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Hammer: NRA will not ‘be reasonable’ about gun control

by Dara Kam | April 23rd, 2013

Florida NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer stood her ground at a Capital Tiger Bay club this afternoon, blasting President Obama’s background check proposal, sharing her childhood history and saying that the NRA will never “be reasonable” when it comes to compromising about gun rights.

Hammer, a former national president of the gun rights organization, surprised many at the luncheon this afternoon when she revealed that she is a lifelong Democrat. The Capitol city is dominated by Democrats.

Hammer has been the NRA’s Florida lobbyist for 39 years and became the first woman to head the organization largely because of her successes in the Sunshine State, where she pushed a number of first-in-the-nation gun bills, including the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law.

Hammer’s influence is considered responsible for Florida having some of the most lenient gun laws in the country.

Hammer said she was raised by her grandparents in South Carolina after her father was killed in Okinawa. She said her grandfather gave her a .22-gauge rifle at age six. She used her nickel-a-week allowance to buy three cents worth of shells and spent the remainder on penny candy, she said.

And she said she hoarded her ammunition because her grandfather sometimes didn’t have a nickel to spare.

And Hammer shared the roots of her hard-nosed approach on gun issues.

“My grandfather used to tell me there’s nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow streak and dead possums,” she said.

Hammer blasted lawmakers, including Obama, who demand gun regulation in the aftermath of shooting tragedies like Sandy Hook instead of blaming “poor parenting” or “misguided closure” of mental health facilities.

“When people get fat, do you blame forks and spoons?” she said.

Asked why the NRA rejects reasonable compromises like limiting the number of shells in magazines, Hammer elicited her homespun toughness.

“When we compromise, it’s only the first step and they always want more,” she said.

Hammer said the debate in the U.S. Senate regarding gun control was an example of “anti-gunners’” attempts to take guns away.

“When the NRA tries to be reasonable, we end up losing far more than anybody ever dreamed. We will be strong. We will be firm. And we will not be reasonable,” she said.

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24 Responses to “Hammer: NRA will not ‘be reasonable’ about gun control”

  1. Johnny can't Read Says:

    Marion Hammer is right. The more you give in, the more they want to take. None of these gun control measures would have any affect on crime or nutjobs. But they would affect law abiding citizens.

  2. Wally P Says:

    Thank GOD for the NRA!!!

  3. victor Says:

    how does the OCCUPANT of the Whitehouse plan on taking guns away from ciminals ?

    Why is the OCCUPANT consumed with taking away legal guns ?\

    The population needs weapons to defend themselves from criminals. due to budget cuts there are noy enough UNION MEMBER law enforcement.
    Have a nice day !

  4. Jupiter Guy Says:

    I wonder what she is trying to hide that would show up in a background check?

  5. Old Gator Says:

    There is no such thing as a .22 gauge rifle. The people writing stories about guns should understand firearms better before they are turned loose!

  6. drippinhun Says:

    Why have any laws? Criminals will only break them.

  7. Swamp Gator Says:

    @Jupiter Guy she probably has less to hide than you do.

  8. Jupiter Guy Says:

    @swamp, I have nothing to hide. I went through a background check for work last year, and would do it again tomorrow. And yes, I have owned guns for years.

  9. Sign of the times Says:

    Go Marion Hammer!
    Funny how the progressives who’d deny millions of honest citizens their 2nd amendment rights, are now worried that some POS terrorist wasn’t provide his rights. Really!

  10. JT Says:

    The right to bear arms shall not be infringed–

    The reason why the leftist collective communist minded lemmings can’t grasp that theory is the idea of a person actually defending themselves is so far out of their field of reality–They would much rather call 911, let the victim be raped, beaten, or killed, then allow that person to defend their life..

    Hammer–Move to China you communistic lemming!

  11. fairandbalanced Says:

    Well, after a number of years I guess I have finally found that there is at least one Democrat out there that I agree with. Ms. Hammer, on Second Amendment rights, I agree with you 100%!

