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Where did the love go? National Review blasts ‘Rubio’s folly’ on immigration

by George Bennett | May 2nd, 2013

Back when Marco Rubio was a long shot anti-establishment Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2009, the William F. Buckley-founded National Review certified him as a national conservative star by featuring him on its cover.

It helped boost Rubio’s fundraising and popularity with GOP primary voters.

He eventually overtook heavily favored Gov. Charlie Crist in Republican primary polls, sending Crist to a failed no-party Senate bid and, eventually, the Democratic Party.

The National Review isn’t showing Rubio any love with it’s latest cover, calling his push for bipartisan immigration reform “Rubio’s Folly” and depicting him yukking it up with two figures who are reviled by many on the right — Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York and Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona

5 Responses to “Where did the love go? National Review blasts ‘Rubio’s folly’ on immigration”

  1. LOL Says:

    I wonder if they’ll collect this new cover too.

  2. OBIWAN Says:

    Several attempts to furnish comments Senator Marco Rubio solicited by direct email to his special account have been unsuccessful… awaiting moderation for over a week?

    Of the near 500 it appears he is running behind by a factor of 7 or 8 to 1; with ‘supportive’ of his BILL generally falling into the generic glad to see you doing this.

    Those obviously reviewing the 844 pages of gibberish come to the same conclusion: You don’t impeach them for violating their oath of office to enforce MANDATORY Immigration and Employment laws. Now you replace all that with Discretionary and believe they will change their decisions?

    The Real Fence was MANDATORY… the BILL gives Big Sis 6 months to advise her Discretionary plan?

    E-Verify is done automajically from the I-9 / W-4 applicant census – why would any intelligent person allow four more years rather than simply MANDATORY for all employments?

    There is no language that will require Illegal Aliens to pay all back taxes – just Section 6302 for legally reported income the IRS assesses tax on. No Illegal Alien will pay a dime in FIT. No language to collect the real back taxes of FICA – $50,000 for an Illegal here for 10 years!

    And so it goes on every aspect. The current laws are superior in all respects, except for the ‘amnesty’ and more guest workers from all over!

    Marco got hosed! He needs to belly up and admit the BILL sucks! It is only better than BARAMAcare in that it actually says up front it is all Discretionary!

  3. kelly Says:

    obiwan, your use of the derogative “Big Sis” reveals that you are a devotee of the cockroach endemic to Miami known as Matt Drudge. No wonder your rants are so over the top. You learned from the master of hyperbole and distortion himself!

  4. Kevin Says:

    It will be interesting to see if Mr. Rubio sticks to his convictions on this issue or bends to right wing political pressure. Conservatives attach great importance to ones tenacity in perusing unpopular legislation. That is unless it happens to be unpopular with them such as in this case. They were giddy believing they had found someone with real conservative credibility that still has the capacity to connect with minorities. A well know requirement if they hope to recapture the presidency some day. Now it would appear that many of the right wing talkers and bloggers are unwilling to accept the qualities in this man that create his minority appeal and write him off as just another RHINO. This will quite likely sabotage their best chance at regaining the white house in the foreseeable future.

  5. Searcher1 Says:

    I wonder if the POST will let me post. The Post has my name and email address in the right places, but that doesn’t mean anything. I was wondering why it took so long it took the CONSERVATIVES to lose their SENSES? But the are right back where they started!

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