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Gov. Rick Scott in West Palm Beach today; part of teacher pay raise ‘victory tour’

by George Bennett | May 6th, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott made an across-the-board $2,500 pay increase for teachers one of his top two priorities for this year’s legislative session. Lawmakers added some strings, but approved $480 million for pay increases, so Scott is declaring victory.

Scott is embarking on a five-city “victory tour” to promote the raises today, Tuesday and Friday.

The governor will be in Sunrise this morning, then at Wynnebrook Elementary School in West Palm Beach at 11:45 a.m. before heading to Ponte Vedra this afternoon.

He’ll also tout the raises in Ocoee on Tuesday and Tampa on Friday.

35 Responses to “Gov. Rick Scott in West Palm Beach today; part of teacher pay raise ‘victory tour’”

  1. Rod Says:

    This is WRONG! That’s going back to the same old problem. These raises should be MERIT based. Just trying to buy votes with taxpayer money.

  2. Mike Says:

    Rick was complaining the state had no money not long ago and now teachers are getting a raise as firefighters and police are getting laid off. Public safety means nothing to Rick! How about doing something about distracting driving? How about the police write tickets for every person who doesn’t use a turn signal to generate money to bring back police and firefighters. Wake up Rick! You are not getting a vote from me next year. Say hello to unemployment checks!

  3. Mark Says:

    How much tax money is wasted by him flying here, security, etc
    He should be using that money to create jobs!

  4. WPB resident Says:

    Our public school children should not be used as political props. Shame on Gov. Scott for going to a public school to try and score political points when he has continued the destructive policies of Jeb Bush which have hurt our public schools.






  6. Mike Says:

    Firefighters, and cops make 2 to 3 times what teachers make, my brother-in-law is a cop, and with overtime, holiday pay, etc.. he makes a killing. I deal with gangs, and violence all day in the schools and get paid peanuts, and work overtime, and get paid less than my hourly rate. It is obvious he did it for re-election, but I am not a votes, due to the fact that I am a Socialist Canadian, so I’ll take it.

  7. Mike Says:

    Firefighters, and cops make 2 to 3 times what teachers make, my brother-in-law is a cop, and with overtime, holiday pay, etc.. he makes a killing. I deal with gangs, and violence all day in the schools and get paid peanuts, and work overtime, and get paid less than my hourly rate. It is obvious he did it for re-election, but I am not a voter, due to the fact that I am a Socialist Canadian, so I’ll take it.

  8. Barbara Says:

    So let me get this straight: the man who became governor after his company bilked Medicare for millions (billions?) was elected and promptly took aim at workers in the public sector. In a state already pathetically ranked for the efficacy of its education department, he sought further cuts to schools and teacher pay. And now all of a sudden, he has become a champion of teachers/schools. Does he honestly believe that the electorate views him for anything less than the vote panderer/charlatan he is in an upcoming election cycle? Amazing how ones’ political philosophies change when it’s time for re-election.

  9. Knowthis Says:

    Firefighters and police are paid locally, teachers by the state.

    False arguments abound.

  10. Fed-up Says:

    Right on Barbara….Let’s just remember what this loser has done as Governor and come election time let’s show him the door…

  11. gethefax Says:

    Why do his EYES always stand out in photos??? They look so huge and devious???

  12. Representative Insider Says:

    Governer Scott and the Republican Legislature played this perfectly.

    Make no mistake about it, they are working together.

    1. Governer Scott recommends an across the board, no strings attached $2500 raise for teachers. BUT, he knows and expects the Republican legislature to oppose it and make the raises performance-based – which was Scott’s plan all along.

    2. Scott makes it seem as if he is a friend to teachers in order to win votes by resisting the Republican push for performance-based pay.

    3. In the end, the raises will be performance-based and Scott looks like a hero to the teachers…just what he wants.

    Don’t fall for this. If you are a teacher – VOTE DEMOCRAT ALWAYS.

    This was – FACT – a ploy by Scott and the Republican legislature to make their Republican governer look like a hero to a HUGE demographic while still getting the performance-based raised put in.

    Not falling for it.

  13. registered independent Says:

    Teachers need to remember what this man has done to them in the last 3 years. The endless observations, the mountains of Marzano paperwork and the 3% FRS tax. My wife is a teacher and to see what she has had to deal with because of these politicians breaks my heart. Please get out and vote next year. God bless our Republic.

  14. WannyOB Says:

    #2 Mike is a dope. The governor cannot control police officers writing tickets for not using turn signals. And the governor does not even accept his check, so why would he apply for unemployment? I find that most of the people who oppose the governor are “low information” voters like Mike.

