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Allen West breaks silence on Trayvon Martin, blasts ‘usual suspect race baiters’ and ‘white liberals’

by George Bennett | July 16th, 2013


Former Republican Rep. Allen West, who in 2012 said George Zimmerman had “no authorization” to shoot Trayvon Martin and called the slaying “an outrage” meriting a federal Department of Justice probe, has weighed in on the case for the first time since Saturday’s acquittal of Zimmerman by a jury in Sanford.

In a Facebook post today, West didn’t comment on the verdict or the shooting itself, but blasted “usual suspect race baiters” and “white liberals” who he says are using the case for political gain.

West, who was one of two black Republicans in the 112th Congress and whose Facebook page has more than 339,000 “likes,” got 21,000 likes, 8,000 shares and 2,000 comments in the first two hours after posting on the subject.

Here’s what West had to say: “Yes, Trayvon Martin shooting was a tragedy which the usual suspect race baiters and progressive media are using for political gain. Where is the outrage for the recent killings in Chicago of a 6-month-old black baby, 16-year-old black honor student, or 17-year-old black teenager who refused to join a gang? The focus is on the symptoms which promote political gain, not the disease which now afflicts the black community. And I am tired of white liberals invoking the heinous memory of lynchings.”

146 Responses to “Allen West breaks silence on Trayvon Martin, blasts ‘usual suspect race baiters’ and ‘white liberals’”

  1. Absolutely Says:

    100 percent correct!!

  2. LionDoll Says:

    Now now, Allen boy, back under your rock !!!

  3. Tally Folly Says:

    Allen West in his usual hypocritical self never misses an opportunity to turn the spotlight back toward himself by attacking victims for crying foul.

  4. Enough already Says:

    Allen West speaks only the truth and has no concern for political correctness. He is a true American patriot and hero.

  5. GOP Says:

    Allen West should primary Marco Rubio. We are fed up with the sellouts.

  6. Pot, meet Kettle Says:

    Having “gone rogue” himself on an Iraqi cop who was later released due to no evidence, West sure knows a lot about “no authorization”. Maybe someday West can tell us all about that other 12 year old Iraqi kid, killed then buried in West’s forward operating base.

  7. Joel Says:

    This from a racist…

  8. Phil Says:

    Allen West is a true American who followed a path that brought him to success. He should be a role model for all the Trayvon Martin’s in the world.

  9. voter Says:

    The difference is, all those other children were killed for reasons other than being black. Guilty or not guilty, Zimmerman’s initial concern with martin was simply due to his race. No other reason. He would have paid no attention if Martin was white.

  10. Other reasons are OK Says:

    What “other” reasons are there for killing someone voter?

    You seem to be saying that the “other” reasons are OK.

    What an A-HOLE you are.

  11. Repubtallygirl Says:


  12. Proffesional Ethnics Says:

    The Professional Ethnics ,counter-producrive instigators, are the problem, it’s like gravity, violence, negatativity only compond the Problem.

  13. Florida Mom Says:

    Allen West, the ingrate who despises those of us with coexist bumper stickers on our automobiles. He is the epitome of all that is wrong with this new Republican Party, and Florida in particular, today. Stevie Wonder announced that he will boycott Florida until the SYG law is repealed – I would encourage a boycott of Florida until snake oil salesmen such as West and those who support his bile are forced back under the rocks from which they slithered. We should be encouraging unity and inclusiveness, not reckless and racist hatred.

  14. Just Sayin Says:

    Sgt. West is the Al Sharpton of the neo right.
    Always looking for his next 15 mins of what he considers fame.

  15. Tea Lady Says:

    Well said, Mr. West! You seem to be coming to your senses (after that fiasco of voting for Mr. Boehner’s budget-busting “compromise” budget).

    Keep talking, Mr. West! Many, many Americans need to hear your clear-headed analysis of what ails These United States! (Even if they don’t like to hear it.)

