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Scott opens 2013 session: Reflects on his record, “it’s working”

by John Kennedy | March 5th, 2013

Rick Scott  opened the 2013 Legislature with a State of the State speech Tuesday in which he took credit for bringing the state back from the economic brink but also laid out plans for his toughest test yet – a two-month battle with fellow Republicans over Medicaid expansion.

Scott urged lawmakers to embrace his push for more money for teachers and schools, a tax break for manufacturers, and the challenging goal of expanding Medicaid eligibility to provide health coverage to another 1 million lower-income Floridians.

With his re-election bid only a year away, Scott reflected on his two years leading the state – and declared it a success. He repeatedly used the refrain, “it’s working.”

“Two years ago, we began the hard work to get our state’s economy back on track,” Scotttold lawmakers gathered for a joint-session in a flower bedecked House chamber. “Today, we know it’s working.”

Scott credited his administration and the Republican-controlled Legislature for reducing sky-high unemployment through restrained spending, cutting regulations and reducing state debt.

Scott, who could face a re-election challenge from former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, now a Democrat, blamed previous administrations for “shortsighted policies of borrowing,” that he said helped fuel Florida’s collapse.

“Now, there is a debate about how to count all the jobs being created, and who should get credit for it,” Scott told lawmakers.

“Maybe it is because I am not a politician, but I think this is a great debate to have,” he added. “It celebrates the fact that our economy is once again creating jobs…And, as Ronald Reagan said, there is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care
about who gets the credit.”

Scott’s third State of the State address comes at a challenging time, however, for the Republican governor. His $74.2 billion budget proposal – the largest in state history – has been blistered by tea party groups which supported him in his
2010 election.

But Scott antagonized a larger swath of Republicans last month by calling on lawmakers to expand Medicaid under the federal Affordable Care Act.  For Scott, it was a dramatic policy reversal that is going to prove a tough sell with lawmakers.



27 Responses to “Scott opens 2013 session: Reflects on his record, “it’s working””

  1. jac Says:

    Just like it Did when he worked for That Healthcare Company. He was asked to leave and they got stuck with the Biggest fine. As we got stuck with His failed lawsuit against O’Bamacare and the testing of Urine of Welfare Recipients.

  2. Tea Lady Says:

    We should all be proud of Governor Scott’s achievements! It is his visionary fiscal policy that is bringing renewed vigor and pro$perity to Florida’s economy.

    And if we absolutely must accept the expanded Medicare $olution forced on us by the federal government, then we should force all Medicaid money to go through private insurers, to ensure the most efficient use of resources. We don’t want to expand Big Government $olutions.

    Free Markets always do a superior job of providing goods and services at the most efficient cost.

  3. Tom Says:

    It will only work when he’s out of office.

  4. sebastian dansk Says:

    funny how scott has been moving more to the center the past 6 months – one year. wondering what’s causing it….

  5. Toni Says:

    Scott is an embarrassment to the once great State of Florida. We have been under Republican control since Jeb (the fat one) was elected in 1999 and the state has only gone downhill since. Our Education system has been decimated, we have no jobs unless you count minimum wage not benefit jobs. Where are all the jobs Scott promised? All Republicans need to be voted out!

  6. Martin County Says:

    Tea Lady, I thought your brothers and sisters of the Tea Party were becoming a bit disgruntled with the Gov since his recent sway to the left. You may need to come up with a new moniker, more of a moderate Republican sounding name, if you’re going to continue blogging for your boss and the Tea Party of Fla. You don’t want to look foolish when Scott has to come to the middle for any chance of being re-elected.

  7. registered independent Says:

    As a registered independent who has voted on both sides of the isles for over 30 years I can honestly say that (as God as my witness) I will never vote for a Republican at the state level. How that devil can look into the eyes of the average Floridian and sell out this state to the highest bidders upsets me to the core.

  8. GTFOOH Says:

    Scott may be an embarassment, scumbag, dirt ball, crook…etc. But at least Florida is not in debt, like NY, California, Detroit, and many other liberal run cities and states that are in BIG financial trouble.

    Only if you are a socialist union sucking bird brain liberal would you think being fiscally resonsible is a bad thing.

  9. Dick Scott Says:

    Its working!! Wow this guy is dillusional. He knows he’s outta here in 2014 and now is desperate to do anything. The king of the tea party has collapsed to his knees and now begging floridians to re elect him. NOT

  10. Dick Scott Says:

    its simple math
    Rick Scott=High insurance

  11. Mary Says:

    ‘“Maybe it is because I am not a politician…”

    He must think he’s a comedian in addition to be a crook who got away with the goods.

    Tea Lady, do a little homework. Every private insurance cpmpany has a higher overhead than Medicare. Private insurers ensure the most efficiant use of resources? Don’t you understabd that they have to pay stockholders? Any efficiency they accomplish is by limiting benefits.

    “Free Markets always do a superior job of providing goods and services at the most efficient cost.” There is zero proof of this verse from the conservative Bible.

  12. Guy Says:

    If his goal was to turn Florida into a 3rd world country, then yes his ideas are working soundly.

  13. The Truth! Says:

    Tea Lady…I wish you would drown in your tea. You are the dumbest Jacka** on these blogs! But you are so ignorant you do not know it.

