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AG Bondi sues BP, Halliburton for $5.4 billion

by Dara Kam | April 23rd, 2013

Attorney General Pam Bondi has sued BP and Halliburton for more than $5.4 billion for lost revenue to the state caused by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil blast.

“We know BP has caused a tremendous amount of damage to our state,” Bondi told reporters at a press conference this afternoon. “Millions of barrels of oil were spilled into our Gulf for months and months during the height of tourism season in our state. There is no doubt in my mind that BP must be required to compensate our state for our losses.”

Bondi said she offered the oil giant a deal 90 days ago but received no response. She filed the lawsuit on Saturday, the three-year deadline for lawsuits for damages. The 86-day gusher clotted the Panhandle’s pristine beaches and emerald waters with oil at the onset of the region’s tourist season.

“We had hoped BP would do the right thing and work with us…yet that hasn’t happened,” Bondi said, adding that the state “did not even receive a response” from BP. “It’s astonishing to me considering the harm BP has caused our state and our people. Floridians deserve better and we are going to receive it from BP.”

Bondi said the bulk of the $5.4 billion she is seeking is based on anticipated future losses, mainly sales and use taxes, corporate taxes and documentary stamp taxes from a drop in real estate transactions.

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5 Responses to “AG Bondi sues BP, Halliburton for $5.4 billion”

  1. Ziggy Stardust Says:

    LOL…Pam Bondi. LOL

  2. OBIWAN Says:

    Measured ploy to exact 7% more budget revenue from a company already bent double by public official extortion.

    Sad, but AG Pam will probably get a ‘settlement’ in the $3 Billion range?

    Today is just as sad, we got our Rusk Consulting check. Not in settlement of anything, not an admission of anything, just something lawyers got Bank of America to put up for them to get half by giving homeowners a few thousand dollars for their civil fraud?

    Meantime the US Attorney for Manhattan is suing BOA for $3.5 Billion for that same civil fraud?

    Does any of this come out of the $45 Billion TARP ‘mortgage’ help they have only spent $4 Billion after five years?


  3. Kevin Says:

    Right, uh huh, ok, let’s be sure and get this settled out of court before Charlie Crist is elected governor so that any impact to the oil industry is kept to a minimum.

  4. taxpayer Says:

    Too late, the ocean is already sick. We
    need to protect the water and the food that
    will come out in the future. We need Oceanic water education, so the new generation will learn about the environment. You’ll see more money for paper work whatever is left for the protection of the Ocean and the water.
    Mrs. Biondi let us know how the money will be spend if we win and how many years will
    take to get these funds?

  5. Searcher1 Says:

    I thought that PAM BONDI didn’t want to rock the corporate vote. But here she is, going for the $$$$$!

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