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Scott wants answers on FAU ‘Jesus’-stomping controversy

by George Bennett | March 26th, 2013

FAU released this video today apologizing for the “Jesus”-stomping exercise.

Gov. Rick Scott has asked the head of the state’s university system to look into the controversy surrounding a Florida Atlantic University class assignment in which students were asked to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper and step on it.

“I am deeply disappointed in the recent actions of Florida Atlantic University (FAU) faculty that raises significant questions over students rights and the lessons being taught in our classroom,” Scott says in a letter to University System Chancellor Frank Brogan, a former FAU president.

“I am requesting a report of the incident, how it was handled and a statement of the university’s policies to ensure this type of ‘lesson’ will not occur again,” Scott’s letter says.

FAU apologized for the exercise Friday and said it would no longer ask students to take part in it. The activity was included in an intercultural communications course to demonstrate that “even though symbols are arbitrary, they take on very strong and emotional meanings.”

A student who complained about the exercise, Ryan Rotela of Coral Springs, said he was accused of threatening his instructor after he raised objections this month. Rotela got a letter from an FAU associate dean informing him that charges had been lodged against him and telling him he could not attend the communications class or have contact with other students in it until the matter was resolved.

Rotela denied making any threats. The instructor, Deandre Poole, has not returned calls requesting comment. Poole is also vice chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.

Rotela said he received a personal apology from FAU Dean of Students Cory King on Monday. Rotela said he also was assured that charges will be dropped and that he will be able to continue taking the class with a different instructor.

Hiram Sasser, an attorney for the Texas-based Liberty Institute, said the charge against Rotela smacked of retaliation by FAU. The Liberty Institute, which describes itself as a nonprofit organization “dedicated to defending and restoring religious liberty across America,” contacted Rotela after WPEC Channel 12 aired a report on the matter last week.

Rotela and Sasser met on Monday with King, the FAU dean of students and an associate vice president, at the school’s Boca Raton campus.

“He apologized in person for what happened and how everything went out of control,” said Rotela, 21, who lives in Coral Springs and takes classes part time while working for a landscaping service.

Rotela and Sasser said that in addition to the apology, King assured Rotela that he would not be disciplined and that he could continue the class with a different instructor.

King said he could not comment on matters involving individual students. But, he said, “we apologized to everyone and anybody who was upset.” Without addressing Rotela’s case specifically, King also confirmed that FAU had decided that no students would be disciplined as a result of the incident.

“I feel great,” Rotela said this morning. “To be honest with you, I got everything I wanted. I’m not too crazy about going in the spotlight. The only reason I went in the spotlight is because I had no other choice.”

The “Jesus” exercise is included in the instructor’s manual for the textbook, “Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach.”

“This exercise is a bit sensitive, but really drives home the point that even though symbols are arbitrary, they take on very strong and emotional meanings,” says the manual, which predicts most students will hesitate to step on the paper with “Jesus” written on it. The manual says the instructor should ask students why they can’t step on the paper and “discuss the importance of symbols in culture.”

69 Responses to “Scott wants answers on FAU ‘Jesus’-stomping controversy”

  1. Gabe Athouse Says:

    Oh Jesus H. Christ. You have to be kidding me. STOP PANDERING TO THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT!!! It was a school lesson. Get over your religions. They’re fake anyway.

  2. To Gabe Says:

    Come out behind your fake name. Write “Muhammed” on a piece of paper. Video and distribute. Since it’s all fake, I’ll pray for you as find out what “jihad” means.

  3. Dr Destiny Says:

    @Gabe, why is it that these so-called “educational” lessons include something that insults the religious right? I’m sure if the name on the paper was Obama or Mohammad you would feel the same way. Yeah, right! What would the reaction be if I told my students to spit on a photo of the First Lady?

  4. Repubtallygirl Says:

    I agree with @ToGabe. You cannot publish a picture of Mohammad in a newspaper without massive protests and death threats.
    Personally, I am not very religious but this was a direct attack on Christianity. I am sick to death of it.
    Ryan Rotela is a hero for standing up for his beliefs. That is something you don’t see much of anymore.

  5. Gabe Athouse Says:

    It wasn’t an “attack” on Christianity you idiots. And none of you are using your real names here either so STFU. If you’ll read anything past a third grade level, you’ll find out that indeed the names Muhammad, and Gonesh, and other gods were put on paper and those names were also stomped on. Nothing happened. No protests, no governor involved. As soon as the WORD jesus gets stomped on you all freak out. Do you not realize you’re having the SAME reactions to a WORD being stomped on as the Muslims have if a picture of Muhammad is published? SAME REACTION. Some Christians you are… Bunch of hypocrites.

