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Frankel urges House to pass Senate’s immigration reform

by George Bennett | July 16th, 2013

Charlene Rupert, who said she came to the U.S. from Venezuela as an 11-year-old, urges passage of comprehensive immigration reform while Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, looks on.

WEST PALM BEACH — Standing in front of a banner that said “Immigration Is A Human Right,” U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, urged the House to approve the Senate’s version of immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for millions of people now in the country illegally.

She acknowledged the Senate bill faces a tough road in the Republican-controlled House, where Speaker John Boehner and others favor a series of smaller bills with more emphasis on border security. Frankel urged a few dozen supporters who attended today’s event to phone and e-mail House members.

“I will tell you that representatives do look at their e-mails, we do look at our letters, we do know about our phone calls and right now I believe that the American people have to move this U.S. House of Representatives to do the right thing,” Frankel said.

After Frankel spoke, 19-year-old Charlene Rupert of Palm Springs spoke of her experience as an undocumented immigrant who was brought to the U.S. from Venezuela when she was 11. She said the Senate’s passage of a sweeping immigration bill gave her hope.

“When I saw the news I cried so much with my parents because, one, I will be able to work, and two, I will be able to attend college,” said Rupert, who said she hopes to become an immigration lawyer.

Said Rupert: “One thing I want that many of us are trying to get everybody to know, to understand, is that we want this immigration reform, we want these 11 million people that are here, they came here to be able to have a better future for their child, for their family, to work. And many people do not understand. They’re judging by other parts o the story. They don’t know our part of the story.”

35 Responses to “Frankel urges House to pass Senate’s immigration reform”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I keep reading 25% of America’s children go to bed hungry, that our deserved Veterans are not cared for – are homeless and unemployed, that we have more people on food stamps… and on and on. Yes, we would like to help every needy person on Earth. We can’t. How can we possibly take in another – how many millions was that? – when we can’t take care of our own????

  2. Educator Says:

    Kathryn, they are already here, it would help us if they were legally employed and paying taxes. Think about how much money these 11 million plus people already pay in sales taxes. They will be exonerated. God Bless them.

  3. TheNoSpinMan Says:

    Immigration is a human right as long as you respect immigration laws of the country you are seeking to live in.

    Why is it that liberals twist and spin everything and ignore the truth? How can you violate the law and expect to be rewarded? Is this the new norm?

  4. the post loves frankel Says:

    will the post ever put together a sunday front page article on the bond payments for the new cityhall complex? west palm is going to face a crisis someday because of this, but since the post loves lois you never read about it. the only thing missing a quote from dennis i have had the same job for thirty years grady.

  5. john Says:

