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More dismal numbers for Rick Scott in Quinnipiac poll; Crist leads by 16 points

by George Bennett | March 20th, 2013

Scott: 36 % approval, 49% disapproval

Florida voters like Republican Gov. Rick Scott‘s proposals to boost teacher pay by $2,500 and expand the state’s Medicaid rolls.

But they don’t like Scott.

A new Quinnipiac University poll released this morning is full of bleak numbers for the governor. Only 36 percent of Florida voters approve of Scott’s job performance, with 49 percent disapproving. Only 32 percent say he deserves a second term in office. He’d lose to Democrat Charlie Crist by a 50-to-34 percent margin if the 2014 election were held today. He’d lose to 2010 opponent Alex Sink by a 45-to-34 percent margin.

The Quinnipiac poll comes a day after the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling released a survey that found 33 percent of Florida voters approving and 57 percent disapproving of Scott’s performance. That poll found Crist leading Scott 52-to-40 percent in a 2014 match-up.

Scott’s vulnerabilities have fueled some speculation that he could be challenged in a GOP primary next year. Therein lies some of the only good news for Scott in the new poll. Pitted against Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam, Republican voters prefer Scott by a 47-to-24 percent margin.

Other good news for Scott: Voters favor his proposal for across-the-board teacher pay hikes by a 74-to-21 percent margin, and they agree with his proposal to expand Medicaid by a 50-to-40 percent margin. And while Scott’s overall approval rating is 13 points under water, the state legislature’s score is even worse, with 52 percent disapproving and only 25 percent approving.

Scott’s approval/disapproval score of 36/49 compares to 36/45 in a December Quinnipiac poll. His best score came last May, when 41 percent approved and 46 percent disapproved of the way he handled his job.

Crist is viewed favorably by 49 percent of Florida voters and unfavorably by 30 percent. If he runs for governor in 2014, the former Republican can expect to be attacked as a party-switching opportunist who campaigned as a conservative as recently as 2010.

But voters don’t appear to hold Crist’s repackaging against him.

In the new poll, voters were reminded of Crist’s recent partisan journey and given this question: “Some people say this is a positive thing because it shows he is a pragmatist who can change with the times and issues. Other people say it is a negative thing because it shows he has no core beliefs. Which comes closest to your view of Charlie Crist?”

Fifty percent called Crist’s change a positive thing, with 40 percent calling it negative. Independent voters viewed Crist’s switch positively by a 51-to-36 percent margin.

The survey of 1,000 registered Florida voters was conducted March 13-18 and has a 3.1 percent margin of error. The Republican sample of 353 voters has a 5.2 percent margin of error.

31 Responses to “More dismal numbers for Rick Scott in Quinnipiac poll; Crist leads by 16 points”

  1. registered independent Says:

    Dear sweet Jesus in Heaven please make this man a one term Governor and restore some sense of balance to Tallahassee. I beg you, please.

  2. Courtney Says:

    I would vote for Charlie Crist easily. Rick Scott has money grubbed and lied long enough; it’s hard to believe he was elected in the first place with his past! When I first moved here, I was impressed when I read about Charlie fighting against cell phone companies and others for overcharging consumers. I was surprised that he was a Republican, at first because I hadn’t seen many of them fight for anyone besides themselves. I admire someone who stands by his own beliefs and challenges companies and individuals who are in the wrong. Thank you for that and I hope we find a few more. I also hope people start making those who lie, cheat and steal pay for their own crimes and not accept scapegoats because they are too big, too rich, too..whatever to be prosecuted. Wake up American,

  3. disappointed Says:

    Scott has become another whore. I won’t give him a dime and hope he and Ballard go down in flames

  4. rileymon Says:

    Moron,,,, a person that believes everything the palm beach post,nbc,cnn, msnbc,and any other liberal news has to say and no facts to back up except he’s a republican.Charlie Christ is a two headed snake or just another lawyer!