  6. delray native Says:

    Re-read the article Gabe, you are wrong. “you’ll find out that indeed the names Muhammad, and Gonesh, and other gods were put on paper and those names were also stomped on”. Not true.

  7. Z Says:

    A 15yr old Dwyer student shoots a man and pistol whips a woman (or insert any other violent crime from today’s news), but Scott doesn’t want a report on that… no, instead he wants a full report on this oh so critical paper stomping incident. This highlights just how out of whack our priorities are as a society…

  8. To Gabe Says:

    Did we hit a nerve Gabe? you are the one having the hysterical reaction to “just words”. We all know you have lost the debate because you can insult the Christian right all day long, but you are terrified of the Muslims. Go ahead, prove me wrong. Insult the prophet right here, right now, since you are a non-believer it can’t hurt anyone can it? It’s confusing to you I understand that a student protested and was suspended for his beliefs. Higher learning at FAU? Shouldn’t we cut their funding over separation of Church and State? Meanwhile, put your name and an insult on Mohammed out there, coward.

  9. Marie Hunt Says:

    @Gabe – I agree with you. College is not meant to pander to like-minded individuals, that’s what parochial universities are for. Instead, it is meant to challenge your thinking, and teach you that in the real world you aren’t always going to like what you experience. It’s called character building.

    @Dr. Destiny – if the professor’s same lesson included spitting on a photo for the same reason, I would feel the same way I feel about this exercise. He didn’t ask anyone to renounce their religion, he asked that people reflect on how the exercise makes them feel. God forbid anyone be made to feel uncomfortable.

    By the way, where was Rick Scott’s outrage when the “pastor” in Gainesville wanted to burn the Quran? He didn’t make the pastor apologize, I don’t think FAU should have to either.

  10. Huh?! Says:

    Dr Destiny – I can answer your question about why these exercises anger the religious right. It’s becuase EVERYTHING angers them. Talk about the theory of evolution? It’s an attack on Christanity! Have a silent moment rather that a prayer to Jesus so everyone can pray to their deity? It’s an attack on Christianity! Forget that it’s a momnet for people to pray to whoever they like, it’s an attack on Christianity! Want to extend marriage benefits to same sex partners? It’s an attack on Christianity! Can’t have a phone number with 666, it’s an attack on Christianity! Every stupid little thing is an attack on Christianity.

  11. RobWPB Says:

    Imagine if they had written Obama on a piece of paper and stomped on it… ..that said, **The activity was included in an intercultural communications course to demonstrate that “even though symbols are arbitrary, they take on very strong and emotional meanings.”**, if Im not mistaken, this exercise was designed to do one thing… make people angry. What was the purpose of that? Seems more like an exercise in ‘how to make someone mad’.. and how about the professor… lying and telling the dean this student threatened him.. then he wont come out and defend what he said.. he should be fired.

  12. Jill Jones Says:

    i’m posting with my real name…i don’t believe in hiding behind anonymity…and i don’t believe any institution of “higher” learning, whether secular or parochial is entitled to insult anyone’s religious beliefs in order to ask them “how does that make you feel?” this is not education, this is religious terrorism, no matter whose religion. in this case, it happened to be Christianity…what would have happened if it had been against Buddha, or Allah? the msm would have had a cow. but because it was against Christianity, it was supposed to be acceptable.

  13. me, myself, and i Says:

    I can see no good that could come from the professor’s “exercise.” How disrespectful to ask students to stomp on the name of Jesus!

  14. Hypocrites Says:

    But wait!

    If a picture of a menorah
    or a mezuzah
    or denial the holocaust
    was on that sheet of paper which students were asked to stomp on;

    the news media, Jews, the ADL would be all over this story and President Obama would be calling this a disgrace,

    but it’s only Jesus, students were asked to stomp on.


    It’s OK to bash Christian religions and their beliefs. The Jews don’t care about other religions, just THEIR OWN!

    Where is the Jewish outrage?

  15. Jupiter Guy Says:

    I attack christianity every day.

  16. Carly Says:

    This was wrong of FAU regardless of the religion that was used in this exercise.

    Seriously…this is just wrong.