    Join The Tea Party! We don’t hide behind nonsense theories and so-called “liberal” ideology!

  16. bito63 Says:

    “And I am tired of white liberals invoking the heinous memory of lynchings.” It seems to me that the blacks are the ones INVOKING the lynching of Zimmerman. TM was nothing but a THUG that got what he deserved!

  17. bito63 Says:

    @Teabaglady,We Don`t hide behind nononsense theories?????????? You truly have lost your marbles, People like YOU have no sence what so ever, Go back to the looney bin that you came out of, Therapy hasn`t helped you one bit!!!!!!

  18. Absolutely Says:

    @Joel, so African-Americans can be racist. Interesting. But only the ones who identify as Republicans, right?

  19. Educator Says:

    Join the Republican Tea Party, the fiesta of hate and bigotry and ideals that should have died with Robert E Lee! The party of what the world calls “ugly Americans”.

  20. norman Says:


  21. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @Absolutely, no try bailing out on black communities in the 22th Cong. District. ANY QUESTIONS?

  22. jebamoni4 Says:

    I thought War criminal West was finished for ever and he is still running his dirty mouth again!!

  23. What's really wrong here Says:

    African Americans should be more incensed at the blatant display of overcharging by the state. This is the same practice that incarcerates poor black young men when they plea out in light of the ridiculous over charging of which they are subject. All this because they can’t afford dream-team attorneys. Why is everyone missing that?

  24. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @Florida Mom, Many South Florida White & African Americans Business owners are calling for a BOYCOTT of Seminole County Florida. I as a business owner will be going to Lake Mary to fire several employees there, and move employees up for South Florida.

    15000+ lawyers are going back Willy Gary.

    @ Allen West, please how many US Soldiers did you get killed with your BS. ENOUGH SAID CRIMINAL! AGENCY WANNBEE, we got rid of u sucker!


  25. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @What’s really wrong here,

    No a juror attempting to sell a book, had SELF-INTEREST to a this verdict.
    THEREFORE as in Dennis Demartin Case, if juror misconduct exists a New Trial request should go to the Central Florida Appeal Court District.

    This juror trying to sell a book stated she based a opinion on Trayvon Martin that he had more accountability. A 17 year old kid can’t legally make decisions per Florida law. How can Trayvon Martin be more accountable legally than a 28 year old?


  26. What's really wrong here Says:

    I’m with you T, pretty slimy that she would cash-in on her role as juror so quickly.

    I have a feeling she would be getting a deal regardless of which way the verdict went.

    Not sure your logic holds up in that second paragraph — connecting a minor’s decision making capacity with a book deal????

  27. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @West, Bennett here Im sure will tell you.

    Per Roy Black’s Legal Pleadings:
    “The Palm Beach Post had a want to sell newspapers.”



  28. What's really wrong here Says:

    Also, did anyone catch that part of Serrino’s testimony about how suspects are (routinely) interrogated relentlessly on the same subject until their semantics differs? He notes it’s a standard procedure.


    Maybe standard procedure in a Turkish prison — not in the U.S.!

  29. Florida Mom Says:

    @ T Syndicate: I am unsure about your reasoning behind firing current employees in Lk Mary since they have little input on laws and legislation lobbied for by the business community of Seminole County, and the state as a whole. Boycotts are effective tools if used wisely, but firing people who work in a community simply doesn’t make much sense. It makes me think of the hateful employers who threaten to fire their workers if they vote for candidate X instead of candidate Y, so please reconsider.

  30. voter Says:

    @otherreasonsareOK…..there are two parts to reading. reading and comprehending. You failed miserably on the second part.

  31. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @What’s really wrong here,

    Glad you agree.

    What’s really wrong here “she would be getting a deal regardless of which way the verdict went.”

    Doubt that,

    and if that was intent all along, PER YOU, that no matter a book was the seekers/jurors end result, there Self-Interest Biased them from there first duty, JURY, NOT book deal. Same EXACT thing Dennis Demartin did.

