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Deputies on hand for political brouhaha at child care meeting west of Delray

by George Bennett | July 12th, 2013

Bill de la Sierra outside Florida Association for Child Care Management meeting.

You might not think a meeting of day care providers would require a law enforcement presence, but Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies are on hand at the South County Civic Center this morning for a contentious meeting of the Florida Association for Child Care Management.

A faction claims the organization — which has former Republican state Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff as its executive director — is too focused on politics and legislation in Tallahassee. The faction, which brought about 60 people in matching T-shirts to the meeting, is trying to sway board of directors elections today but so far appears to be getting shut out. The meeting is closed to the press.

“I declare this meeting null and void,” said Bill de la Sierra, owner of a Hialeah preschool and elementary school, after being tossed out of the meeting. Sierra has been heading up efforts to install a new board.

“The organization is more interested in the glitz, the legislative issues, the politics and they have forgotten the members,” de la Sierra said. “The work that this organization was set out to do – which is provide support for the members, whether accreditation or education — has been completely set aside.”

De la Sierra blamed Bogdanoff and FACCM President Daniel Osborne for the steering the organization too far in a political direction.

Osborne, from the All About Kids Learning Center in unincorporated Lake Worth, said de la Sierra and two professional parliamentarians he brought with him were tossed out of the meeting because they were being disruptive.

About 60 people in matching T-shirts came on a bus to the meeting.

“He was consistently interrupting and disrupting the meeting. I’ve got to keep some semblance of order for respect for the people who are here trying to move forward,” Osborne said.

As for the criticism of FACCM’s political and legislative focus, Osborne said: “The legislature is who sets the standards and the statutes and the law that governs our accreditation and so we opt to influence the top and let the bottom follow. Our legislators make the rules and we try to influence the legislators.”

Osborne said he asked deputies to be on hand because “we knew that there would be this potential disruption.”

Ten of 18 seats on FACCM’s board of directors are up for election today.

FACCM has about 900 members statewide, Osborne said. He said about 80 or 90 are attending today’s meeting, while others voted by mail or proxy. Osborne said proxy votes that de la Sierra attempted to cast were invalid because they didn’t register by a deadline last week. De la Sierra said that deadline violated FACCM’s bylaws.


29 Responses to “Deputies on hand for political brouhaha at child care meeting west of Delray”

  1. Tally Folly Says:

    This is what happens when you put Republican in control of anything. They disenfranchise the opposition by suppressing their votes and then deny access to information.

  2. Frankie Says:

    If these liberal rabblerousers knew how to discuss things in a respectful, civil manner, they wouldn’t get tossed. Show the courtesy to others that you expect and all will be fine. And one other bit of advice for Mr. de la Sierra — take a shower!

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  8. Jenn Says:

    Seems like a case of the good old boy network. At what cost are they going to keep conducting these meetings as if they can make their own rules as they go along? Hopefully these daycare owners will keep trying to take their voices back from these power mongrels. Disgusting.

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  12. momof3 Says:

    Wow – Frankie so if a member wants to exercise their right to vote they’re liberal? If a member respectfully motions for the president to recognize his/her right to vote he’s a liberal? If Ellyn Bogdanoff doesn’t like what you have to say as a member, you’re a liberal that should be removed by armed police? What about the press? They weren’t allowed in either. Seriously? Yeah for the district that no longer has to worry about former Senator Bogdanoff blatantly disgregarding the rules if they don’t meet her needs. I’m a republican – your definition and mine are clearly different. I believe in due process, not “my way or no way”.

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  17. Bill de la Sierra Says:

    Well folks that is but the tip of the iceberg, ms bogdanof and mr Osborne used palm beach county sheriffs to remove voters from the room if the motions they made were not to their liking. they refused to acknowledge about 150 votes because the voters did not give them advance notice of their vote
    Even though the election was set for the date time and place of their choice. In addition the location of the meeting was in bogdanof’s and osborne’s back yard On Friday at 10 am which would force voters or their proxies to travel there for the election from all over the state
    By the way I’m a lifelong republican who is not only sickened by this behavior, but embarrassed for my party. There were less than 130 votes cast for the current board and had the votes that were invalidated by bogdanof and Osborne been counted with the votes allowed the concerned members of faccm would have won the election with over180 votes but then that’s how it’s done in banana republics isn’t it?

  18. Becky Says:

    Well, people can say what they wish however; I was at that meeting. I am a member “in good standing” as they said. I believe the people that travelled there from Miami-Dade were simply looking to bring positive change to this organization. There are MANY MANY issues that Bogdanoff and Osbourne are not devulging.
    A few things to keep in mind….
    1. 18 seats and only 1 is occupied my a Miami-Dade rep.
    2. Why is it that Miami-Dade members were escorted out and NO ONE else? The other party had MANY people disrupting, didrespecting and out bursting as well and NOT ONE was asked out!

    Don’t believe everything they are telling you. There is much more to what occurred
    I only hope everything gets sorted out to the benefit of the children and families we serve!

  19. A Faccm Member Says:

    There are so many unanswered questions. Why did FACCM’s President (Osborne) and ED (Bogdanoff) have members escorted out of a MEMBER meeting? It was a MEMBER meeting! Why would FACCM staff remove the parliamentarians – the professionals that ensure that Rules are followed? Maybe it’s because Osborne and Bogdanoff weren’t getting their way?

    Osborne was up for re-election. He must have really wanted to stay in control to be willing to arbitrarily decide to throw out the votes that would have ousted him – he broke the rules even AFTER the parliamentarians told him that he didn’t have the authority to throw out the votes (or people). And, for he and Bogdanoff AS ATTORNEYS to show such disrespect to the membership and parliamentarian experts? What else are they capable of?

    What I’d like to know is what the rest of the Board was doing all this time – were they too scared to speak up for the membership while Osborne told people to shut up and Bogdanoff had them walked out for asking APPROPRIATE questions? Are they too scared to protect the members that they serve or are they too blind to respect the members that they serve?

    Mr. de la Sierra, please accept my condolences for the loss of your mother on the evening of July 8th, the same day as FACCM’s arbitrary deadline for submitting proxies. According to what I heard and read, the deadline was something that the President and ED created without authority. But more importantly the fact that the President and ED are so INHUMANE that they would deny votes entrusted to you because you were by your mothers side on the evening of her death as opposed to a FAX machine?
    Denying your votes – and those that entrusted them to you because they had to work – was not only against the rules, it’s against the law and it shows a complete lack of compassion, ethics and morality by FACCM’s Board and Executive Director, Bogdanoff.

    I actually get to pay membership dues for that…and I’m afraid to use my own name because who knows what FACCM will do to me or my school if I dare to challenge the organization I pay to be a part of? Will you take my accreditation away from me? Forget to do my verification?

    Mr. “President” if all is OK with FACCM and the APPLE manual is dandy, then stop the lawsuit to deny access to records, put ALL records on FACCM’s website and while you’re at it, include a copy of the new APPLE manual. If all is well, prove it to the membership. After all, we’re the one’s paying the dues – you’re a “volunteer” – why not fully disclose what you’re doing for the membership unless there is something to hide?

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