  12. mike Says:

    Hammer is one of the NRAs best and she claims to have owned a 22 “gauge” rifle? Figures. Anyone who thinks that being reasonable is the same as losing is a hard headed bully. I cant believe that we still have to argue about this no-brainer common sense issue. Hammer and the NRAs position seems to be that they dont care who owns and carries a firearm.

  13. Hank Shae Says:

    Background checks on pressure cookers are a must because they kill people don’t ya know..Wonder how many folks in Boston wish they had a gun when they were trapped in their homes while terrorist was on the loose.

  14. Hope Says:

    Frightening posts. The founding fathers would be horrified to see what is said/done in the name of the 2nd amendment. Try not to react in anger, but think about the needless deaths guns have caused. Yes, people shoot the guns. People also smoke cigarettes. A responsible society sees a problem and works together to solve it.

  15. Tackelberry58 Says:

    To who ever disagrees with the constitution of the United States especially the second amendment,leave.Go find another country to live in if you don’t like the way it is here.I support the NRA and will continue to discourage any congressman of my state to vote for any gun control legislation and if they don’t listen to my request they will be looking for a new career.

  16. OBIWAN Says:

    The dumb reporter mixed .22 rifle with _ _ gauge ‘shotgun’. To her it has nothing to do with the story?

    Readers who actually own guns know better? Only 4 states have Constitutional Carry – which simply means they have no restrictions except those imposed by Federal Law. After the Federal Background Check, residents of AL, AZ, VT and WY carry their weapons any way they decide.

    Those new surveys no one wants to see? 69% of those compelled to stay inside your homes and lock the doors say they would like to have a gun inside that house for their own protection!

    After Hurricane Andrew one of my ‘non-gun’ friend borrowed my .357 ‘gauge’ revolver. Another had his dad’s legacy .38 ‘gauge’ police special – I loaned his shells, which I never got back. The .357 didn’t make its way home for over six months. Everyone was packing… no looters messed with any of us!

  17. Musket Girl Says:

    I think the 2nd amendment should stand those of you with Guns should surrender them for a musket as that is the weapon of choice when the amendment was written.

  18. Andy Barela Says:

    for those of you who don’t know, Browning made a 22 GA Rifle (Browning 22 GA Rifle – S/N 20941MR212) was just auctioned off.. Winchester and Stevens also manufactured 22GA rifles

  19. highlander Says:

    If you were real men (or women) you would use swords and not hide behind a gun. Bunch of pu$$ys.

  20. kelly Says:

    Can someone show me the proposed legislation from this administration that wants to take away anyone’s 2nd amendment rights?

  21. Alan Coldman Says:

    The right to bear arms does not say ANY arms!…I want a howitzer, a bazooka…She is a lobbyist, paid to speak the opinion of who pays her,period.However the arguments these people spout are absurd, rediculous and killing Americans needlessly.This bill they opposed was ok with them back in the 90′s when parties and politicians were reasonable..Now they just oppose anything and anyone on party lines…

  22. Duh! Says:

    Hey Musket Girl,

    I’ll go back to firing a musket at the gun range when you put on a chastity belt.
    Yes, they wore them back in the day too genius.


    Unfortunately when people like you “see a problem and work together to solve it” you end up making things worse.
    Yes, cigarettes are dangerous and you want EVERYBODY to stop smoking.
    But you don’t seem to have a problem with the fact that most of the United States are taking mood enhancers and downers just to get through the day.
    Maybe I can propose a LAW that will make YOU happy.

    The guy in PSL used a sword to cut his moms head off, are YOU happy now? He must be your kind of “mans man”.

  23. obi-won Says:

    Musket Girl

    OK but if we are going that route remember that women had no right to vote or participate in Gov’t when it was written. You sure you want to play the back then Game????

  24. Hank Shae Says:

    Let’s ban heroin and cocaine so those who refuse to obey laws can’t get them..oh..there already is a law ?? er..nevermind..

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