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State money lines up for Palm Beach County Sheriff Bradshaw’s ‘prevention intervention’

by Dara Kam | March 28th, 2013

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw convinced state lawmakers that his “prevention intervention” plan is worth funding, at least for now.

The Florida House has included $100,000 for Bradshaw’s plan to identify potentially dangerous people before they cause harm. The state Senate has allocated $50,000 as the two chambers get to work on Florida’s $74 billion budget.

In either case, it’s just a fraction of the $3 million Bradshaw is seeking for a 15-person unit that would include five deputies, five mental health professionals and five caseworkers. He also wants to set up a 24-hour hotline so neighbors and friends can report on those they suspect may be dangerous.

“I believe very strongly this program will become a statewide model for violence prevention and intervention, and I am honored our state leaders in Tallahassee share our vision for this innovative approach to prevent violent acts and protect our citizens,” Bradshaw said in a statement.

Senate Criminal Justice Appropriations Chairman Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Island, said he put the $50,000 in his budget as a “place holder” but he still has some questions about Bradshaw’s plan.

It’s too soon to know whether the money will actually end up in the budget, or if it will grow.

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5 Responses to “State money lines up for Palm Beach County Sheriff Bradshaw’s ‘prevention intervention’”

  1. MediEVIL group Says:

    Bradshaw has a billion dollar budget and he’s asking for more money!?!?

    West Boynton is willing to give up open space for a police substation that the Sheriff’s department should pay for.

    Take home cars, unlimited mileage, 90% of salary upon retirement, free healthcare, never receive traffic citations when violating traffic laws.

    What we have here in Palm Beach County is a lordship with no penalities while the rest of the population is constantly battered with costs, citations.

    It’s the feudal system ALL OVER AGAIN. We are the serfs to our ‘masters’

    It is the mediEVAL system imposed once again on the masses.

    Pee-ons again and again.

    Another ‘group’ that we serve and pay for.

    They are our ‘betters’ and we PAY over and over while they get the perks for Belonging to an elitist group with very little oversight.

  2. slipperyslope Says:

    Reminds me of Russia and Germany hauling innocent people out of their houses because someone reported them to authorities. Getting scary in the US.

  3. Fed-up Says:

    Why doesn’t he use some of the surplus millions he used for pay raises and Christmas bonuses for his staff??????? Other County agencies haven’t had a raise in over 5 years…enough. Start having Bradshaw show where all the millions he receives is going like other Departments have to account for every dollar they get. Take a ride through the parking lot at Gun Club and look at the cars, trucks, etc., the Sheriff owns…it looks like Palm Beach…

  4. Kevin Says:

    What the previous posters fail to comprehend is that PB County is the largest county in the state and contains many violent gangs and criminals. What you also fail to recognize is that the people who work for the PBSO also pay their own salaries when they pay their own personal property taxes. You are not unique. In my opinion he seems to be doing a pretty good job. He has improved the department’s image and taken over several failing local PD’s such as Lake Worth. As a result security in these areas has improved significantly under his watch. Perks such as take home squad cars are part of the officers agreed upon compensation package and provide an increase in public visibility as a determent for crime in the neighborhoods where they live. It also puts more officers on patrol at any given time and reduces local traffic by not requiring them to drive to the main office every day to pick up and drop off their squad cars. If you’re jealous because your public sector job hasn’t received a raise in 5 years then get a different one. If your just hating on Rick Bradshaw because he’s a democrat then get a life.

  5. go to my site Says:

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