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Scott urged to veto $1 million for PBC Sheriff Bradshaw violence prevention unit

by Dara Kam | May 9th, 2013

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw’s proposed “violence prevention” unit, to prevent events like the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, got a thumbs-up from lawmakers but it’s giving others the creeps.

More than 200 people have e-mailed Gov. Rick Scott asking him to use his line-item veto on $1 million in start-up money for Bradshaw that the Legislature included in the state’s $74 billion budget.

“The Nazis would be proud of this program and it really scares me. There are to many problems that could arise. Bigger government and more programs is not going to result in less crime,” Delray Beach resident Jim Tingler wrote to Scott on May 3. “I, for one, am not willing to sacrifice my liberty for the promise of security.”

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11 Responses to “Scott urged to veto $1 million for PBC Sheriff Bradshaw violence prevention unit”

  1. Veto Says:

    Bradshaw’s deputies are gunning down people left and right. Can you imagine what would happen if he’s allowed to do this?

  2. Jt Says:

    It’s funny because Hitler did the same exact thing Bradshaw wants to do–Yes folks, that is where this country is heading..

    NDAA–NEARLY identical to the same law Hitler passed immediately after the Reichstag fire–

    The USA has turned so far from it’s once proud heritage into something far removed from what the founding fathers ever envisioned–SAD!

  3. Gestapo like stuff Says:

    The highly regarded PEW Foundation just released their academic study which says gun violence has plummeted by about 50 percent over the past 20 years as gun ownership has soared.

    Conclusion? Wider gun ownership reduces gun violence,

    Except, that unless you are a PBSO alleged ninny with a weapon.

    Who the heck shoots their unarmed mentally challenged neighbor?

    Did not they recently kill an unarmed autistic oh in front of his mother?

    What kind of culture exists at PBSO that makes this OK?

    This is not professional public service . Needs reform.

  4. gethefax Says:

    Buy a weapon to protect yourself. Thats exactly why a Deputy is armed with a weapon. To protect them self, or another unarmed civilian. The issue here is not about protecting them self, but rather to protect school children from an armed intruder. My thought is where does the Palm Beach County School District stand on this issue? What Security measures are being implemented? There was an Elementary School Child that brought a weapon to school in Fort Pierce the other day…isnt that enough for the School Districts to implement a plan to stop this from ever happening again. And the student that shot and killed Mr Bruno (Lake Worth Middle)…will the MILLION DOLLAR request to the crime Prevention Unit stop this from ever happening again??? If so I’m all for it…if not then VETO it Ricky Scott!!!

  5. OBIWAN Says:

    OK, so we all have to do our job!

    I interviewed six of our 12 neighbors on our street deadending into Johnathan Dickinson.

    Sherrif No-Budget Woes convinced us it was a perfect hideout for mental whackjobs. So far, no one has admitted to even having a 700 sq ft basement? But, that mixed blonde/Jamaican couple bother me with keeping to themselves…

    The original two houses on the end that are on one large tract could have built their captive unit before other houses were even conceived. None home to discuss this whole week. Perhaps my starlight scope will find new evidence this weekend.

    Oh, wait, I forgot. Living in Martin County we don’t have to put up with this Rabid Progressive Liberal Loon Marxist GOVT takeover?

  6. kelly Says:

    obiwan, please stay in martin county. we have enough crazy in pbc.

  7. john c Says:

    The idea is good. It is the execution that worries me. I will not give up my freedoms because some nut case does somethying terrable. We have laws and process in place that are not being used. I trust Bradshaw to do the right thing. How can I trust whomever comes after him.

  8. Darin Michaels Says:

    One look at either or will show what kind of guy this Sheriff really is. Those web sites are owned by the same guy to expose the corruption under Bradshaw and after he started it, Sheriff Bradshaw dedicated a team of investigators to find “Anything they can” on him to arrest him and seize his web servers. They have investigating every aspect of his life for over two years and have even contacted and threatened members of his family. What will a guy like Bradshaw do if he gets the green light on this? It is positively scary to think of the results.

  9. Jim Tingler Says:

    Please sign the petition, and pass it on…

  10. Jim Tingler Says:

    please sign the petition and pass it on…

  11. Jim Tingler Says: here it the link

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