  5. TrafficAvenger Says:

    The reason Rick Scott paid his own way into the governors mansion was so he could make money off the back of the taxpayers.
    From drug testing welfare recipients and state workers at a cost to taxpayers of $48 million a year to the so called insurance reform that was to save the taxpayers over a “Billion” a year. Giving away “Millions and Millions” to professional sports teams and private enterprise while the rest of us are trying to collect on unemployment benefits we paid into for over thirty years only to be told there is no money left in “our” accounts.
    How did the banter go. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Or was it. Lies, lies and more lies.
    And all this with the blessings of his fellow members of the G.O.P. in the state legislation.
    The one thing I must admit, the man knows how to make money off the backs of others hard earned money.
    To bad he didn’t take the time to try and truly figure out a way to save the taxpayers money on real problems the state is having.

    The 4th. of Nov. 2014.
    That is the Tuesday “We the People” of the state of Florida will “VOTE OUT” each and every member of the G.O.P. we can. And yes, Gov. Rick Scott will be the first to go.

  6. Jeffrey Slee Says:

    The Tea Party ideologues have had their moment in the sun and social progress but one of its victims. As a registered Independent, I would not only vote for Charlie but contribute and campaign for him if that would put an end to the Scott era. Truth be told, I’d do that for any reasonable candidate that opposed Mr. Scott.

  7. clarity Says:

    Crist cannot survive outside of politics. Not a fan of Scott either, but are ya’ll that easily swayed. Crist was a Rep., seemingly unemployed lawyer, switches to Dem., and wants to get back to the business of dictating your life. That’s how ya like it?

  8. David Says:

    Rick Scott is dead meat. I’m amazed that ANYONE – Democrat or Republican – would even consider voting for this guy. By the way; where’s the Tea Lady? I miss her irrational ravings!

  9. Curious George Says:

    All the negative comments above about Scott were made by the same people about Charlie Sweet Cheeks when he was Gov

    Elect Crist and Florida will truly become a welfare state…
    State income tax will be implemented
    The much hated snowbirds will head to Arizona
    Businesses will head to Texas

  10. Greg Says:

    registered independent….i have been in florida 26 years. obviously you have been here much longer….i dont ever remember any balance in tallahassee..

  11. David Says:

    You’re right, Curious George. However, I’d sooner vote for Richard Nixon than Rick Scott. Personally, I’d choose Alex Sink over Crist, but it’s hard to imagine anyone who would be worse than Scott.

  12. MissWTF Says:

    Recent polls held at Castle Grayskull show a 100 percent disapproval rating of Governor Skeletor.

    Clearly “rileymon” is a correspondent for Faux News!

    @ David, I’m pretty sure she slit her wrists after Obama was elected again.


  13. NFG Says:

    My initials say it all about this corrupt carpetbagger from Texas..hope he goes back

  14. Alex Says:

    At least Scott isn’t a total phoney like Charlie Crist…who I voted for once.

    Gov Crist – My property taxes, auto & homeowners insurance went up.

    Christ wanted to be a US Senator the day he became Governor. He Appointed his Aid (stooge) to be a caretaker, because he didn’t want the bad press from resigning to take the position.

    Crist ran as a Big Time Conservative, until Rubio cleaned his clock in the polls. Than he became the Liberal and split the Dems votes.

    Crist got married (Liza Manelli not available) to a lovely woman. Who knows, maybe Gay is the way to go in 2013?

    Crist is as phoney as $4 bill…Scott is what he is, he’s happy being Govenor.

    Crist wants to be on the National Ticket. He’ll be smarter next time and just use the position of Govenor to Appoint himself US Senator. If Rudio gets on GOP Natl Ticket, Nelson retires…Crist becomes US Senator.

  15. dick Says:

    Crist is a hypocrite, a jerk, a pretty face, amoral, an egotistical
    publicity seeking back stabber. And you want to elect this pond scum? Why? Because he’s a Democrat and you want to influence the ‘entitled” ones to follow your liberal dictates. Sick!

  16. CommishOfCommonSense Says:

    Anyone defending Scott has no clue about his deceitful arrogance. He cheated Medicare out of millions and lied under oath. He is only in politics to suck as much money from taxpayers as he can and to line the pockets of his family and his constituents. He should rightfully be behind bars. Please educate yourself before casting a vote in any election.
    PS. I’m not a fan of Crist, however it doesn’t get much raunchier than Scott.

