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Q poll: Rubio popular in Florida, but he or Jeb Bush would lose to Hillary Clinton

by George Bennett | June 19th, 2013

Florida voters give Republican Sen. Marco Rubio a 51 percent job approval rating while disagreeing with his vote against gun background checks and having an overall negative view of Rubio’s handling of immigration issues, a new Quinnipiac University poll says.

Hillary Clinton would top Rubio in Florida by a 53-to-41 percent margin if the two were running for president, the poll says. That’s virtually unchanged from a March Quinnipiac poll. Clinton would defeat former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush by a 50-to-43 percent margin, compared to a 51-to-40 percent advantage she enjoyed in March.

Clinton would be a much stronger 2016 presidential candidate in Florida than Vice President Joe Biden, the poll says. Bush would defeat Biden in the Sunshine State by a 47-to-43 percent margin and Rubio would have a 45-to-43 edge — essentially dead heats considering the poll’s 2.9 percent margin of error.

The survey of 1,176 registered voters was conducted June 11-16.

While 51 percent of Florida voters approve of the job Rubio is doing, 35 percent disapprove. Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has 51 percent approval and 29 percent disapproval scores.

President Barack Obama gets 47 percent approval and 48 percent disapproval from Florida voters in the new poll, substantially worse than in December, when 54 percent approved and 42 percent disapproved.

Despite the recent controversies involving the IRS and Justice Department, Florida voters’ view of whether Obama is “honest and trustworthy” is virtually unchanged from November, shortly after he carried the state on his way to re-election. In the new poll, 50 percent of Floridians say the president is honest and trustworthy, while 45 percent disagree. In a November survey, 52 percent of Florida voters found Obama honest and trustworthy while 43 percent did not.

13 Responses to “Q poll: Rubio popular in Florida, but he or Jeb Bush would lose to Hillary Clinton”

  1. Mark Says:

    It won’t take much to beat Rick Scott

  2. Hillary - Really? Says:

    Hillary “Benghazi-Gate” Clinton is the patron goddess of all the mindless liberal politically correct Stepford Wives who watch the “O” network daily. You see them in every shopping mall.

  3. GOP=Short Memories Says:

    It’s amazing! 61 Americans were killed in U.S. Embassies around the world during the Bu$h years but this is never mentioned. One incident under Obama and this becomes an impeachable offense. Welcome to the “new” racism GOP style. We don’t use the N word, we just hold Obama to a higher standard than W. Such hypocrites!

  4. Carol G Says:

    Rubio “I rowed to Florida in an inner-tube” and Jeb “How much more can I screw up education” aren’t in the same league. Hillary will have them for lunch.

  5. Charlie Says:

    I know how Rubio and Bush can defeat Hillary:
    1) Don’t let them say nothing stupid from today to elections. IMPOSSIBLE!
    2) Erase all the screw ups these two have made, since they are in the public’s eye. IMPOSSIBLE!
    3) Have the people first before their pockets. IMPOSSIBLE!

  6. V Says:

    That’s why they call it Flori-duh. To even consider Rubio an Bu$h as friends of ordinary citizens for any elected office is ludicris

  7. Soylent Green Says:

    Joyce The Pastrami Slinger Kaufman hates Rubio ! Oye Vey !

  8. Hitlery is TRASH! Says:

    Anyone that would consider voting for a lying war mongering witch like Hitlery shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

    She is a traitor to the world!

  9. gethefax Says:

    Just wondering if the New Black Panthers or Zimmerman will support him??? You know where I’m coming from. It will depend on what side of the isle he appeals too…its that simple people.

  10. Where does it end Says:

    Now that we all know how 2016 elections will come out, let’s just give what’s left of America to the progressives and cancel those pesky elections.

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