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Allen West’s Facebook reaction to Boston suspects: ‘We have a domestic radical Islamic terror problem’

by George Bennett | April 19th, 2013

Former Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West, reacting to reports that the suspects in the Boston Marathon terror bombings are Muslim, told his Facebook audience of more than 273,000 this morning that “we have a domestic radical Islamic terror problem in America.”

West, whose remarks about Islam have often generated controversy, got more than 13,000 “likes,” 6,300 shares and 1,300 comments in less than an hour for today’s Facebook post.

Read West’s statement after the jump…

Allen West’s Facebook post on Boston Marathon bombings:

“Let me be very clear, the terrorist attack in Boston and evolving events indicate we have a domestic radical Islamic terror problem in America. We must no longer allow the disciples of political correctness and the acolytes of the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, MAS) to preach to us some misconceived definition of tolerance and subservience. When tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide. Carlos Bledsoe in Little Rock, MAJ Hasan in Ft Hood, the Ft Dix Six, Faisal Shahazad in NYC Times Square — these are just the examples I can type now. When Rep Peter King attempted to have hearings on domestic terrorism he was attacked for being racist. No more excuses. No more apologies. We are in a war of ideological wills, and we shall prevail. Congratulations to all the law enforcement agencies.”

77 Responses to “Allen West’s Facebook reaction to Boston suspects: ‘We have a domestic radical Islamic terror problem’”

  1. drippinhun Says:

    Shut up, Allen West. We don’t need you to tell us what we might know, might not know or anything else. You had your chance to be our representative and you failed us big time. Move to Georgia.

  2. Wyn Says:

    I agree he needs to shut up and just go away.

  3. yessox1 Says:

    Too bad both of you weren’t at the finish line when the bomb went off

  4. AB Says:

    West is right. I’m ready to declare war against Islam & liberals

  5. jebamoni4 Says:

    War criminal West likes to invest on dead bodies, so that he can blabber all the time. This rogue always wants attention at the expense of the loss of life.The thug is a terrorist and a big bully!!!

  6. Get Real Says:

    What the hell are you people complaining about – he didn’t give a interview to a reporter – he posted it on HIS Facebook page. A page that is viewed by people that want to hear what he has to say! What do you care what he says to his “followers”!

    If you have a problem with his Facebook posts being in the PB Post – complain to the newspaper for COPYING information from Facebook!

    So sick of this BS!

    If any of you think everything in this country is “hunky-dory” you better wake up!

  7. Cory Dolling Says:

    Mr. West: This is a major reason you did not win the election. A true leader does not incite an already explosive situation. A true leader does not speak without first learning the facts. A true leader does not instill hatred in the hearts of the public. I think you may be better fit to lead in another country.

  8. Really Says:

    Cory Dolling Says: “A true leader does not incite an already explosive situation. A true leader does not speak without first learning the facts. A true leader does not instill hatred in the hearts of the public.”

    Sounds more like you are describing Obama!

  9. Carol Says:

    Prior to ramming amnesty for millions of illegal aiens, their families and previously deported illegal aliens, Congress had better clean up its act. I’m reading that Suspect #1 (the dead one) was interrogated by the FBI at the request of a foreign govt. becausee they felt he had terrorist ties and leanings. FBI pronounced him ‘clean as a whistle’. Suspect #2, the wounded one, became a U.S.citizen on 9/11/12. #1 was a foreign national. Yet these two were able to fly in and out of the U. S. and spend their time from l/12 to 7/12 (when #2 had not yet become a citizen) in volatile Islamic Chechneya. I know the TSA cannot racially profile dark-skinned middle eastern males between the ages of 18 and 35 (this would not be PC). I also read that when questioned today, the FBI person said that when they were requested by the foreign govt. (and it’s felt it was Russia) to interrogate #1, “they did so as far as they could as allowed by our laws.” What’s that all about? They can only ask suspected radical Islamists certain questions ‘as permitted by our laws?’ Try telling that the families of the three who were murdered and the many who were maimed, lost limbs, even entire hands. Allen West is absolutely correct. Unless we stare this fluid and constantly evolving enemy in the face, more of our citizens will die because of ‘the religion of love and peace’.

