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Jeb Bush: ‘Republicans need to cease being the obstacle to immigration reform’

by George Bennett | July 1st, 2013


Former Florida Gov. and possible 2016 GOP presidency seeker Jeb Bush is urging House Republicans to embrace “compromise and a comprehensive approach” as they take up immigration reform now that the Senate has passed the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” bill.

Bush and Clint Bolick, who co-authored a book on immigration reform earlier this year, penned a Wall Street Journal column that says the Senate-passed immigration overhaul bill could use some improvements, such as clearer border-security “triggers” and a tougher E-Verify system.

But Bush and Bolick say the Senate legislation is not “amnesty,” as many critics on the right contend. And the say the bill, which has Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as a key supporter, “addresses most of the flaws of the current system.”

Noting the GOP’s poor 2012 performance with Hispanic voters, the pair say Republicans can improve their appeal to Latinos by working toward reform legislation.

“Republicans have much in common with immigrants—beliefs in hard work, enterprise, family, education, patriotism and faith,” Bush and Bolick write. “But for their voice to penetrate the gateway, Republicans need to cease being the obstacle to immigration reform and instead point the way toward the solution.”

12 Responses to “Jeb Bush: ‘Republicans need to cease being the obstacle to immigration reform’”

  1. Pam Says:

    When the borders are closed and protected, it will be time to have discussions on immigration reform.

  2. Downtown Danny Says:

    If this Bush thinks he’s going to be President he can forget it – and Republcians problems are about restricting everyone’s freedoms, not just illegals – the group includes women, men, and every American who thinks the government should not be telling us whether we can smoke pot, drink beer at a bar after 2am, get credit agencies off our backs and stop them from using our information to destroy us, banks that wont lend us any money and it goes on and on –
    if Republicans think passing a bill to give away citizenship to illegals is going to make Americans vote for them they are WRONG!

  3. Nate Says:

    To many RINOS popping up these days when the country and economy need people to stand
    tall and speak out to preserve whatever is left of our security and freedoms. Stop the corruption and political correctness and looking to join the Go-alongs and, those who break our laws, encourage our enemies …and just looking to gain political points.

  4. Registered Voter Says:

    Being hateful and dumb just isn’t cool anymore.

    All republicans are jokes no one under 35 will ever vote for them or even care to listen to their half baked ideas and lies about the economy or anything else.

    Today’s Republicans are just bored business men playing at politics without any training or education in the field.

  5. Educator Says:

    Bush is correct. Immigration reform will eventually pass. Bush knows that if the Republican Party has any hope of surviving past 2016 then they need the support and votes of some of the estimated 11 million (probably more) who will be voting as soon as they can. If the Republican Party continues to block immigration reform then the party will disappear in less than 10 years.

  6. Francisco Says:

    Hey Jeb.
    YOU politicians have been lying to the American People for OVER 40 years on immigration….. YOU have played the “hamburger today for payment next Tuesday” hand one too many times. Just like the spending increases today for tax cuts tomorrow hocus-pocus… GUESS WHAT Jebby Boy….. WE DON”T TRUST YOU!!!!! The gang of 8′s claim that the boarder will be secured after amnesty is granted is an insult to my intelligence. Especially when the presidents handpicked minions are the arbiters of that provision. Secure the boarder? What joke. I am going to file that in the same file as.. My insurance rates are going to go down, and I can keep my own doctor. New flash for ya Jeb…. Republicans are not a stumbling block to legal immigration, politicians are…
    You’re a pig like your brother and father…go listen to your mother for a change.

  7. TrafficAvenger Says:

    The G.O.P. is headed to the same place as the Dodo bird and the leaders and followers of the G.O.P. have brought it on themselves.

    Will they ever admit to those mistakes? Never.

    To the leaders of the G.O.P.. Change the thoughts on policy or become apart of lesson in history.

    From the rights of women to voter suppression to extended corporate welfare of insurance companies and walk in clinics who make their money off the backs of the workers whom they drug test. The chose is yours.

    If you want to remain relevant to the people? Then start representing the people and not just the ones in the church.

  8. Tex Text Says:

    Hey Jebby. Hypocrite! Go live in a Texas border county along the Rio Grande for one year and see if you have the same opinion about immigration. The U.S. no longer controls its border with Mexico.

  9. Searcher1 Says:

    So, JEB has changed his tune again. The RABID REPUBBIES will continue to alienate minorities, and continue to LOSE national elections….

  10. ironic Says:

    I think it is ironic that Republicans love low wage jobs with no benefits and who is better to fill those jobs then illegals? Also I think he secretly likes them so they can sneak in unclaimed jewelry for his wife, but that is just speculation.

  11. gHHv Says:

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  12. Had Enough Says:

    The republicans rob us every day and they don’t use a gun to do it.

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