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Immigration reform supporters, foes demonstrate near Rubio’s Palm Beach Gardens office

by George Bennett | May 8th, 2013

Supporters of immigration reform display signs down the street from Sen. Marco Rubio's Palm Beach Gardens office. (Richard Graulich/The Palm Beach Post)

Opponents of the immigration reform bill were outnumbered, but got closer to Rubio's office and won style points with this skeleton prop. (Richard Graulich/The Palm Beach Post)

Supporters and opponents of the bipartisan immigration reform bill championed by Republican Sen. Marco Rubio took to the streets near Rubio’s Palm Beach Gardens office today.

At about 12:30 p.m., PostOnPolitics counted 23 supporters of the bill near the corner of PGA Boulevard and Military Trail and 13 opponents less than half a mile away in front of Rubio’s office. The outnumbered opponents scored higher in drive-by eye appeal, however, by bringing an “Amnesty Is Death To America” skeleton prop.

Tea party activists organized the protest outside Rubio’s office and delivered a Rubio aide a letter expressing concern about the legislation’s long-term costs. A study released by the conservative Heritage Foundation this week contends that, over 50 years, the bill would be a net drain of $6.3 trillion on federal coffers. Rubio has disputed the study, saying it fails to account for the dynamic economic effect the new citizens would have over the coming decades.

“Secure the borders first. If you secure the borders, then we could understand a little bit more and go forward from there,” said Mel Grossman of the Palm Beach County Tea Party. Grossman said the current bill leaves too much discretion to the Department of Homeland Security, which he said has failed to take illegal border crossings seriously.

Supporters of the bill — including the Service Employees International Union, the President Barack Obama-affiliated Organizing For Action, the Florida Immigrant Coalition and Florida New Majority — organized their counter-demonstration after hearing about the tea party plans.

“They’re trying to scare all these bipartisan Republicans who are taking a moderate approach….We are showing that there are two groups. There is a minority group who is against immigration reform, but a majority of Americans are for immigration reform,” said Florida SEIU’s Afifa Khaliq.

5 Responses to “Immigration reform supporters, foes demonstrate near Rubio’s Palm Beach Gardens office”

  1. Now That's Funny Says:

    Looks like the same bunch of “scholars” who were protesting at the GEO meeting yesterday.

  2. where do I get in line? Says:

    Of course they are, what else do they have to do. Go to college, get a degree, complain about the cost, have the government pay the bill out of taxes paid by people who couldn’t afford to send their kids to college and then tell us how much better they are then everyone else.
    Sounds like a perfect America to me )-:

  3. OBIWAN Says:

    Did any want their elected officials to actually enforce the Federal Laws they agreed to under oath taking that oath of office?

    That means real border security as in 1996 “Prevention vs. Interdiction” reform to achieve 99% ‘border control’.

    That means finishing the REAL Fence.

    That means turning on the Virtual Fence.

    That means deporting Illegal Aliens encountering LEO for any reason.

    That means meticulous I-9 payroll record audits to assure citizenship status.

    That means using National Guard as needed to obtain 99% border control.

    All these things are MANDATORY under current Federal Law.

    Surely these young scholars love their ‘nation of laws’ and want anyone failing to be Impeached for egregious conduct??

    Except of course for the Che Gueverra Marxists/Anarchists/Drugheads??

  4. Native American Says:

    Deport our Illegal-Alien-in-Chief, President B.O.

  5. jgo Says:

    The headline mischaracterizes the debate. Everyone supports reform of the immigration laws and bureaucracy. We just disagree about what constitutes reform.

    Is it opening the borders and granting amnesty and giving out even more visitor, exchange, guest-work and LPR visas with even lower standards?

    Or is it reducing illegal entry, proper background investigations of visa applicants, termination of “visa waiver programs”, reducing visa over-stays, higher standards, conscientious investigation of suspected employers of illegal aliens (and prison and significant fines to those convicted), and reducing the numbers of visas given out to levels that can be managed well enough to make sure those on temporary visas leave?

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