  10. Jon King Says:

    How about all the slaughters all the time unrelated to Islamists? Or that most americans die from car accidents, obesity, smoking? Sounds like there are 100000 other death causes to worry about first.

  11. Paul Nincy Says:

    How many were killed in Newtown? How many were killed at Columbine? How many dead in Oklahoma City? How many dead in Colorado?

    You sure our major problem is from the cases West mentioned??

  12. SOFLGirl Says:

    Lol…what a foolish statement….what a tool…

  13. Boca Ratso Says:

    Perhaps, Mr. West.
    BUT we no longer have an Allen West problem…!

  14. oracle Says:

    How dare anyone speak the truth!Silence Allen West shout him down

  15. LRT Says:

    We have an Allen West Problem too!

  16. Apalled Says:

    To Paul Nincy, Do you even know where Columbine HS is located? Unincorporated Jefferson County, Colorado. West of Denver. I am assuming the REST OF THE DEAD you speak are of the theater killings in Aurora, CO or maybe the Chuckie Cheese killings in Aurora,CO. Get your facts or Shut the Front Door. Newtown was a tragedy as was all but all of theses has NOTHING to do with Boston other than another senseless act of stupidity.

  17. DY Says:

    West is a tool. Profiting from hate. no better than Glenn Beck. And some idiots actually buy it. SAD.

  18. BustedUpGrunt Says:

    There’s West waving his pom-poms, telling us that the sky is blue. Is this the best he can do to stay in the limelight? Or does he really think we’re that stupid not to know?

  19. AB Says:

    Yes, you’re stupid

  20. SOFLGirl Says:

    he always complains about our “gummit”….

  21. Steve Says:

    Alen West is a coward , he had a women arrested because she dare ask him a question . That makes him a coward . Also Alen West has never met a tax payer pay check or tax payer health plan he did not like !

  22. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Is that all you Libs can say when a conservative speaks about reality…We’re Haters? I don’t mind Liberalism, as long as your unrealistic utopian views aren’t completely acted upon.

  23. Religion Kills! Says:

    Like it or not the Koran, the Muslim “bible” says that all infidels should be put to death! That means any non-Muslim person should be killed. So much for the religion of “peace.” Personally. I don’t like Alan West. However, when it comes to Muslims, they will obviously become a much bigger problem for us since their ultimate goal is to eliminate anyone who isn’t a Muslim.

  24. drippinhun Says:

    I have no utopian ideas and still have nothing for a fear monger like West to respect. Even if he occasionally hits the nail on the head, he is wrong so much of the rest of the time that I don’t have time for his nonsense. But his sycophants will continue to carry his jock strap in their teeth and blabber about how horrible this country is becoming.

  25. Gloria Schmidt Says:

    Standing with West 100%

  26. Tornado Says:

    When tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide.

    I am 100% in agreement with Allen West.

    Quit coddling terrorists, do your job LAMESTREAM media.

    “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” It is grossly misleading. It assesses the validity of the cause when terrorism is an act. One can have a perfectly beautiful cause and yet if one commits terrorist acts, it is terrorism regardless.”

    The most common image of terrorism is that it is carried out by small and secretive cells, highly motivated to serve a particular cause and many of the most deadly operations in recent times.

    To avoid detection, a terrorist will look, dress, and behave normally until executing the assigned mission (SOUND FAMILIAR?)

  27. drippinhun Says:

    We tolerate right-wing yahoo preppers and other mentally unstable types who are armed (and dangerous).

  28. Conservative Utopia Says:

    jebamoni4 Says:
    April 19th, 2013 at 8:19 pm
    War criminal West likes to invest on dead bodies, so that he can blabber all the time. This rogue always wants attention at the expense of the loss of life.The thug is a terrorist and a big bully!!!

    Congrats to jebamoni4 for being the biggest idiot on a page full of idiots. We await your acceptance speech with one helluva giant explanation on how Allen West is a terrorist.