  15. Tired of the Games Says:

    I am a teacher…a veteran of 30 years in this county. We’ve been told through the grape vine that the raises are to be performance-based. It still won’t make up the difference Scott’s taking from us for the 3 percent reduction we got hit with. To top it off, we veteran, tenured teachers must agree to revoke our status to receive the bonus pay. This on top of the “negotiated” raises we got at the beginning of this year. Those of us who have been here the longest will have half of that raise taken away next year. Higher health costs, manipulation of pay. I’m tired of the games. The more we move forward, the farther behind we get.

  16. throbo Says:

    Take a 3% pay cut, agree to give up your tenure status (so we can replace you with cheaper/younger Teachers) and I’ll give you a cookie?

  17. 3% Says:

    Lets do some math. The 3% mandatory tax that teachers give to subsidize the budget breaks down like this. A teacher who makes 35K per year will give $4200 back to the budget over the 4 years of the tea party rule of Scott. Need we say more?

  18. minority Says:

    Glad to hear that teachers are finally getting a raise. It’s been way over due. If anyone says teachers don’t deserve a raise, think twice. Forever now, majority of business people, get annual reviews and majority of these business people get the same raises whether one was better than the other.

    CEO’s get the same unbelievable severance package whether they did an amazing job fixing up the company they worked for or literally put the company 6 feet deep.

    There are tons of cops and firefighters who make great bonuses/overtime even if they are crooked.

    Teachers get blamed for everything – parents believe teachers need to wipe their kids butt and brush their teeth for them too and at the same time make sure they know how to add/subtract. REALLY? What happened to parents being more involved in their child’s life. When I grew up, my parents sat me down after school and made sure I knew what I was doing. My parents didn’t expect the teachers to do all the teaching plus more. Teachers teach, but then after that the parents need to make sure their kids know what. Also, teachers can only do some much. They get so many stupid restrictions on how freely they can teach their children because of stupid FCAT. I grew up with so many teachers who taught very cleverly and fun that made me learn better. Here in Florida, teachers aren’t really allowed to do what they want, they have to do what the state wants them to do and only teach the kids “how to pass” the FCAT. Kids in florida aren’t learning…they are just learning how to pass an exam. Look at the stats- Florida public schools is low on the rankings…..just like a business, it starts at the top, not at the bottom.

    One last thing – Gov Rick Scott, – he blows!! I work in healthcare industry – he has no clue what he is doing. I am glad he is getting teachers a raise, but I agree with most of you, it’s more a move on getting votes. How can he talk down about teachers, merit pay, this and that…..then now all of a sudden say teachers need more respect and deserve raises and this and that. Give me a break! Also, the raises given to teacher will just end up back in his hands through taxes.

  19. cleanup Says:

    Teachers are smart, they know what to do. And they’ll help run Scott right out of office. No 2nd term for you Rick.

  20. Downtown Danny Says:


  21. Soylent Green Says:

    Get lost bald !

    Go back to south Georgia where you belong !

  22. lulu Says:

    Correction workers are left out! They take care of the undesirables, but have low pay! Spread the love!!

  23. A Lot of Talk Says:

    If Charlie Crist is the best you can do as an opponent, Gov. Scott is a shoo-in for a second term.

  24. JupiterGuy Says:

    @3%, your math is wrong. 3% of $35K is $1,050. The $4,200 would be 3% of $140,000.

  25. pj3344 Says:

    Stop complaining about the BIG 3% you have to pay into your pension and healthcare!!! Gov. workers are the biggest complainers EVER. As a private sector employee I put in 95% into my retirement and more than 60% into my healthcare and i only get 21 days sick and vacation.
    And the same folks who are crying that he spends money traveling the state, laud the clown in DC how is on a 5 year campaign stop.

  26. Dick Scott Says:

    teachers…this man and his repulicans screwed you in the past with pay cuts. 2500 will come with strings attached, get this idiot of of office in 2014. SHOW UP ON ELECTION DAY THIS TIME!

  27. Fed-up Says:

    Hey pj3344 bet you make a hell of a lot more money then County/State employees….get over yourself. I also bet that when you leave your job you get to take the money you’re putting into your retirement fund with you…not so for Government workers. This was part of the agreement when Government workers negotiated their jobs….salary vs. benefits…get your facts straight. Obviously you are a moron who actually thinks baldy is doing a good job…you’re a loser like he is.

  28. Tea Lady Says:

    Hurrah for Governor Scott! He is truly a Man of the People.

    Governor Scott knows that we must balance issues carefully. Although everyone wants a raise, we must make a priority of Tax Relief for our patriotic Job Creators!

    Always keep uppermost in your mind The Pillars of Pro$perity!
    * Free Markets
    * Fiscal Responsibility
    * Constitutionally Limited Government!

    Join The Tea Party! We have answers! =)

  29. TrafficAvenger Says:

    Gov. Rick Scott is doing what the leaders and followers of the G.O.P. do best.
    Pandering to the voters.
    This man is so full of it, his eyes are brown. Even if he could deliver on the raises for state workers and teachers he and the leaders of the G.O.P. will find a way for them to have to give them up in the long run.
    The leadership of the G.O.P. and the followers are so unsure of victory in the up coming election they know beyond a shadow of doubt they can no longer buy the election so they must at the very least try and convince the voters they know the mistakes they made and if we give them another term they will change their ways and do right by the voters.Just like the Romney ticket, all the wrong policies of the G.O.P.