  17. clean house! Says:

    I would vote for jeffrey Dahmer if he were running agains Scott. That petty, evil, crook, and tool of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the insurance industry and the Koch Brothers.

  18. Curious George Says:

    And that’s how brainless floridians are… What kind of KoolAid drinkers they’ve become

    HeII no don’t vote for Scott…


    3 years ago you wanted to ride him out of the state with a rail up his a$$ (which he might have enjoyed)

    And now you’re all ready to put him back in office

    Should change the state animal from the panther to the sheeple

  19. Searcher1 Says:

    It looks like Charlie could beat Rick. But Rick won’t make it past a Republican Primary. Rick is trying to move to the center, but he can’t win a primary with out TEAliban votes. On other words, HE IS SCREWED!

  20. spence Says:

    A rotting possum carcass could get higher popularity ratings than freako.

  21. Carrie Says:

    And the final curtain closes and the applause dies a slow death for all to see. Yet another character of the twisted Tbag Ideology that once blossomed into a radical revolution of angry old farts on the edge being encouraged by waves of billionaires seeking a new revolutionary hope across our planet using advance and develop models of capitalistic modernization where prison privatization off the misery of others is a foreseeable truth of great profits and stadium naming rights with the occasional enclaves of industry and high technology failures that has plagued your governorship resulting in extreme poverty and human suffering of the State’s most vulnerable

  22. Kewteepie Says:

    If Atilla the Hun were running against Scott, I’d votefor “Atilla”.

  23. timtopper Says:

    Crist didn’t do anything to hurt the state or the citizens of Florida. He easily would have won another term if his political ambitions had not gotten the best of him.

    Rubio couldn’t replace a zit on Charlies backside either. If Rubio and Jebb (mr. Education reform) are the best the Repubs can do, they should forget about ever sitting in the white house again.

    I was a life long Republican. However, once the party embraced that criminal they call Scott, I said enough is enough. Between Scott, Atwater, Bondi, Negron, Latvala and Wetherford, the republican party of Florida has become a clown posse.

    I will never vote to send another Republican to Tallahassee again, ever!

  24. TrafficAvenger Says:

    The only brainless Floridians there are in this state are the ones who voted for the man from Bloomington, 2010. Rick Scott.
    Those brainless Floridians are even more then likely not from Florida as well. Sound familiar to or about any of the above?
    Mr. Crist is not my favorite Governor the state has ever had but he is by all means and by all ways and by a very wide margin better then the man we have now.
    As far as people not wanting Crist to run in 2010. That was his own undoing. He had decided early on he would not run for second term. Most people liked him just for the fact he pissed off the G.O.P. and well, that still puts a smile on most folks faces.
    As for taxes going down during the first term of Rick Scott was in office would be because of another G.O.P. love child? George W. Bush and the collapse of the housing market. Way to go troops.
    Now then. Insurance Companies.
    Rick Scott is so deep in the pockets of these corporations he can recite their credit card numbers from memory. Tell me your home owners went down without paying off your mortgage and I would say you are the only soul in the state that has happened too. This is why the Insurance companies came to him and said. Mr. Scott can we lower are rates? Odd. I never saw that headline and you can bet there would BIG BOLD HEADLINES with that one.
    Pilfering state funds:
    Drug testing welfare recipients and state workers at a cost of $48 million a year to walk in clinics his wife is still a partner in with zero savings to the state. What else would it be called?
    Job creation? Corporate Welfare? Tax Free Loans?
    No, it is pilfering state funds.

    1 Year 7 Months and 15 Days,
    from today “We Floridians with brains” will “VOTE OUT” each and every member of the G.O.P. we can. And Rick Scott is a valid reason as to why.

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  31. Mark Says:

    Charlie Crist was a terrible governor. He got NOTHING done. I’m an independent who voted for him every time he ran for office. No more. I may just hold my nose and vote Rick Scott back in if that’s who the democrats nominate.

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