    Don’t get flustered. Move your lips. Type. Breathe.

  29. Ms. BJ Zeagler Says:

    My husband and I are with Allen West all the way. Thanks as always for supporting America first.

  30. Gilleigh Says:

    LTC Allen West is all that stands between me and utter and complete disillusionment with virtually every member of both parties in our government. It doesn’t matter that election fraud prevented his return to the House. He is almost alone in having the courage to tell Americans the truth and brilliant and educated enough for that truth to be the truth. He is not only undeterred by the incessant attacks by cowardly and deranged leftists, in fact I believe he is even more resolute when he hears the cacophony of the Liberal miscreants.

    Without knowing that Allen West still leads an Army of Constitutional Conservatives who fight to preserve our precious freedoms, the re-election of Dear Leader, ObamaCare and the packing of the White House with radical Marxists and Islamists, would have rendered me feeling helpless and hopeless.

    As millions of others would, I would follow Allen West into hell with gasoline strapped to my back. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t thank God for him and pray for the health and safety of he and his family.

  31. J Lee Says:

    I suggest those who feel Mr. West should shut up are the type of people who like to bury their heads in the sand. My close friends who have lived under the oppressive regimes of Islamic law cannot post on this site, because they still fear the retribution of the radical religion called Islam. You would much rather name call than to investigate for yourselves the insidious cancer of the Islamic culture whose only goal is to undermine freedom where ever they are established. Islam murders innocent women, children and those who will not denounce Christianity. It is not the religion of peace or love. In the late seventies and early eighties the IRA – Irish Republican Army became allied with these thugs under the assumption they could advance their cause for Irish independence. Sein Fein leaders will be the first to tell you they made a horrible mistake. Perhaps the only way to wake you up will be for you to live under Sharia law, the sword of Islam will cut a deep swathe into the fabric of this country, taking your freedoms and changing your way of life. When was the last time a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist or an Amish person set a 25lb bomb down next to an innocent 8 year old? I know what you are thinking, couldn’t happen here – well the war has been waging on for years – before 9/11. Most of you haven’t even noticed. If you think they want to coexist with us you are deadly wrong.

  32. J Lee Says: A link for those who would like to read about Islam from someone who has been there, done that. Mr. West is right.

  33. Ms. BJ Zeagler Says:

    Keep up with Allen here:
    Colonel Allen West A Constitutional Conservative Leader For America
    He is one of the really good guys that really is trying to help us save our country.

  34. drippinhun Says:

    This is nothing about the problems we are having with radical Muslims. This is the problem we are having with radicals like West. He is cut from the same bolt of cloth. All this fringe freaks need to be gone.

  35. Conservative Utopia Says:

    @drippinhun – I would offer for your consideration that LTC West is not radical, but fundamental when supporting America’s governing principles, such as limited, self-governance and confronting our enemies. The radicals are those who apply the opposite principles of communism and agitation. Calling them out for it is fundamentally sound.

    In other words, is it more radical to seek to overturn the limitations on federal gov’t that protect our individuality, or to support those limitations?

    It becomes quite clear when we consider the lifelong studies and associations of Barack Obama, public leader of the progressive movement, as well as his leftist political allies.

    Radicals want to fundamentally CHANGE or destroy this country. Those of us trying to protect it stand STEADFAST on these principles that made this nation exceptional.

  36. Carrie Says:

    with a squirrels nest full of looney nuts like west @ the helm, it is easy to blame the tbags every time there is an explosion.

    Hey Allen – why not ask Sarah to put a ‘Bulls-eye on every mosque, and see how that works out for ya!

    You Bet Ya

  37. Carrie Says:

    @Conservative Utopia

    the only affiliation that west had with the military is that he was drummed out right ahead of a full blown militarily court-martial because the man is a section 8.

    Oh The Palin Truth!

  38. Carrie Says:


    Mr. West: This is a major reason you did not win the election. A true leader does not incite an already explosive situation. A true leader does not speak without first learning the facts. A true leader does not instill hatred in the hearts of the public. I think you may be better fit to lead in another country.


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