUNTRY the USA

  40. Reality Check Says:

    “We are fortunate to live in a great state where all Floridians enjoy opportunities to get a great job and a world-class education.” – Gov. Rick Scott

    Umm, we have the 2nd lowest wages in the nation, the 46th best education, and the 5th highest cost of living. I don’t think anything Jesse Jackson says is going to make Florida look much worse than it already does. Almost no one still lives here by choice. Most of us are stuck in our jobs, have kids in our lousy schools, or sick and dying relatives. The rest are simply too uneducated to take a chance and move away.

  41. RealAngst Says:

    Poor Rev Jackson. A total fraud his entire life and now he is going to label Florida? Hey Rev, you pusillanimous, self aggrandizing and pompous jackass, go address the concerns that really matter. Lets start with the lack of family unity in our black communities? It all starts with mom and dad. Where is the respect for each other within the black community? What about education? What about Black on Black crimes? More black people are murdered by other black people all over this nation and while I disagree with the jury in the Zimmerman case, (because he is guilty of manslaughter imho) this is not the issue. The issue is and will remain that blacks commit a high percentage of violent crime and kill each other at a rate equal to or higher than anyone else. Now, please leave OUR State, take Ebony and Ivory with you and dont come back unless it is to bed one of your whores while on vacation. I so hate hypocrites and you and Al, not your best days.

  42. considersource Says:

    The only time Florida could even come close to Selma is when Mr. Jackson is in town and others that relish putting down everybody for one persons questionable action. However, local media seems to support his thinking if you check out who is committing the crime in the state

  43. Ed Says:

    Rev. Jackson is correct on this one. Florida’s SYG law is a license to murder. I am glad that I do not live in Florida anymore. The state has really gone down as a nice place to live.

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