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Nelson says no, again, to gov’s race talk

by John Kennedy | March 27th, 2013

In case he wasn’t heard the first time, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson on Wednesday again dismissed talk that he was considering challenging Republican Gov. Rick Scott next year.

“The truth is, I have no plans to run for governor,” said Nelson, elected last fall to his third Senate term. “I have no intention of running for governor. I’m trying to serve as senator, and that’s why I’m here today.”

Nelson passed through Tallahassee on Wednesday on his way to the Panhandle’s Marianna, where he was to join anthropologists and law enforcement officials at the closed Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. Scientists have found evidence that suggests unknown bodies may be buried on the grounds of the century-old reform school.

Strategists from both leading parties have been buzzing about the idea of Nelson retaining his Senate seat while running for governor next year. Speculation stems from the view that expected candidate and recent Democratic convert, former Gov. Charlie Crist, would drive too many Republicans to the polls next year, angry and eager to vote against him.

Nelson looms as a less-antagonistic choice for Democrats, the theory says. And, if elected governor, he would be empowered to appoint his successor in the Senate — assuring Democrats would keep the seat.


2 Responses to “Nelson says no, again, to gov’s race talk”

  1. Dennis Ellis Says:

    Nelson is a socialist,true and blue. Another Obamabot and a traitor to those that PAY his salary. His loyalties are to anyone that is here illegally.
    Nelson as Gov. would be the kiss of death for Florida. He needs to retire and move to Mexico where he belongs.

  2. Jethro Says:

    Thank you Mr. Nelson for saying no. We would be in worse shape than we are now with Scott.

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