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Crist tops Scott 52-40 in Democratic firm’s poll; Scott approval remains deep under water

by George Bennett | March 19th, 2013

The Medicaid-expanding, teacher-pay-boosting version of Republican Gov. Rick Scott isn’t any more popular with voters than the tea party version, according to a new survey by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling.

Only 33 percent of Florida voters approve of the job Scott is doing, compared to 57 percent who disapprove in PPP’s latest poll. That’s the same underwater score Scott had in PPP’s January poll.

Democrats and independents have a decidedly unfavorable view of Scott. Republicans approve by only a narrow margin: 46 percent to 42 percent.

Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democratic former Gov. Charlie Crist has a 46 percent approval rating and 43 percent disapproval score in the poll. He’s the clear favorite among Dems to be the party’s nominee, with 50 percent preferring him and 21 percent favoring 2010 nominee Alex Sink.

Crist would win a hypothetical 2014 general election match-up against Scott by a 52-40 margin in PPP’s poll. Sink would beat Scott 45-40 and former Tampa mayor Pam Iorio would defeat Scott 44-37. Scott would beat former Democratic state Sen. Nan Rich, according to PPP, by a 42-36 margin.

15 Responses to “Crist tops Scott 52-40 in Democratic firm’s poll; Scott approval remains deep under water”

  1. The flip side Says:

    I can’t wait for Charlie to run. All of his dirty laundry will be hung out to dry.

  2. Dick Scott Says:

    rick scott is a disgrace and embarrassment to FL. At least we know Crist actually cares about floridians, Scott cares about Insurance company’s net profit.

  3. timtopper Says:

    Charlie’s dirty laundry is completely sanitary compared to Scott. Scott and his clown posse: Atwater, Bondi, Negron, Wetherford, Latvala–all dirty as the day is long. Continue to sell us to the insurance industry, the private prison companies, the developers, Sugar, and FPL.

    Sink and the rest of the dems step aside and let Charlie spank Scott like the spoiled child he is.

  4. TrafficAvenger Says:

    What I find the most baffling but yet interesting, is the fact that Scott still has over a third of state convinced he is doing a good job. How bizarre is that?

    Only 1 Year 7 Months and 16 Days to go boys and girls.

    How much damage can Mr. Scott and the rest of the members of the G.O.P. do between now and then?

  5. Jupiter Guy Says:

    It’s too bad some of the questions in a poll are like “Do you think the governor should be stranded on a remote island, and then have the GPS coordinates thrown out”?

  6. Jupiter Guy Says:

    I meant aren’t like. Sorry about that.

  7. Stan Everson Says:

    The state unemployement rate is down 3.1 % since Scott took office and we have had a balanced budget every year. Obama has a net job loss and has added 6 trillion in debt yet Obama got re-elected and Scott and going to get beat? Wow, this country is in serious trouble! I am neith a Republican or Democrat but lets judge people on there performance not there party. Scott has done a a far better job then Obama.

  8. SOFLGirl Says:

    Not surprised by his poll numbers at all! I can’t wait until he is voted out of office…just like Alan West!!

    Voter turnout won’t be anemic like it was in 2010….Rick Scott = Voter Surpression!!

  9. OBIWAN Says:

    It matters when 29 out of 29 ‘daily newspapers’ across Florida did not support the Republican incumbent.

    Most did not support RINO Charles Crist either, nor Republican Jeb Bush nor any of Jeb’s disciples.

    NO, truth be told those ‘daily newspapers’ are sold out lock, stock and barrel to whatever flavor of the month rabid progressive liberal loon Marxist talks about spreading the wealth and protecting all the little people?

    And, somehow you expect Quinnipiac or {insert name of RPLL pollster} to not lift the piss pail for ‘anyone but that Republican guy’?

    Governor Rick Scott is doing a fine job, above the fray and squeaky clean to a fault. Our economy is rebounding despite the drag imposed by Washington DC Money Laundry. Our Budget is almost back to Jeb Bush’s last one, more than enuff to do the job with inflation and growth both factored into the equation!

  10. SteveinWPB Says:

    Charlie Crist in 2014!!!!
    Scott only cares about money off sick people. What a dirtbag Scott is.

  11. SteveinWPB Says:

    Obama stablized the US economy and thus the economy of Florida. Scott deserves no credit. Scott has done nothing except try to enrich himself and he is changing his political positions because he knows he has no chance of winning unless his does.

  12. SOFLGirl Says:

    He will blow through 100 million on his re-election campaign (probably the most in 2014 right behind Meg Whittman) and will still lose….he is now just flip-flopping on issues at this point to get re-elected….

    Good riddance!!

  13. Dr Destiny Says:

    Can’t wait for Charlie to air his dirty lingerie.

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