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Teachers may not have to wait until 2014 for raises

by Dara Kam | April 30th, 2013

Teachers may not have to wait to get performance-based raises included in the state budget, according to Senate President Don Gaetz.

Gov. Rick Scott had wanted $2,500 across-the-board pay raises for teachers. House and Senate budget leaders this weekend agreed to $480 million for raises but with some limitations. Teachers graded “effective” will be eligible for a $2,500 pay raise, beginning in June 2014. Those rated “highly effective” would be eligible for $3,500.

Gaetz, R-Niceville, said Senate budget conforming bills due out later this week will make it clear that pay raises can be based on a “formative” teacher assessment instead of one based on student performance that won’t go into effect until 2014 and that would have held up the raises.

“In my experience as a school superintendent, we were able to evaluate students and evaluate effective teaching based not just on summative assessments at the end of a school year but based on formative assessments as we go along,” Gaetz, a former Okaloosa County superintendent, told reporters late Tuesday afternoon.

“As far as I’m concerned, teachers who earn their increases in pay ought to be able to get them as soon as school districts develop a plan to do so, collectively bargain that plan with their unions, submit the plan to the commissioner of education and have it confirmed,” he said.

Gaetz blamed Scott for the delay.

“We simply followed the governor’s proposal as to the timing of the pay increase…But I’m sure that the governor didn’t mean to unnecessarily delay the pay increase,” he said. “My hope is we ought to go forward and give Florida teachers the pay increase that they deserve especially because we have a pay increase…which is based on performance.”

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15 Responses to “Teachers may not have to wait until 2014 for raises”

  1. ? Says:

    So they were given a raise, but they do not receive it for over a year under this plan? These people have not had a raise in years. What is wrong with these legislators?

  2. pbcteacher Says:

    Meanwhile, our “highly effective” goal is tied to some overly subjective instrument that means only those highly favored by administrators will receive the $3500 raise, most of whom don’t even teach subjects that are tested. At least with the test scores, more of us have a chance….



  4. mainstream1 Says:

    i have been given the “effective” status. there are some of us who have been assigned level 1′s and 2′s, ESE and ESOL students all in the same classes and all day, every day. there are some of those who have classes full of the motivated, self-directed, gifted students throughout the day as well. those teachers all often wind up with “highly effective” as their yearly observation.

  5. This is why Says:

    To ?: theather just recently got a raise, it has not been years.

    To pbteacher: with that comment you obviously doubt your teaching ability. So no you won’t get highly effective because your not, you said it yourself.

  6. ReBeL52 Says:

    gov snott wants to time it closer to elections – like he has a chance.

  7. Hank Shae Says:

    summers off..and a raise..and still whining…lots of college grads are unemployed..they are the ones who have a right to whine.

  8. OBIWAN Says:

    Komrade DARA is as usual DUPLICITIVE to the max!

    Nothing but negative demeaning of the Governor for requesting funds for a $2,500 Teacher raise. Then splitting hairs over the outstanding leadership of the House and Senate to produce a bill.

    Now, trying to play another blame game to mischaracterize the nature of the raise?

    Florida’s elected Super Majority Republican House, Senate, Governor and Cabinet balance our budgets and do fine by the electorate for the past 14 years.

    Florida is now in the Top 5 versus Bottom 10 under the inglorious Graham/Childs regimes?

    Local School Boards finally have a little extra money following BARAMA induced four difficult years of an economy teetering on the brink of ‘monetization’ SPENDuLUST collapse!

    IF the Democrat counties want to kiss the FEA asses again… they can as usual!

    For the rest those Teachers with highest performance assessment have a larger pay increase. Since the UNion membership goes no higher than 60% in even rabid progressive liberal bastions, those with a brain will appreciate the efforts!

    We know, Komrade Dara has another mission…

  9. StillTeaching Says:

    1) “Summers off” – true – and the only reason we get pay then is because they withhold that amount from our checks throughout the rest of the year. We are paid for 190 days out of 365.
    2) Classes ARE stacked, teachers with the gifted, high achieving, etc, DO get higher VAM scores and DO have higher evaluations and generally more recognition than teachers assigned the lower level, ESE, ESOL, discipline issues, etc. (Depending on the year I can fall into either category, so I speak from personal experience on both categories).
    3)Some places have Union memberships well above the 60% stated by one person.
    4) “Outstanding leadership of the House and Senate” – when they can explain the illogic of the raise timing, the formula used for VAM, the use of a state test that is not permitted to be evaluated by testing experts not “kin” to the test, testing curriculum with achievement levels when teachers are clearly and specifically told that due to new curriculum and new requirements of other types that it will be several years before the students really perform at the expected level yet holding the teachers accountable for those levels – THEN you can call them “Outstanding.”

  10. natalie Says:

    i’m a teacher and no we have not gotten a substantial raise in years. true we get summers off (hank shae) but that’s not a fair argument. we don’t get paid over the summer, no work=no pay. plus, that is usually when we have to do numerous trainings (unpaid) to keep up with the changing standards. now i know you may think “well you chose that career”. yeah i did and i really do enjoy it. but it would be nice to be appreciated for everything we do.

    oh and gov scott, we did not forget the 3% theft of our check…

  11. florida teacher Says:

    Hank I you shoulod thimk before you speak. Yes we get summers off big deal, if you only knew what teachers do during the duration of the year you might work an 8 hour day as do we plus 3-4 more hours at home grading paper, preparing and doing report cards. Not to mention everything that is needed to be done during the day (testing,small groups etc) while we are suppose to be teaching and them helping the kids who dont understand basically one on one instruction. Yeah there might be many college grads who are unemplyed, but how many would be able to do the job.
    We dont get paid NEARLY as much as we should be….

  12. Tracey Says:

    @This Is Why: Where do you get your information???? I am a teacher in Broward and teachers in my district have not received a raise or step increase in 5 years. Please don’t state what you THINK, state only the facts please!

  13. Amy Walker Says:

    I don’t think it is fair to call a teacher ‘effective’ or ‘highly effective’ based on one main formal observation. It all depends on how the students are ‘acting’ on the specific day and it also depends on the Principal…some give “highly effective” marks left and right others do not. It all seems unfair…I have taught 31 years and if you look at my students progress I would be glad to be graded by that!

  14. Patricia Harrington Says:

    Please keep in mind that teachers do not stand in front of the class and talk all day. We have to meet the needs educational and otherwise of all of our students.Some of my kids are above grade level, some below. That means different classwork and homework. I am paid for a 7 1/2 hour day, but routinely work more. I Have telephone conferences at night and on weekends to accommodate working parents. I pay for snacks for hungry kids out of my pocket. Many of my parents do not read to my kindergartners, yet my pay raise will be based on how well they do on tests. We were promised a ‘step” increase for another year of experience (not a raise). We have been denied this for 4 years. With the 3% pension payment, and increased prescription and dependent insurance costs, I bring home less than I did a few years ago. I think I have a right to whine.

  15. Jupiter Guy Says:

    I have nothing against teachers, but they aren’t the only public workers who haven’t gotten a raise. I haven’t seen one in close to seven years.

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