    1 Year 5 Months and 29 Days
    from today.
    The 4th. of Nov. 2014.

    The Tuesday “We the People” will “VOTE OUT” each and every member of the G.O.P. we can.

    And the TeaDog Party is a bigger joke then even the G.O.P. can handle.

    See you at the polls boys and girls.

  30. Carol G Says:

    Merit pay would not work well for many, many teachers who work for children with disabilities, etc. I think the governor has to STOP charter schools and invest that money where it belongs -Public Schools!

  31. Tea Lady Says:

    Join the Tea Party now and I’ll bang all joiners for free! Maybe at the same time too, you all can fit in my giant vah-jay-jay!! Hurrah for me!!

  32. teacher Says:

    for you naysayers who think teachers do nothing, read this:

    Job Duties and Responsibilities
    These examples are illustrative and not all inclusive:
    1. Plans, prepares and presents lesson plans, assignments, instructional materials to students in an appropriate fashion.
    2. Develops, selects and modifies instructional plans and materials to meet the needs of all students.
    3. Prepares long and short range teaching plans/timeline for course of study.
    4. Selects and uses appropriate instructional strategies to include lectures, group discussions, demonstrations and audio-visual teaching aids to present subject matter to students.
    5. Makes assignments, corrects papers, and hears oral presentations.
    6. Maintains order and discipline in the classroom conducive to effective learning and supervises students in a variety of school related settings.
    7. Diagnoses students’ strengths and needs and develops plans to meet needs.
    8. Provides an atmosphere and environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, social, and the emotional development of children.
    9. Monitors appropriate use and care of equipment, materials and facilities.
    10. Maintains order and discipline in the classroom conducive to effective learning and supervises students in a variety of school-related settings.
    11. Keeps attendance and grade records as required by Board Policy/Administrative Regulation.
    12. Prepares, administers and corrects tests, and records results.
    13. Counsels pupils when academic and adjustment problems arise.
    14. Confers with parents and students regarding progress/problems of assigned students; arranges and participates in teacher -parent or teacher-student conferences as necessary.
    15. Serves on special committees.
    16. Attends and actively participates in staff/faculty meetings; and provides input regarding the planning of instructional goals, objectives and methods.
    17. Improves skill and knowledge base in current trends, research and methodology in instructional techniques, technology, multicultural content, problem solving and interdisciplinary connections.
    18. Evaluates student progress using appropriate assessment techniques.
    19. Performs other related duties as assigned.

    Job Qualifications
    1. Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
    2. Eligible for Maryland State Board of Education professional certificate appropriate to area of assignment.
    3. Knowledge of school organization, goals and objectives with special emphasis on teaching techniques.
    4. Knowledge of materials in field of specialization.
    5. Knowledge of current trends and research in field of specialization.
    6. Ability to speak and write effectively.
    7. Ability to deal effectively with students, staff and parents.
    8. Knowledge of and proficiency in technical areas of instruction.
    9. Satisfactory score on any test required.
    10. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse populations.
    11. Ability to effectively communicate with diverse communities and develop outreach strategies to encourage parental involvement in student learning.
    12. Demonstrated ability to work effectively and engage diverse parents/ guardians with varied communication styles, levels of skill and experience to support their child’s education experience.
    13. Ability to employ a variety of teaching styles to respond to the needs of diverse learners.

    PJ3344….you couldn’t do that on your best day….

  33. jac Says:

    What other government job starting with police and firefighters get merit raises only. They don’t even have to have a college education to back theirs while getting paid some hefty salaries. They should be next. Experience is not a College Education. Going to Police or firefighter school is the basic training a whole education.

  34. Barbara Says:

    Tea Lady, the only argument you make is that your “movement” is representative of a lunatic fringe. As a former Massachusetts resident, I especially cringe at your group’s named reference to the (Boston) Tea Party and this nation’s true founders and sons/daughters of liberty. You have taken a worthy notion and, with the help of “patriots” like Sarah Palin and others turned a movement into a pathetic joke and a clearinghouse for many who do not even understand the basic ways our federal government works. To wit: Congress NOT THE PRESIDENT is the branch which legislates and spends money. And yet the Tea Party blames Obama for fiscal irresponsibility. Your second, disgusting comment says all anyone would need to know about you and your ilk. Yuck!

  35. TrafficAvenger Says:

    @#31 TeaLady,

    Thanks for the best laugh in days. I do wish it was truly the TeaHag talking the talk but there is noway after reading her garbage for years to even begin to think it is it.

    Bang all joiners for free. LMAO:)

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