  14. Workforce Alliance Says:

    Workforce Alliance of Palm Beach County applauds the governor’s recommendations to increase the annual funding for regional workforce boards by $55.3 million, for a total of $289.4 million, and double annual funding for Quick Response Training from $6 million to $12 million. This proposed funding will help fuel the growth of local job opportunities and boost the economy overall.

  15. OBIWAN Says:

    GOV Rick Scott has never been indicted, let alone convicted of any crimes. Nor did his company own HCA during the period ‘alleged’.

    Not a single individual of the 70 BILLARY and Janet Reno went after for killing BILLARYcare in 1994 were found guilty of any crimes – one was overturned at the trial level and one on appeal as lacking evidence of any criminal intent.

    The former board of HCA was led by Senator Bill Frist’s brother – they overruled CEO Rick Scott and gave him his couple hundred million ‘severance’, then renamed the company The New HCA to continue doing business with Medicare and settled for cents on the dollar after Clinton left office.

    That ‘fifth amendment’ BS we keep hearing involved disgruntled doctors suing Columbia civilly for more money, had nothing to do with Medicare! Rick Scott did as most of us recommended when Trial Lawyers go on deposition fishing expeditions, essentially “I am advised by competent legal counsel I do not possess sufficient detailed facts to respond accurately to this question”

    Now, google to your heart’s content – you will not find a different set of facts! GOV Rick Scott might be the squeaky-ishly clean ever – afraid to pee in the shower!

    When our “29 daily newspapers” publish these know lies it is YELLOWDOG JOURNALISM! For most, if it weren’t for that they’d have no journalism at all!

  16. vanishingink Says:

    Get rid of this scumbag!

  17. Mary Says:

    OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony were acquitted, Obiwan. Scott wasn”t indicted. So?

  18. ELC Says:

    Voldemort thinks he’ll be re-elected. I think he’s drinkin the Kook-aid. Not that Choo Choo Charlie is anything to be proud about. He flip flops more than a fish out of water. Between these two losers-neither is good for Florida. Not holding my breath and not voting for either. Scott wants the teacher’s vote-when hell freezes over.

  19. Common Sense is GONE! Says:

    Gov. Scott is doing well so far. The only ones who don’t think so are those that believe Obama is doing a great job as president:

    High unemployment (over 10% for real numbers not liberal math)
    Failure in Health Care leadership and ObamaCare is already short of money
    High gas prices – double since he took office and over $3.30/gallon for the longest time ever
    $6Trillion and counting in the deficit

    At least Florida is beginning to get some fiscal common sense.

  20. Mary Says:

    Common sense,
    How many times did you post a comment giving Obama credit when gas prices went down? Ah, I thought so.

    Every credible, nonpolitical analyst will tell you that no president has any real influence on the price of gasoline, whether it goes up or down. There are numerous factors that influence that, including global markets, refinery output etc.

    When you say ridiculous things like blaming the president for gas prices, you undermine the credibility of anything else you say.

    Who say, “Deficits don’t matter?” and turned a surplus into a deficit? Who, for the first time in history, cut taxes while starting new wars, putting us even further into deficits? Who gave us an brand new entitlement and forbade negogiations with suppliers to keep the costs down? Just asking.

  21. GTFOOH Says:


    Thank you for pointing out that Bush was equally as bad president as Obama is today. After this term we will have had 16 years of piss poor policy, bad decisions, and down economy. This country is hurting right now for real leadership. Don’t expect much from congress either. They have not been looking after our best interest in years. As a people, we need to vote them out in every election. No matter who they are!!!

  22. T. J. Ewing Says:

    Hey, the loony tune teabagger B.S. artist has come out from under “her” rock to defend the crook n chief governor who hasn’t been acting too teabaggerish lately. I always get a laugh from her comments which obviously aren’t good for anything else. Those must be some meds “she” takes. They make her delusional at best!

  23. 2014 Says:

    2014, Rick Scott!

    Tick Tock!

  24. Koch Brother Says:




  25. Sue Says:

    It’s getting worse….Scott actually thinks everyone he has screwed will forget what he has done to them…Forget it loser…you’re gone. Now we have another moron Bush thinking of running for President…maybe Jebbie thinks we voters are stupid also and will forget what his moron father and brother did to the U. S. So lets explain it…Scott out…Bush out…Rubio out and someone please shut the Tea Loser up….what an axxxxxx.

  26. Kevin Says:

    What else is he going to say? Um, It’s not working ….all of my signature legislation has been blocked by Florida’s Supreme Court judges who have deemed them un-constitutional? Not a good track record for someone who claims to be a staunch constitutionalist with a firm grasp on its tenets. Perhaps he’s working from an earlier version of the document. You know, the one that doesn’t allow black people or women to vote. Life would be good for the Governor if he could pick and choose only the amendments he like and ignore the rest. His recent adventure towards the left isn’t going to help him now. Charlie Christ will be the next Governor of Florida and the state house will get a makeover in 2014. I just love the fact that conservative pundits are moving so far to the right that they are practically guaranteeing a fracture of the Republican party into two halves. Maybe the Tea Party branch will put up their own presidential candidate in the general election in 2016 practically guaranteeing a democrat presidential victory.

  27. Sueann Showes Says:

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