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Scott incentive cash draws rebuke from tea party group

by John Kennedy | April 20th, 2013

House and Senate budget negotiators were slapped Saturday by a leading tea party group for beefing up the pool of money given Gov. Rick Scott for luring companies to Florida.

Lawmakers are working through the weekend on settling differences in $74-billion-plus spending plans.

Late Friday, House and Senate conferees agreed to set aside $79.2 million as economic incentive cash controlled largely by the Republican governor — who is actually seeking $173.7 million for the fund.

The Senate had earlier low-balled the House on the issue — proposing a mere $20 million while the House recommended $73 million in its budget proposal.

But the Senate’s sudden turnaround brought a swift response from Americans for Prosperity, the advocacy group founded by the conservative Koch brothers. AFP also warred with Scott last year over his support for legislation advancing alternative energy.

“Hopefully, the Senate will rethink their decision to increase funding for these handouts, a program that amounts to little more than corporate welfare,” said AFP’s Florida director, Slade O’Brien. “Giving out taxpayer funded incentives to companies that are coming to Florida or expanding their existing business is not a proven way to encourage jobs.”

Lawmakers have been citing concerns about such giveways, especially since the recent collapse of the Treasure Coast’s Digital Domain Media Group.

Digital Domain drew $20 million in state incentives — part of $130 million it received in overall government aid. Among the losers was the city of West Palm Beach, which gave the company $2 million to begin a program locally with the Florida State University film school.

The company defaulted on loans and investments last fall, and closed its main operation in Port St. Lucie.


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5 Responses to “Scott incentive cash draws rebuke from tea party group”

  1. timtopper Says:

    It appears that Scott has upset even the mutants of the teaparty. Lets all wave goodbye to scott and hope he takes the rest of his mutant supporters in the legislature with him.

  2. gethfax Says:

    FRS Employees might not be retiring into the “Golden Years” if this keeps up!!!

  3. Thomas Says:

    Coporate welfare is “trickle down economics” in action. This program was proven ineffective in the past, but republicans, who haven’t had an original thought in 40 years, keep ramming this waste of taxpayer funds down our throat. 2014 will arrive soon, and so will the devastation of the republican party. They already have to pay 6 times the amount of demacrats to stay even, what will next election cost.

  4. Thomas Says:

    My spell check must be on vacation.

  5. OBIWAN Says:

    Funny how no ‘editorials’ were offered against all the incentives when locating any to PBC?

    Don’t recall anything negative about Solyndra, Fiskar or others in the fake giveaway for ‘green’energy?

    They slammed all of us that said Ethanol was a disgrace this decade – until ole Frank C. lawnmower mechanic confirmed the stuff is death to most machines? Frank was going to rebut with all the positives but could not find any?

    Now, when most of us are just fine with zeroing out ‘incentives’ – other than perhaps startup tax moratoriums – we hear how that nasty TEA Party is mentioning their consistent disdain for GOVT spending excesses?

    That TEA Party remains the most civil ‘protest’ group ever? They are simply stating the obvious that GOVT must rein in wild arse spending to match sensible tax revenues? Like how much to we spend on the Welfare to ‘incentivize’ Islamofascist Jihadist Terrorists to please move to America and not remain in Chechnya?

    GOV Rick Scott will do just fine on a smaller amount – and he might still surprise with generous line item vetoes?

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