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Immigration reform foes plan protest when Rubio speaks in Port St. Lucie

by George Bennett | April 30th, 2013

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio‘s efforts to assuage the concerns of the right on immigration reform haven’t worked with Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, a group based in the Treasure Coast that plans to protest Wednesday when Rubio speaks at the St. Lucie County GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner.

Rubio is part of the bipartisan Gang of Eight that drafted a reform bill that would create a 13-year path to citizenship for people who are now in the country illegally. Critics accuse Rubio of supporting amnesty — something Rubio has criticized in the past and says he’s not supporting now.

Rubio’s immigration stance also puts him at odds with mentor and former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, whose June 2009 endorsement of then-underdog Rubio helped establish Rubio’s conservative bona fides and sent him on his way to overtaking Charlie Crist for the 2010 GOP Senate nomination. DeMint now heads the Heritage Foundation, which is gearing up to oppose the immigration bill.


3 Responses to “Immigration reform foes plan protest when Rubio speaks in Port St. Lucie”

  1. Hank Shae Says:

    shouldn’t what happened in Boston slow down the process so more terrorists are not allowed to become citizens??? ..just asking….

  2. kelly Says:

    The Boston bombers entered the US as kids because their parents got asylum. How about we identify who’s already in the US by drawing them out of the shadows so we don’t have 12M “unknowns” living here.

  3. Truth4U Says:

    If Rubio and the Republican establishment think this amnesty will attract latino voters to their cause they are sadly mistaken. Their support of this half baked, unexamined legislation will cause them to lose formerly staunch supporters and donors like me. I simply don’t get why Rubio is said to be a “Conservative” notwithstanding his rush toward granting citizenship to uncounted millions on the false promise of securing the borders. The solution is simple 1) secure the border and while doing so 2) make conditions here for illegals so unpleasant that they self-deport. No welfare, no benefits, no education, English only. If it’s good enough for their home country then it’s good enough for me.

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