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Scott keeps calm, carries on, despite priorities adrift

by John Kennedy | April 23rd, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott is being challenged by top lawmakers on his pitch for low-income health insurance and the lone issues he’s labeled legislative priorities — tax breaks and teacher pay.

But Scott Tuesday declined to bad mouth anyone, as the session lurches into its final two weeks.

About as threatening Scott got was in delivering a veiled hint that he’d veto the priorities of House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, and Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, which include revamping campaign finance laws and ethics changes.

But, Scoff quickly added, “I’ve been very clear…Everybody can have a successful session.”

Weatherford looms as Scott’s biggest obstacle, refusing to embrace his health insurance plan and allowing the governor’s tax break package to proceed at a glacial pace. The governor tried to use logic in convincing the House.

“We don’t have a choice about the taxes that are part of the president’s health law,” Scott said of the federal health care overhaul. “We do have a choice whether we cover individuals that today don’t have health care. I believe that while the federal government pays 100 percent, we should cover those who don’t have access to health care.”

Scott said he didn’t think he had to flex his muscles.

“The Senate president and speaker of the House know exactly where I stand on this, and I’m very hopeful that they’ll do the right thing,” he concluded.

The House has rejected a call by Scott and the Senate to enact a Healthy Florida plan that could draw billions of federal dollars to insure 1.1 million low-income Floridians. Instead, the House has recommended a more modest proposal that uses $247 million of state taxpayer dollars next year to cover 115,000 uninsured Floridians.

Scott, did, however, get slightly worked up over the House’s push for a 6 percent tuition increase for college and university students. Scott and the Senate have rejected that approach.

“I can’t believe that the House wants to increase tuition 6 percent,” Scott said. “Florida families can’t afford it….every time they raise tuition, which they’ve done for five straight years, it impacts the poorest families in our state and their ability to go to college.”

Later, Gaetz said he endorsed Scott’s handling of the delicate end-game negotiations with the House and Senate.

“I think it’s been a good approach….If he were all over us all the time, pounding away repetitively, redundantly on his issues, we’d be saying ‘he’s too heavy handed,” Gaetz said.

“I think the governor proposes, the Legislature disposes,” Gaetz added. “There’s no lack of clarity about where the governor stands at all.”

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8 Responses to “Scott keeps calm, carries on, despite priorities adrift”

  1. GOP Says:

    Rick Scott is a big jerk. As a member of the GOP, I can’t wait to vote against him. If I have to choose between two opportunists, I choose Charlie Crist. He’s a lot nicer too.

  2. Dick Says:

    He’s an expert at keeping calm. Have you seen the deposition tapes from his Medicare fraud scandal?

  3. Kevin Says:

    People just don’t change their positions overnight. This is no doubt a good cop bad cop ploy intended to fool the general public into voting him back into office. Don’t be sucked into this right wing political game. Vote out as many republicans as possible across the board next year.

  4. OBIWAN Says:

    Dick, GOV Rick Scott is an expert at keeping calm.

    HOwever, it is nothing but a big LIE for you to claim he gave depostions in any lawsuite or action related to Medicare Fraud.

    The depositions you take out of context were lawsuits from wealthy MD’s suing to become wealthier from Rick Scott’s Columbia Hospitals buying theirs and forcing them out. Years late, their Trail Lawyers go on a fishing expedition to badger the former CEO.

    We told ours to read slowly “Based upon competent legal counsel advice I do not possess the detailed specific knowlegdge to respond to that question.” Sometimes it took a dozen or so times for the clown act to dissipate – and those clown lawyers to get back on their private planes and go home!

    Gov Rick Scott did not own HCA during the time period alleged by Clinton/Reno of ‘fruad’. Gov Rick Scott was not investigated, indicted, charged or brought to any hearings as even a witness. He was forced out by the former HCA board majority with huge severance for outlining his plans to investigate and take resolve any legitimate claims by the GOVT. HCA was controlled by Senator Bill Frist’s family, specifically his brother John took the reins and settled years later for pennies on the dollar. Just as they told Rick Scott they wanted him to do. He calmly left the company as that was not his method of doing business!

    You will not refute this with actual facts… because you can’t. When publishing known lies to demean an individual or group, we call it YELLOWDOG JOURNALISM. Pretty much all of Florida’s remaining impotent ’29 daily newspapers’ would have no journalism at all otherwise?

  5. Downtown Danny Says:

    Scott took the 5th 157 times during his deposition in the case that resulted in the biggest fine for a company in American history – Scott ripped off taxpayers with a medicare & medicaid fraud.

  6. Here's an Idea Says:

    @Downtown Danny, so? It’s also a fact that what he did was entirely legal. Get over it.

  7. OBIWAN Says:

    GOV Rick Scott was not deposed in any Medicare ‘fraud case’. AG Reno filed fraud indictments against 70 individuals as Bill Clinton ordered for retribution on those defeating BILLARYcare.

    Not a single one of those 70 were found guilty – 1 was overturned by the Judge and 1 by Appellate review as containing no evidence of guilt. Rick Scott was not one of those 70.

    No ‘civil fraud’ case was ever tried against HCA, despite 6 long years of AG Reno sabre rattling. The allegations were settled for pennies on the dollar to avoid litigation exposure in 2001.

    MMA 2003 reformed the ludicrous GOVT Medicare regs, eliminated those 47 ‘fiscal intermediaries’ and replaced with 15 Medicare Admin Contractors. Those private insurer servicing is the only reason for finding and prosecuting ‘fraud’ by all the MD’s we see today!

    Dick, you are a LIAR! Any simpleton can google or bing the factual background. You read the innuendos, half truths and lies of YELLOWDOG JOURNALISM…
    … which this paper participated in against Rick Scott …
    … and fully intends to do again…
    … with fewer and fewer stoolies believing their crapola every day!

  8. Oscar Papp Says:

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