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Will gun control be a problem for GOP in 2014?

by George Bennett | April 22nd, 2013

After most Senate Republicans and a few red-state Democrats blocked legislation to expand background checks for gun buyers last week, GOP megadonor Al Hoffman blasted those in his own party who oppose “reasonable” gun control.


Hoffman, a former Republican National Committee finance chair and ambassador to Portugal who lives in North Palm Beach, says Democratic President Barack Obama is right on gun issues and the GOP could suffer because of it in 2014.

“I think this has given Obama a perfect position, a perfect ploy to claim the higher ground. And the higher ground is based upon appealing to the grass roots … who feel that the majority of Americans want reasonable gun control,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman’s analysis is disputed by many, including Tallahassee-based Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who maintains that even though polls show most Americans support background checks, most of those voters don’t regard gun control as one of their top issues.

Regardless, Hoffman’s opinion carries some weight within the GOP. He has personally given more than $272,000 to Republicans over the last five years and helped the GOP raise far more than that. And Hoffman says he’ll be reluctant to raise money in the future for candidates who don’t share his views on guns.

If a Republican who opposes “reasonable” gun measures comes to him for financial help, Hoffman said, “it would be a tough sell for them…I would have to really think hard about it before I would choose to support them financially.”

Read about it in this week’s Politics column.


10 Responses to “Will gun control be a problem for GOP in 2014?”

  1. Truth Says:

    Some common sense from Hoffman. The GOP is more radical everyday. Maybe Hoffman can make a change for the better.

  2. Thomas Paine Says:

    @Truth…apparently you have no problem with the radicals in the Democratic party? Read the history and the rhetoric of the most vocal supporters of gun control in the Democratic Party. You’d be surprised to learn that to their supporters (and in the past) they advocate making ALL guns illegal. Don’t be fooled by the public rhetoric they give now.

    Additionally, only 4% (according to Gallup) of the public really cares about gun control. This is a media hyped issue being forced around in the form of “feel-good” legislation.

  3. OBIWAN Says:

    AND, that same Gallup showed only 4% listed ‘immigration’ amongst the top concerns?

    Jobs, the economy, honest govt, govt reform of SS & Medicare were all in the double digits.

    But radical progressive liberal loons take their Marxist orders from the littany of ‘revolutionary’ battles since they missed the ‘civil rights’ they now fake on ‘gun control’, ‘Illegal alien amnesty for undocumented Democrats’ and the grand move from ‘tolerance’ to ‘proudly supportive’ of perverts, drugheads, baby killers and geriatric euthanasia?

  4. OBIWAN Says:

    Tom Jefferson:

    “” The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it. “”

    Adolph Hitler, 1935:

    “” This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future. “”

  5. Repubtallygirl Says:

    After listening to Feinstein on Fox News Sunday informing the citizens of Boston who were in lock down that there is no need for them to own an AR – all they need is a shotgun to protect themselves.
    The arrogance of the leftist elitists is on full display. Who are you to tell me what gun I can own to protect myself?

  6. GOP=War on Women! Says:

    As usual, the extremist gun nuts think that the 2nd amendment gives them the right to own guns that never existed when the 2nd amendment was written. You are loosing this argument and if sanity ever returns to this country, there will be, at the very least, background checks on EVERY gun purchased at any event in the USA. The gun insanity nuts in the USA have made America the laughing stock of the world. If you want to be worried about something real, worry about your 4th amendment rights being violated every time you go to an airport to fly somewhere. You either get an extra dose of radiation or sexually molested in the pat down. This is a real violation of your rights!

  7. Ineffective Says:

    Gun control will not be an issue in 2014 or 2016 elections. If it is, it will be an issue for personal protection, not for further restrictions by government.

    Too many gun laws, already on the books, are not being enforced. Too many laws are not effective in stopping violence.

    Remember the 2011 Norway massacre?

    Norway has incredibly stringent gun laws. The country regulates and even MONITORS STORAGE of guns and yet it did not stop the murderous rampage on a youth camp in 2011. Norway is a country of 6 million, the USA is a country of 300+ million!

    Personal Protection:
    Just look at the Boston Marathon bombing.

    Terrorists were on the loose in a lockdown city. (Can you imagine if there were more than 2 terrorist roaming that city? What were/are people going to protect themselves with? The police can’t be everywhere and come to your rescue the minute you need them.

    BTW, a vast amount of police officers have their own private guns in their own homes, besides the guns they are issued, and it’s for additional private protection. Guns do offer you protection.

    It is being predicted that our country will be under assault from these type of terrorists in the future. They have gained access to America, whether legitimately or illegitimately.

    Can we Monitor immigration better?
    Immigration laws are on the books and don’t protect America or Americans. The laws are constantly violated.