    Dennis Demartin always planned to sell a book and it biased him, and won John Goodman a new trial.

    @What’s really wrong here,
    You could not be more right to agree, we’ve seen ENOUGH JUROR misconduct of late.

  32. Who Says:

    Free At Last. Thank God George Is Free At Last!!

  33. realistic Says:

    Mr. West , is merely pandering to his favorite minority of brainless dolts . The fact is that the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world are the real leeches in this whole tragic event. They created the racist firestorm before the true facts were heard. To blame white liberals is a bit pathetic and baseless , regardless if you lean right or not. Who is really standing up and leading ALL as opposed to some through this ? Not Mr. West……he has decided to politicize this event again, this time for his own gain….. While we hear many will call each other ” right wing nut jobs” or “bleeding heart liberals” and blame each other for their supposed role in this and any other race issue. The truth is the fault lies on every single American. Regardless of race ,color,religion….or political party. Mr West you are just another scum bag disguised as a” patriot” to take advantage of a long corrupt political system. Spare us all your sanctimonious rhetoric!

  34. What's really wrong here Says:

    Sorry T, I don’t agree with all your conspiracy theory nuttiness…just the fact it was pretty slimy for her to capitalize on doing her civic duty.

  35. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @ Florida Mom, I have evidence these employees are apart of a Winter Springs biker gang of white supremacy groups, that among other things, was involved a in a shootout in a family neighborhood.

    Seminole County has had a problem with these white supremacy groups, that Seminole County are either to incompetent to do their job or Seminole County Law Enforcement is directly involved in these white supremacy groups that Seminole County government has allowed to grow for many years.

    Seminole County Residents are bad for business from Orange County Residents. Orange County more valuable because of additional tourist dollars.

  36. Toni Says:

    West needs to crawl back into the hole he first crawled out of.

  37. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @What’s really wrong here,

    Well lets face it, YOU didn’t agree with one bit, FORTHTOWIT you decided to lie and I took you up on your lie.

    Let’s call it what it is. Your a liar.

  38. Ric T. Says:

    I served w/ many guys who were not “White” they had my back and I had theirs!1 ENOUGH SAID???!

  39. What's really wrong here Says:

    Well, I’ve been called worse things.

    I still believe that juror is a rogue, whether you think I think so or not.

  40. Florida Mom Says:

    @T Syndicate, well, in that case please fire away. Winter Springs used to be a decent little community. It is a shame to hear that it has morphed into a haven for racists and other ignorant miscreants.

  41. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @Ric 1,

    The Treasure Coast just buried a TRUE AMERICAN HERO, JUSTIN JOHNSON. That will go down in Florida History Books. I as a white guy am proud JUSTIN JOHNSON was brave enough to defend us.

  42. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @ Yeah Florida Mom, Seminole County been aware of these groups for years. That incident happen on a sunday in oct or nov 2012, while a church just released. Kids could of been killed.

    My business trade group has experienced other problems with government north of SR 434, so much, this was it.

    I foresee millions and millions of dollars leaving Seminole County.

  43. Doctor Wu Says:

    what i see here is a flip flop, orignally expressing “outrage” and demanding that the local sheriff be fired to attacking those that originally held and kept that opinion throughout. the evidence exonerated both Zimmerman and the Sanford police department, so he was completely out of line with his original statements on the matter and obviously made them for political purposes. not fit to hold public office again.

  44. npgator Says:

    West is spot on as usual!

  45. no deposit poker bonus for us players Says:

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  46. Florida Mom Says:

    I’ll just leave this Bertrand Russell quote here: “Few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation, or creed.” Something to ponder in the days ahead, and it would be wonderful if West, and other past and present leaders, would consider the truth that lies in Russell’s words.

  47. T Syndicate Operatives Says:

    @What’s really wrong here,

    Explain, I as a juror, wouldn’t be concerned about a book deal.

    Some cases like John Goodman case, no, book deal even being Demartin convicted Goodman, DeMartin did not do it pursuant to a jurors duty.