  17. Obnoxious Democrats Says:

    The inqueries should be about WHO wrote, published and SOLD the curriculum to FAU to use IN the classroom. Money was SPENT on this written exercise. Find that information out. The same publishers have NO DOUBT sold THEIR curriculum to OTHER SCHOOLS!

    And what’s with FAU instructorS?

    How about the instructor, James Tracy, who stated the Sandy Hook shootings in CT might not have taken place!


    And the ‘Stomp on Jesus’ FAU instructor, Deandre Poole, is involved with the Palm Beach County democrat party.

    Remember another PBC democrat party leader, Alan Seigel, claimed christians wanted to kill Jews.

    Take a look at the video of that rant!

    Something is ROTTEN in PBC Democrat party.

  18. Wyn Says:

    Jesus’ name is not a symbol. This exercise should be cut from this manual. This was a disgrace and an insult to Christian students and Christians everywhere. It would have been a disgrace also if they were asked to step on the prophet Mohammed’s name, Buddha’s name or any other religious prophet’s name. Why are my tax dollars used to support “educational” classes such as this.

  19. delray native Says:

    Jupiter Guy , you sound like a Bob Seiger guy “who wants to go to the lake of fire” but have you ever thought about what your asking for?

  20. Karen Says:

    This is what FAU is teaching students? This is what they are equipping young adults to compete in the world economy? Why is FAU paying the salary of political honchos? Why don’t they hire some computer programming professors who will give kids something to pay off student loans.

    We are told to be civil and tolerant. Yet, a professor disrespects a religious symbol. What a jerk. Only thing we learned that the religious intolerance is alive and well at FAU.

    Let us be tolerant and respectful. Let us join together and tell this professor to go to …

  21. The Big Lake of Fire Says:

    Jesus Christ this is hilarious. Panty twisting just like drawing a picture of that mohammed bomb guy.
    Happy porum, quanza, easter, and festivus everybody.@!@@@

  22. Jay Boo Says:

    Just another sneak attack on Jesus supposedly in the name of secular enlightenment by the same crowd that grovels at the slightest opportunity to appease Jesus hating followers of the false prophet Muhammad all the while pretending its about challenging right wing politics. Pandering is a good word choice. They got caught this time.

  23. PC Logic Says:

    Politically Correct Logic Lession #1:
    *Stomp on the name Allah. You are a bigot.
    *Stomp on the name Obama. You are a bigot.
    *Stomp on the name Jesus. You are a left-wing hero. (Pure hypocracy!)

  24. mcfinn25 Says:

    Hey, Gabe, next they may draw your picture and stomp on it, then what?

  25. Joshua Says:

    I can imagine one of two things being the real story:
    1. Professor Poole misinterpreted the exercise, then got angry when he was called out on it. If I were running the exercise, I would have asked preemptively that someone should raise an objection at any point during the exercise, then give a reasonable explanation for the objection. A back-and-forth would then ensue between the professor and the student, getting to the essence of the matter: the meaning of symbols, especially when attached to something tangible.

    2. Professor Poole instructed the exercise as I had written, but Rotela took hyper-offense, above and beyond what a normal person would do. Some of the above-and-beyond behaviors would include mouthing off at the professor in an insulting and/or threatening way. Considering he looks like ex-military, I wouldn’t put it beyond him.

    Which is it? I have no idea. I do suspect other members of the class are being interrogated to corroborate one of the two stories. If it is Story 1, that’s inexcusable suppression of academic freedom, and Poole should be fired. If it is Story 2, Rotela should be at the least suspended, possibly even expelled.

  26. Joshua Says:

    And in light of the report that Rotela is being allowed to return to class, albeit with a different instructor, this leads me to believe the truth is closer to Story 1. At least, I would hope that’s the case and not pressure from an equally Politically Correct force from the Right.

  27. delray native Says:

    TO: The Big Lake of Fire Says-
    enjoy the burn

  28. Brian O'Donaghey Says:

    The real issue is Poole. For a guy who’s supposed to be so smart, he seems to lack insight, common sense and creativity. Some unknown textbook publisher tells him how to teach his class, and he blindly follows.
    As a self-styled expert on intercultural communications at the university level, he should have known the probable reactions by some folks and instead posed the situation verbally. I’m sure he’d stimulate the classroom discussion that way instead of being intellectually lazy in resorting to a 4th grade-level charades game.
    Whatever he’s getting paid, it’s way too much since he’s not pulling the scholarly freight. …a gobshyte for sure !!!