    Amnesty Is No Economic Policy
    Immigration: The White House would have us believe amnesty is its new jobs program, magically transforming millions of illegals from economic liabilities into assets. It’s the electorate, not the economy, stupid.
    According to a new missive from President Obama’s in-house economic advisers, the Senate’s amnesty bill is going to accomplish all the things that Obama’s 2009 trillion-dollar stimulus was supposed to.
    Another amnesty for illegal aliens — 11 million of them this time — will “increase economic growth,” the White House contends, citing Congressional Budget Office estimates of a 3.3% gain in 2023 and 5.4% in 2033.
    Hear that, everybody in the unemployment lines? Just hold on another decade or two.
    No less than three times, the White House pamphlet tells us of “immigrants creating new inventions . . . and improvements in production processes.”
    What’s more, “stronger technology, tourism, hospitality, agriculture, and housing industries are just some of the key ways that immigration reform strengthens the U.S. economy.”
    Well, gee, if amnesty is that great, how come Obama didn’t campaign on it — either in 2008 or 2012?
    In his 2008 convention speech, Obama’s only mention of immigration was that “an employer undercuts American wages by hiring illegal workers.”
    In 2012, his only references to immigration were in lamenting the deportation of illegals and lumping recent immigrants in with other phony scapegoats — “our welfare recipients or corporations or unions or immigrants or gays or any other group we’re told to blame for our troubles.”
    Amnesty doesn’t sell as economic policy, and for good reason. The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard notes that critics of “comprehensive immigration reform,” in particular the Heritage Foundation, have put out mountains of evidence reflecting this.
    As Bedard notes, “after amnesty, immigrants will cost governments $12,433 in benefits over the taxes they pay per year.” And $592,000 each over a lifetime.
    A Heritage special report in May by Robert Rector and Jason Richwine found that “Overall, households headed by an unlawful immigrant received an average of $24,721 per household in direct benefits, means-tested benefits, education, and population-based services in FY 2010.”
    According to the Heritage Foundation scholars, the $24,721 figure includes all those benefits “but excludes the cost of public goods, interest on the government debt, and other payments for prior government functions.”
    And what about illegals as revenue generators?
    “By contrast, unlawful immigrant households on average paid only $10,334 in taxes,” Rector and Richwine found. “Thus, unlawful immigrant households received $2.40 in benefits and services for each dollar paid in taxes.”
    The White House document argued that “Studies of the 1986 immigration reform law found that legalizing immigrants saw wage gains in the range of 10% as a result of obtaining legal status,” but 10% comes nowhere near to making up the lopsided tax/benefit discrepancy that Heritage found.
    Veteran journalist M. Stanton Evans, after reading the Senate bill in its entirety, wrote in   last month: “It is shot through with provisos that would swell the number of aliens on a ‘path to citizenship’ to three or four times the 11 million illegals” currently here, and includes “a fund, amounting to $50 million (with more money to be added as needed), to represent illegals in every phase” of the “path to citizenship” process.
    The big push to get House Republicans to enact the Senate amnesty bill has nothing to do with boosting the economy, as the White House all of a sudden is telling us. It is entirely about manufacturing new Democratic votes for the years and decades ahead.

  6. Educator Says:

    Not all “laws” are humane or ethically correct.
    The Jews in Germany violated the law by their presence as well. There are many new norms in the USA, it’s not your Archie Bunker land anymore.

  7. Educator Says:

    “It is entirely about manufacturing new Democratic votes for the years and decades ahead.” That has already happened without these 11 million people. You are correct though, The Republican Tea Party will be a memory in your lifetime.

  8. nemo Says:

    Lois Frankel is a dishonest, lying bitch. She was elected to steal…and she will.

  9. TheNoSpinMan Says:

    It’s about the rule of law…otherwise why have laws? There we go again without logic…just spin.

  10. TheNoSpinMan Says:

    “Not all laws are humane or ethically correct.” What country are you talking about, Mexico?

  11. TheNoSpinMan Says:

    Please change your name from Educator to Diarrhea Brain.

  12. TheNoSpinMan Says:

    John, you are 100% correct.

  13. DeeCee23 Says:

    Look at Sweden and tell me you want to let in more immigrants.

  14. jebamoni4 Says:

    Nemo!! How much did you loose on account of Ms.Frankel? You are a wolf in disguise of DOWN TOWN DANNY!!

  15. BERNIE Says:

    Democrats also want no voter ID …anyone but taxpayers on the voter they can tax and spend..

  16. Ted the Nimble Says:

    JOHN! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz after the first 2 lines?

    Educator – The new norm you hope for is called “Socialism” and it creates a country of people dependent upon the government. That sucks!

  17. We ARE the unfortunate Says:

    Educator knows nothing of history, just politically correct feel good stories for the un-educated. He will be the one who is lost for words when his grandkids ask him why he helped make them have to eat out of the garbage to survive in their country of birth.

    When they pick up a history book and see how this generation sold out their freedom and welfare to make them feel better about themselves for awhile, Educator will be fighting them off from pulling his plug in the hospital room. But he will tell them “it’s for the good of the unfortunate ones” not realizing that even they know that “they” are those unfortunate ones now.

    Let’s hope they get a hand on that plug!

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