    I never said I didn’t like opinions.

    Juror as Demartin that have a prime reason to sell a book first and foremost, like what appears to of happened with Juror37, that isn’t putting duty first.

    Year ago guy murdered wife and un-born child, girl juror who convicted guy tried to sell book.
    Majority dislike that girl juror and that jurors family values got put on public trial.

    Guess what case I speak to?

  48. www Says:

    I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you,
    you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about. I’m very
    happy I came across this during my search for something regarding this.

  49. FDR II Says:

    Our votes in 2012 casting West out of Congress was a signal for him to sit down and shut up. Apparently he hasn’t done it.

  50. chris Says:

    Liberal news media is the biggest issue here. They are the ones who have made this a race issue. If you want the truth go to Fox news.

  51. just to let you know Says:

    If Zimmerman was Black, and Martin was White, Zimmerman would be in prison by now. It was all about Race & Conceal Gun issue.

    The Jurors were Racists. Plain & Simple.

    Every time you kid leaves the house, White, Black or Brown, it might be the last time you see them alive. Florida is filled with Zimmerman types. Looking to kill someone for the fun of it.

  52. Bob W. Says:

    All you commentators are a bunch of morons; and half of you are semi-literate to boot. Anyone with half a brain should see that the primary goal of the media, and the politicians, is to turn us against each other by stirring up racial and cultural animosities. Judging by the comments that I’m reading, it seems as if the forces of division are doing a fine job of achieving their goal. Have you simplewits forgotten that we’re all supposed to be AMERICANS first and foremost?

  53. Saratoga Bay Says:

    The HOA community of Saratoga Bay in West Palm Beach has several residents walking around with guns. Paul Azzurro & Greg Yanez to name a few. Looking to kill someone they don’t like.

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  56. voter Says:

    @chris… guys crack me up with your “liberal media” nonsense….all media is owned by 6 or 7 giant corporations that have one goal….make money from you. the reason there seems to be more liberal than conservative media is because that is where the money is……get it? none of them gives two sh*ts about you or me.

  57. chris Says:

    If you want the protests to stop, cut off the welfare checks. That will give them something else to riot over. At that point they will forget about Zimmmerman.

  58. chris Says:

    @voter that sounds reasonable.

  59. gethefax Says:

    The diseases that provoke violent reactions are born out of frustration, fear and anger. When those ingredients become less in our souls and spirits…only then will there be less violence and peaceful solutions.

  60. theonewhoknows Says:

    I love this man! Now, all of you degenerate liberals repent of your sins and bow down to the wiseman as he speaks the TRUTH.

  61. Says:

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  62. One of the 47% Says:

    What’s your take on the OJ trial WEST?

  63. Tea Lady Says:

    @Chris: well said! Much of this “protest” is from Mr. Obama’s 47% Welfare Club. These people, rather than working or seeking gainful employment, would rather protest, in attempt to get more “free benefits” from the taxpayers!

    But no one is fooled in Florida. The Great State of Florida is a Tea Party State! We Tea Partiers will block any attempts to be held hostage to the demands of the 47% of lay-abouts and “protesters”.

    Enough with the handouts! Stop giving away money: free cheese, Medicare, free cars, $ocial $ecurity, free Obamaphones, free library cards (which go unused anyway), Medicaid, subsidized transportation, etc..

    Join The Tea Party! We support the right of every American to seek gainful employment and to support his/her family (without government hand-outs!).