  29. Chaka Says:

    Ask Ryan what has done for Jesus lately-This a bunch of BS!If this clown loves Jesus,so much than he needs to live it.Religious people are so full of sh#t.Look at the world we live in.

  30. But Honey.....! Says:

    Take your wedding photo and stomp on it in front of your spouse…then say “it’s only a piece of paper”…. and expect nothing more than a calm, rational discussion.
    Faith and Love have much in common, in that you can’t scientifically prove the existence of either.

  31. timtopper Says:

    this was just a stupid “exercise” by a stupid instructor. This is the problem with tenure. This instructor should be fired, and the dean who wrote the letter to the student should be demoted.

    As to Scott wanting answers; the people of Florida want answers–what did he know about the largest medicare fraud in the history of the medicare program? That fool took the 5th over 50 times. Answer that Scott, before you start questioning others.

  32. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Delray Native, you sound like some idiot who thinks jesus was blond haired and blue eyed. I could care less about your lake of fire, but if I go I will run into every person who has ever claimed to speak for god. These are people who take money and claim it is for good, yet it just goes to their bank accounts.

  33. Orphic Says:

    If you moron’s believed in ANY of the Christian dogma you were here spewing you wouldn’t be here pitching a fit. Funny how everybody should follow that nifty book but you eh? Still interested in how many dollars you have to donate before you get a free pass to be an abominable human being from the creator.

    Cool by me. The end comes for EVERYBODY. I kind of hope there is a larger power sitting in judgement. Will be interesting to see the religious folks stepping and fetching blaming all the crap awful things they did and the horrid humans they were on the bible.

    Pointing at the bible and saying God told you to be a turd of a human being…not going to get you real far when “he” is in the room.

  34. amskge Says:


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  36. Steve Randolph Says:

    Based on my (admittedly limited) knowledge of the Bible, I don’t think God really cares about this event. He likely cares a bit about peoples’ reaction to it, though.

    I think a simple “I am not going to do it because it offends my fundamental beliefs, and I forgive you for asking me to do it” would have sufficed from the student.

    Interestingly, if it had been the names Mohammed, Jesus and Shiva(?) as well as…oh, I don’t know…an American flag, I’m curious how the lesson and follow-out had gone. Maybe give the students a choice of which of the above to step on, and ask why they chose that symbol.

  37. oliver Says:

    does anybody understand the concept of critical thinking skills ?
    this exercise asks people to look at WHY stepping on the paper makes them feel a certain way — to look inward and determine as an individual what thought processes are used and gives personal insight on those processes
    people that are complaining that this is some sort of attack on religious beliefs are MORONS think of it this way ITS A FREAKIN NAME ON A PIECE OF PAPER people maybe some of you would feel better if the teacher said put the name of your gardener JESUS on a piece of paper and step on it How does it make you feel
    Total ignorance – people look at yourselves and WHY you do things or say things once in a while maybe it will make sense to some of you

  38. Kevin Says:

    The only reason Mohamed’s name was not part of this exercise is because the text book authors know that they would be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives just like Solomon Ruskie does. I seriously doubt it has anything to do with the authors own religion or a greater respect for Islam. Islamist’s are way more extreme and crazy than Christians and routinely include death threats in their response to any slighting the profit. I admit this is a really stupid classroom exercise and should be removed from the curriculum. But what has happened to the Christian value of forgiveness? Why are you people standing outside the gate with pitch forks and torches yelling for the teachers head in a basket? Could that have something to do with his support for Democrats during elections? You zealot’s know that you love to be outraged when somebody appears to disrespect Christianity because it provides you with a common thread and an excuse to hate others with impunity. Please get over yourself and try to keep in mind that it’s not always about you.

  39. Phil Peloquin Says:

    Not having been in the classroom, and seeing and hearing Mr. Rotela, I’m a bit skeptical that he would express his thoughts thus: “With all due respect to your authority as a professor, I just do not believe what you told us to do was appropriate, I believe it was unprofessional, and I was deeply offended by what you told me to do.”…. More likely he was just another bible-banging neanderthal throwing a hissy fit over his perceived persecution. The class was intercultural communications, the exercise was about the importance of symbols, and according to FAU, no students were required to participate; in fact, the hesitance to step on the paper is the whole point of the exercise. In addition, I have yet to see any article corroborating his side of the story, although I wouldn’t expect FAU to have any rebuttal at all, in the interest of student and faculty privacy. The story does fit the right-wing echo chamber narrative of the oppressed Christian majority, so there’s that, at least.

