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Rubio, in St. Lucie County, says immigration bill does not offer amnesty to illegals

by George Bennett | May 1st, 2013

Ed Bender of Pompano Beach protests Sen. Marco Rubio's stance on immigration outside the St. Lucie County GOP's Lincoln Day dinner tonight.

PORT ST. LUCIE — At least 25 foes of immigration reform were protesting in the rain before Republican Sen. Marco Rubio arrived here to speak at tonight’s St. Lucie County GOP Lincoln Day dinner.

Members of the group Floridians for Immigration Enforcement say Rubio is breaking a 2010 campaign promise to oppose amnesty because Rubio has become a key supporter of legislation that includes a pathway to citizenship for people who are now in the country illegally.

“I expended shoe leather and time and energy helping Marco Rubio become the senator in Florida and now he’s gone back on his campaign promises on amnesty,” said Ed Bender of Pompano Beach. “You want to call it a path to citizenship…the net result is people get to call themselves citizens on some level and the reality of it is billions and billions of additional dollars that this country does not have to support new citizens.”

Rubio, in a brief interview with the Politics column before his speech, said the bill he and other members of the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” have drafted does not grant amnesty to the estimated 11 million people in the country illegally.

“I think their definition of amnesty is anything that doesn’t deport 11 million people. And I say ‘theirs’ – that specific group, I’m not saying everybody has that same definition,” Rubio said of the demonstrators.

“When you’re asking someone to pay a $2,000 fine, an application fee, undergo a background check and a national security background check and all the other elements that are involved in this and wait 10 years before they can even apply for a Green Card and not qualify for any federal benefits – when you’re asking someone to go through all of that, that’s not amnesty. That’s a significant undertaking,” Rubio said.

Rubio has repeatedly called the Senate legislation a “starting point” and says he’s open to amendments and changes to the bill.

“I never pretended that eight senators could come up with a piece of legislation that we could offer to everyone as a take-it-or-leave-it proposition,” Rubio said.

To win support in the Republican-controlled House, Rubio said, “I think where we still need to do a little bit of work is on firming up the border security things to ensure that the border security happens.”

7 Responses to “Rubio, in St. Lucie County, says immigration bill does not offer amnesty to illegals”

  1. Carl Wood Says:

    Rubio defines “amnesty” as not a free path to citizenship. He’s not that smart! Perhaps he should read the previous “amnesty” bills passed in years past.

    His limited youthful knowledge has branded him as so he will not be elected to any position in future as a leader.

  2. OBIWAN Says:

    Whilst generally conservative Senator Marco Rubio basked in the limelight of talking bobble heads outlining the ‘deal’ he made…
    … the other 3 RINOS and 4 Dems put out an 844 page bill that former FL House Speaker Marco would’ve fired the Committee Chair and ordered the new bill to be the actual 100 pages of MANDATORY!

    Nothing Marco lists are in the actual bill!

    You think the current MANDATORY Real Fence they stopped building will get built giving Big Sis 6 months to advise of her Discretionary Plans?

    Those ‘all back taxes will be paid’? The Bill relies only on IRC Section 6302 that is the IRS assessing unpaid FIT on legitimate income already disclosed? There is nothing on the $50,000 owed in FICA for the 10 year , $20,000 ‘cash money’ income the Illegals mostly would be?

    Deport those not applying legally? No, the actual BILL gives Big Sis the Discretionary power to expand the offering time and a half again – and to waive any fines, fees or deportation SHE chooses?

    SO… with the power to Impeach the whole lot for violating their Oath of Office to enforce current MANDATORY Federal Immmigration, Employment, Drug, etc. laws …
    … Marco thinks they’ll do better replacing those with DISCRETIONARY recommendations of Congress?

    His own website is running 7 or 8 to 1 against the actual BILL. Those favorable are expressing their trust in him… which dies on the vine IF they spend five hours online reading the 844 pages of sheer gibberish!

    Far worse than the hidden agenda of BARAMAcare’s 2,700 pages of swill… you can actually read what they are going to do line by line in this one!

  3. really Says:

    These congressmen talk out both sides of there mouth…and they never tell you all the exemptions the illegals are getting ……….its not over 800 pages for nothing

  4. joel goodman Says:

    Rubio has either an inability to recognize truth or he just lies and smiles. The immigration bill is a complete refusal to enforce our laws and a giveaway to criminals. Yes, being here illegally is a criminal act, no different than a burglar entering your home and living there without your permission. The illegals should be treated as the lawbreakers they are. Deport every one of them and then they may wait their turn to come here LEGALLY. NO AMNESTY, NO BENEFITS AND NO “RIGHTS” FOR ILLEGALS.

  5. Ted the Nimble Says:

    If this bill gets passed…its 11 Million new democratic voters. Our tax payer money hard at work buying 11 million votes.

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