  64. patriciainlakeworth Says:

    Hey Allen West……………………How bout those 2 black males that shot thr 18monthold baby in the face and killed him????????Any comment allen west? Bet Not

  65. Mattrue Says:

    Allen West, Fox news, Known as Faux news, what a joke. Trader, that turned his back on the military veterans and his excuse was that the spending is out of control, but he voted for tax breaks on the upper richest 10%. Now he jumps on the racist band wagon on the stand your ground law and again has made an ass out of himself. Mark Zimmerman did not defend his case on stand your ground law, but will defend his civil lawsuit, with the stand your ground laws. This stops the morons of society, like Allen West, from invoking their moronic views upon society. It will also allow all the public information about Trayvon Martin’s past to be ridiculed by the public. You can google his past, drugs,robbery, violence, and disrespect of social programs. Otherwise, a juvenile criminal in the making. Did you know, that George Zimmerman’s neighborhood had been robbed several times, by someone wearing the same clothing as Trayvon Martin. You will learn about this in the civil trial, but Trayvon Martin’s parents are only out for vengeance and money. This they will not attain by the death of their son. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord God, Amen. They shall do in Edom according to mine anger and according to my fury; and they shall know my vengeance, saith the Lord God.

  66. its true Says:

    mr. west I didn’t realize that George Zimmerman was white completely white and his mother is of hispanic background and you want to talk about racist your the biggest.

  67. BERNIE Says:

    Alan West is a Florida treasure. The white liberals he attacks and who attack him..are the real racists.

  68. LicenseToSteal Says:

    Alan West tells it like it is….something liberals hate!

  69. CanadianBacon Says:

    The racist and haters are liberals hiding behind lies.

  70. Smoke and Mirrors Says:

    As long as the thugs riot driving TV ratings and newspaper sales up, the race baiting and media circus will continue.

    This is all about advancing political goals. It has nothing to do with reality.

  71. Tax Religions NOW Says:

    @getthefaux… that frustration you whine about comes from ghetto overpopulation and underparenting which is the fault of YOU and your biblethumpers (like teabaggerlady) lifelong opposition to sex ed, birth control, Planned Parenthood, etc based on an absolutist fantasy obsolete religion which ALL taxpayers are forced to subsidize. Tax and debunk anti-science, sexist, misogynist, unAmerican religions now.

  72. leadnetpro Says:

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  73. Hitlery is TRASH! Says:

    The liberals are destroying the nation–Absolutely destroying it
    from financially to morally this country is finished..

  74. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Nobody cares what this guy thinks.

  75. BERNIE Says:

    The liberal media has destroyed our country,.making a simple self defense case into a racial circus.

  76. Ted the Nimble Says:


  77. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Allen West is an American hero! He’ll be back, and I’m voting for him!!

  78. Dave K Says:

    Its not the lynch mob Allen, its the law, you can shoot anyone anytime you feel threatened in Fl.

  79. kelly Says:

    Allen West has a career on facebook. Can’t stop laughing…

  80. Fed-up Says:

    Allen West….Al Sharpton….Jesse Jackass….the Three Stooges….

  81. carrie Says:

    Ghee Allen – it isn’t the liberals walking around waving the Ole Stars $ Bars of the confederacy?

    Here a thought Racist Allen: Let’s see who really is the racist by burning the Confederate southern cross and watch all those (LOL@U) Liberals have melt down..

  82. gin Says:

    i would like to say my thinking on what took the jury so long lisen those creppy people were changing the law to set this creep assssss off ,the judge was smiling when she came back to the bench for the reading of the verdit.what a bunch of sneaky & creppy these all white ugly things want to go on vt and pretend that they are crying because some on was killed .what the hell they new that the case was about. with that i rest my case.peace out

  83. What is Right???? Says:

    Allen West is a Uncle Tom. Anyone who believes that race didn’t play a part in this case is Crazy. Remember George,in the audio, said “these Coons”.The last time I checked coons was a racial slur. The judge did not allow the lawyers to use any racial profiling and required them to say “these punks” when he really said “these coons”. So Mr. Allen West it is about race and stop being a typical republican blaming everything on others.

  84. Robert Says:

    Why are you giveing this blowhard a forum????

  85. Phil Says:

    Instead of young blacks looking up to the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and MLK Jr. as real black men, they should look up to a hero like Allen West who has proven that anyone can be whatever he wants to be.

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