  40. Richard 'Dick' Gowsinya Says:

    @ Phil

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    Where are our school teachers that should be speaking about this today?
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    Jesus was kissed by Judas, a homo, who tried to sabotage Jesus’s kind ideas…

  41. Fat Sean Says:

    Turn the other page. Never had a Muslim knock on my door to tell me they knew better than I which god was real.

  42. Steve Randolph Says:

    No, they didn’t knock on your door…they just murdered 3,000 people in His name. But, it WAS just that once, I suppose.

  43. The Giant Lake of Fire Says:

    It wasn’t Math class or English class. It was a fluff elective BS class. Way too many hot head emotions in here.

    an “intercultural communications” course to demonstrate that “even though symbols are arbitrary, they take on very strong and emotional meanings.”

    So I guess he got his point across and he triggered some too.

  44. Janet M. Says:

    Professor Poole has conducted this exercise for a number of years with no complaints. It is a VOLUNTARY exercise.

    The student was tossed from the class because he was aggressive toward the professor.

    Apparently this is not the first incident in this class with this guy.

    Do your homework.

  45. David James Says:

    Very interesting, these comments. It was during my college years that my mind was truly opened, where I genuinely learned to analyze and synthesize numerous ideologies, vastly different religions, contrasting beliefs, diverse philosophies and variant theories. I cherish those years, and as a high school educator, it is what compels me to encourage my students to strive for this same opportunity.
    Judging from these comments, it does not sound like anyone has enough information on what actually transpired to persecute either the student or the professor. It does sound like, however, that the professor has seriously engaged the minds of not only his students, but the community at large. Whether or not the professor denounces and purposely tried to defile Christianity– which I doubt considering he is also a politician in Florida– those students in that class have experienced something that will most likely make them critically analyze. It sounds like the lesson’s intent was to show these young minds how sensitive people can be when it comes to personal beliefs, especially religion. I believe the lesson succeeded.
    As for the professor not replying to any attempted correspondence from the press, did you take a moment to think that FAU ordered him to keep his mouth shut so that they can make this go away as quickly as possible? I imagine he is biting his tongue wishing he could explain his side.
    And as for Governor Scott, is this really what you need to be doing with your tax-paid salary?

  46. Repubtallygirl Says:

    @DavidJames Are you referring to the $1 a year salary that the Gov makes?

  47. Koch Brother Says:

    sorry, Ricky…no votes to be gained here

  48. Kevin Says:

    @ Repubtallygirl. Don’t be a fooled by the governor’s attempt at appearing to make a grand gesture by accepting only a $1.00 paycheck Our governor has paid himself dearly by using his position of power to manipulate policy in a way that enriches the interest’s of his family and friends. I would much rather have a governor who earns a paycheck financed by my tax dollars then one who feels no sense of duty to the citizens of Florida and thinks he can act with impunity at our expense. Remember he’s a business man who invested millions of his own fortune to purchase the governorship. He is making a good return on his investment no doubt. Why else would he consider running again?

  49. Repubtallygirl Says:

    @Kevin – What polices has he enacted that benefits his family financial interests? Name one.

    He has been a very successful Governor:

    Since December 2010, one month before Scott took office, the unemployment rate in Florida has dropped from 11.1 percent to 7.8 percent. That rate is lower than the national average. After two years of Scott’s policies, 282,000 private sector jobs have been created; in the previous four years the state had lost 825,000 jobs. The past two years have set records for tourism, Florida’s biggest industry. In 2012, 89.3 million people visited the state, up 2.3 percent from the previous record-setting year.

    * Reforming state government: He oversaw a reduction in over 2,300 needless regulations and 12,000 government positions.
    * Cutting taxes: He cut property taxes by more than $210 million and eliminated the state tax for 63 percent of the businesses that paid it when he was a elected. He is doubling down in the current legislative session by proposing to eliminate the tax for all manufacturing companies – which would mean that 70 percent of all Florida businesses would no longer pay the tax. He intends to make that 100 percent before he’s done.
    * Personal income has also risen by 6.6 percent in Florida since Scott took office, going against a national trend where the family dollar is being stretched razor-thin.

    Take your Scottderangementsyndrome elsewhere. The man has been a great Governor.

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