    Our government fully admits and reports there are 11 million illegals here in the USA. The laws on the books did not stop illegal entry.

    The massive amounts of people seeking entry into the USA, is too much for our government, state and local enforcement agencies to monitor, and sadly, not all of those 11 million illegals are law abiding. Terrorist can and probably have violated our borders.

    Our country is already under assault by gangs, cartels, and others who do not respect the guns laws of this land or other laws on the books. And most of them are citizens of America!

    How about repeat gun violations?
    Felons who are caught with guns, are then are sent back to prison. Too many of them come out of prison afterwards, and violate the laws on the books and make contact with guns once again- many times with friends and family members failing to report their actions and associations.

    Then we hear complaints about the number of people in prisons, jails and a push to ‘excuse’ their behavior and breaking the laws on the books, so they are released due to overcrowding in prisons( a law on the books!). Law breakers-those violating the laws on the books, are released early, due to the laws on the books! The prisoners’ rights are being violated because it is too crowded in jails.

    Those who do not care about the laws of this land, will gain access to guns and will continue to gain access to guns no matter what laws are on the books.

    New laws will absolutely not stop gun violence. Nor does it seem to stop any violence from occurring.

    The bad guys will always get guns.

    Mental illness and guns:
    The Newtown shooting(Adam Lanza’s mother was trying to ‘manage’ her mentally ill son with medications and with guns in the home. What drugs was Lanza on during the shootings?! Have we gotten that info yet? NO! a FAILED media not pursuing all information to adequately inform the public)

    and the Aurora, CO movie theatre shooting (James Holmes parents knew and college officials knew and REPORTED his behavior BEFORE the theatre shooting) Was Holmes on meds, was he drinking, was he being monitored?

    and the Gabrielle Gifford shooting (the family knew their son, Jared Laughner, was mentally ill AND had been abusing drugs, alcohol). The family had expended all legal remedies to control their mentally ill son).

    Right HERE in Palm Beach County: the horrid Jupiter, FL Thanksgiving shooting; mental illness reared its ugly head: That was Paul Merhige, a mentally ill person, who shot his own family members after sitting down with them for Thanksgiving meal! He shot a sleeping 6 year old!

    These shooting were all done by people who are mentally ill, some on and some off their medications, some abusing alcohol and drugs. Some, who PEOPLE KNEW, were a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. (and as an aside-the mentally ill make up much of the homeless on our streets. Services are offered, but too many of the homeless just freely walk away after they are fed, washed, and temporarily housed, to again live on the streets)

    We have laws on alcohol, drugs and guns already. It hasn’t stopped horrid happenings from occurring.

    Do you think we could implant medical devices, pumps to disperse medication, inside these mentally ill people to ensure they received adequate dosage to control their thoughts, behavior? (the ACLU would fight that tooth and nail with the laws on the books).

    Should we do DNA testing to assure that fetuses in utero have no signs of mental illness before their birth?

    MENTAL ILLNESS and guns, knives, alcohol, drugs do not mix.

    The media does not concentrate on Mental Illness as the culprit in these situations. The focus is on gun laws.

    The ACLU won’t even consider restrictions on the mentally ill. Their rights would be violated.

    Families with mentally ill people can’t find enough help and the police departments are asked to deal with these unbalanced people over and over again.

    We’re going around in circles, grabbing at anything to try and stop mental illness, criminality, drug and alcohol abuse and political unhappiness.

    It just seems to escalate, not be reduced. And with the media on top of every single incident, it becomes magnified to the viewing and reading public. Knee jerk reactions occur with inadequate information.

    In the 60′s we had Americans building bombs, blowing up entities they didn’t like, whose political philosophies didn’t gel with their own; and who even blew themselves up while building their bombs. They killed police officers, all because they didn’t like what the government was doing.

    Nothing changes, those filled with hate create havoc and no amount of laws on the books will end this.

    President Obama announced a $100 million project to ‘map the brain’. Can we predict human thoughts and behavior? Is this a way to stop violence? Will or could society intervene before a crime is committed?

    We all want safety for everyone, for our country and for other countries, but this ridiculous notion of making more and more and more and more and more laws is not working effectively. We have laws on guns, we have laws on immigration, we have laws on everything.

    It doesn’t stop these horrible incidents from happening, but that’s what the public thinks will happen: more laws will prevent delusional and violent eruptions in humans.

    The only proven remedy to stop the violence is the aging of the individual and their inability to act on their thoughts.

  8. Bob W. Says:

    I think that Hoffman is a nothing but a left-wing jerk who infiltrated the GOP. He can kiss my pro-2nd Amendment tuchas!!

  9. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Its funny how the Left calls us extremists. We are realists. You ail NEVER EVER be able tp cut down of gun violence! No matter what rules you try to impose.

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