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Texas Gov. Perry says Florida would be ‘foolish’ to oust Scott in 2014

by George Bennett | April 8th, 2013

WEST PALM BEACH — Texas Gov. Rick Perry, sharing the stage with Florida Gov. Rick Scott today at an international business gathering, put in a plug for Scott’s re-election in 2014.

“Floridians would be foolish to remove a guy with his leadership and his record as we go into the next election cycle,” Perry told a luncheon crowd of about 400 at the Palm Beach Strategic Forum at the county convention center.

Perry and Scott are holding forth on “governing for lasting economic growth” and their friendly economic rivalry.

Scott said he has imitated Perry in his low-tax, low-regulation strategies in trying to attract business to Florida.

“The things that we’re trying to do, Gov. Perry’s been doing,” Scott said.

Perry, who recently made a publicized attempts to lure businesses to Texas from California, said “I want to drive a conversation in this country about Red State vs. Blue State policies.”

5 Responses to “Texas Gov. Perry says Florida would be ‘foolish’ to oust Scott in 2014”

  1. Scott, Just Another Inept Teabagger Says:

    Getting an endorsement from Rick Perry of Texas has got to be the worst possible endorsement a politician would ever want. I don’t know who the bigger joke would be Scott or Perry. This gives the voters of Florida another reason to be rid of Scott in 2014. LMAO!

  2. Almost voted for him Says:

    Rick Scott is just another tea partier like Rick Perry. Don’t get fooled!

  3. Searcher1 Says:

    Perry needs to be voted out too. I don’t know if TEXAS will vote out their Governor, but I GUARANTEE FLORIDA WILL!

  4. Fed-up Says:

    Hey Perry…we are counting the seconds until this loser Scott is gone….hopefully you will be next.

  5. Faith Says:

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