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Gov. Rick Scott streamin’ live at The Palm Beach Post this morning

by George Bennett | April 8th, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott will appear before The Palm Beach Post editorial board this morning at 9 a.m. Live video of the interview will be available at

For those who prefer their gubernatorial interviews in 140-character portions, Post reporter Andrew Abramson will be live-tweeting Scott’s appearance at @AbramsonPBP. There’ll also be some live tweeting at @gbennettpost.

Scott’s Palm Beach Post interview is expected to last one hour.

Later today, Scott and Texas Gov. Rick Perry will make a joint appearance at the Palm Beach Strategic Forum at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. Follow and for coverage.


10 Responses to “Gov. Rick Scott streamin’ live at The Palm Beach Post this morning”

  1. Hank Shae Says:

    The Democrat Party might as well stream him.

  2. skd376 Says:

    Make sure you spray after he leaves.

  3. spence Says:

    Go upstream, far way–without a paddle.

  4. Mike Says:

    Someone needs to tell him to pass a no texting and driving law as a primary offense needs to be passed as well as hands free only for cell phones. We have way to many accidents because of the stupid drivers here. He also needs to quit turning away jobs and bring more work to the state.
    I’m not voting for this moron until he does both

  5. TrafficAvenger Says:

    Why is the Palm Beach Post waits until a hour and a half to tell readers about this interview? Why not put it up on Friday and ask readers for comments and questions.

    Like. Gov. Scott how much money does your former company “Solantic” make drug testing state welfare recipients and state workers? How much monies does it make a year testing people from around the country? Has your wife sold her shares in this company yet?

    Sense implementing this drug testing program. How much money has the state saved with the implementing of this drug testing policy?

    With some state legislatures pushing for legal access to medical cannabis and with voters approving of full blown legalization by a margin of over 70%. How will this impact the bottom line of drug testing companies and prisons for profit if passed?

    Anybody else have any questions for our beloved Governor?

  6. clean house! Says:

    see how big his tale and horns are in real life.

  7. OBIWAN Says:

    Solantic’s new ownership team was announced in June of 2011, just several months after GOV Rick Scott’s decision to divest.

    Solantic is a consumer friendly posted prices walk in medical clinic concept that WalMart, Walgreens and others feel is the future of affordable medicine for lower to middle class workers straining under the ravages of BARAMAcare.

    This Governor can easily be vetted to discover he is the squeaky clean of any ever elected in Florida.

    DIR GOV Chuckie was as slezay as Walking Drughead Lawton? Jeb Bush had some real hounddog ‘business partners’? Bob Graham talked a good game, but allowed Florida education to remain in the bottom 10 for 8 long years?

    Can any actually list anything this Governor has done they dislike… except register as a Republican?

  8. kr Says:

    Obiwan: I can! and I am not a Dem.
    I want to know why Scott pushed through the bill that makes the taxpayers of Florida pay for insurance companies to advertise. That is the cost of doing business and not the responsibility of the taxpayers. It has not helped anyone but the insurance companies, who have raised my home insurance rates three times since this bill passed and with less coverage. Car insurance has also soared under him. All this while this states economy is one of the slowest to recover. He doesn’t appear to want to help the taxpayers, at all!

  9. JoAnn corsi Says:

    Give the seniors their casinos while shutting down the internet casinos. They are not the same.

  10. TrafficAvenger Says:

    1)Women’s access to safe abortions.
    2)Insurance reform.(L.O.L)
    3)Voter suppression.
    4)Closing down grandmas and grandpas corner arcades.
    5)C.E.O. of the company fined the largest fine ever for medicaid fraud in the history of medicaid.
    6)Unnecessary and costly drug testing of welfare recipients and state workers but not politicians and lobbyist. With ZERO savings to the state as promised by Gov. Scott.
    7)Balancing the state budget by robbing the state trust funds established by former governor Chiles from the tobacco law suit settlement with tobacco companies.
    8)Gutting the funding of the public education system while increasing the funding for the prisons for profits program.
    9)Elimination of the department of Community Affairs.
    10) Continued funding of the law suits for his policies on privatization of the Prison system.
    11) Demanding choices be allowed for parents to send their kids to charter schools but will not allow the funding for the classroom size amendment.

    No I guess the only thing I can list wrong about Gov. Rick Scott is the fact he is the vetted leader of the G.O.P.. I can’t argue that fact with you.

    And the countdown clock stands at;
    1 Year 6 Months and 27 Days from today boys and girls.

    The 4th. of Nov. 2014,
    See you at the polls.

    The question should be. Just how much more damage can Rick Scott and the G.O.P. do in between now and then?

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