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Rubio on water swig: ‘God has a funny way of reminding us we’re human’

by George Bennett | February 13th, 2013

Admit it — unless you’re an Indiana politics junkie or fan of former OMB directors, you probably don’t have any particular visual recollection of Mitch Daniels‘ 2012 GOP response to the State of the Union.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, on the other hand, provided a memorable image Tuesday night when he gave the Republican response. In the midst of accusing President Barack Obama of laying out “false choices,” Rubio briefly ducked out of camera range to grab a water bottle and take a quick swig.

Rubio made light of the incident immediately afterward, sending out a picture of the Poland Springs water bottle on his Twitter account. Today, on ABC’s Good Morning America, Rubio hoisted a larger water bottle during a live interview with George Stephanopolos.

“I needed water – what am I going to do? You know, it happens. God has a funny way of reminding us we’re human,” Rubio said while smiling broadly.

For a more substantive take on Rubio’s speech, check out our Laura Green‘s account by clicking here.

Shortly after his response to the State of the Union, Rubio tweeted this picture of the water bottle he took a swig from.

35 Responses to “Rubio on water swig: ‘God has a funny way of reminding us we’re human’”

  1. h2o999lbs123fun Says:

    Why drink foreign imported bottled Poland water when Zephyr Hills is Florida product? What is wrong with Washington crowd? Republicans ever hear of no condensation drinking glasses like Turvis tumbler which are also made in USA? SNL skit where Rubio riffs off topic of national problems into multiple product placement ads would depict republicans to a Tee…shirts from Pakistan!

  2. doo doo doo doo Says:

    So he thought some god was telling him something? So he decided to drink tap water from a small plastic bottle and continue on proposing continued political deadlock of going back to same old failed policies.

  3. david fennessy Says:

    He’s not the Polished politician some make him out to be. I thought he was Cuban?

  4. Gordon Solie Says:

    Hey h2o999lbs123fun, Poland Spring Water is produced in Maine you knucklehead.

  5. Come on Now Says:

    Sorry to h2o999lbs123fun but Poland Spring is not a foreign imported product (they are from Maine and been in business for over 100 years). Let’s grow up in America and keep the political debate focused on issues. This is truly a case of grasping at straws. There are more legitimate issues with the Republican party than an imagined one based on a bottle of water.

  6. Stallion Pride Says:

    Hey h2o999lbs, quit being a Jack A$$ and know what you are talking about!
    Poland Spring is a brand of bottled water manufactured by a subsidiary of Nestlé and sold in the United States.It was founded in 1845 by Hiram Ricker. Despite the name, THE WATER DOES NOT COME FROM THE COUNTRY OF POLAND BUT FROM SPRINGS IN MAINE. So it is not imported!!
    Another liberal who makes fun of people but doesn’t have a clue on what he is talking about. Stay off the comment section until you really know what you are talking about!!

  7. Seth Platt Says:

    Another example of Rubio assigning divinity to a scientifically explainable occurrence.

  8. SteveinWPB Says:

    Rubio could not swallow his own lies without some water.

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    This is news??

  10. Yolanda S Says:

    Marco Rubio’s family is CUBAN , he’s son of Immigrants, that’s why he feels strongly against the communism and most 2nd Generation Cubans are Republicans.

  11. NFG Says:

    It made him look nervous and a amateur…like Paul Ryan

  12. drewsco Says:

    Gordon Solie,Come on Now,& Stallion Pride:

    You’re right! We shouldn’t harp on meaningless things like the bottle of water he dranked from.

    Instead, let’s focus on the lies and mischaracterizations that he stated.

    For example, Rubio accused President Obama of criticizing the Republicans for refusing to raise taxes to delay military cuts.

    That was a lie and deflection.

    President Obama was accusing the Republican for trying to shift the budget hit to domestic programs, something the Pentagon and the defense industry have taken pains to oppose.

    Hmmmm, funny how Rubio didn’t address that in his so-called eloquent speech.

    Oh I forgot, he knows how Republicans are so easily swayed by style over substance….LOL

  13. drewsco Says:

    Here is another Rubio misstatement:

    In his speech, he asserts that President Obama is in favor of leaving Medicare exactly the way it is right now, therefore he is in favor of bankrupting it.

    Hmmmm, I guess ole Marco drunk too much Cuban coffee last night because it affected his memory.

    I guess he forgot about OBAMACARE.

    OBAMACARE, whether you like it or not,has already made changes to Medicare that added several years of solvency to the hospital trust fund.

    But oh! I forgot. Facts don’t matter to Republicans, they are more swayed by style than substance…..LOL

  14. V Says:

    Human? Yeah, just kind of hard getting through a speech full of mis-representations and down right lies. Typical rethugliKon.

  15. JustMeee Says:

    But, if Poland Springs doesn’t come from Poland, then why do they call it Poland Springs???? Answer me THAT, ya morons!

  16. JustMeee Says:

    But, Marco, there IS not god, don’t ya know that, ya moron!

  17. h2o999lbs123fun Says:

    Technically unless Senator Rubio was in Maine drinking that bottle of water it was just as “imported” as the foreign name implies! Still doesn’t explain why he isn’t drinking Zephry Hills if he must drink “imported” bottled water to flush the bitter taste of Washington kool-aid out of his mouth! Why did he feel compelled to tell us about paying off his student loan debt (which was still large debt he took to improve his life but wants to deny others now to give tax cuts to wealthy)? Did he tell us how our tax supported health insurance kept his family out of debt after his daughter was injured or will that be hushed up like Rick Santorium wouldn’t discuss the costs of his family healthcare for a child? I didn’t listen to Rubio so have no idea what he said but have plenty of clues on what he said from being a Florida family member that has plenty of experience with the cost shifting onto our living expenses by the illegal workers! Why didn’t Rubio’s father join the military during Vietnam era rather than working in bar tending profession which has plenty of opportunity to hide income from cash payrolls and tips?

  18. Ralph Peters Says:

    I can’t believe people are more concerned with what water he drinks than what he stands for. No wonder our Country is all screwed up !!!!!!

  19. PBCnative Says:

    The ancient Chinese have a saying: Dry mouths tell lies. Rubio is no different. To the rocket scientist who commented earlier about 2nd generation Cubans being Republicans, VERY FEW 2nd generation Cubans (whom I know) are Republicans. My ex-husband’s father was a DIE hard Republican (he worked for the U.S.CIA as a spy in Cuba during the Missile Crisis) and he was a DEMOCRAT. He never told his dad he was a registered Democrat-he was afraid to! There are far more legalized Mexican, South American, Carribean Islanders & stateside Puerto Ricans (the majority being registered Democrats) than there are Cubans who have the right to vote. In case you missed it-Cubans and Puerto Ricans are not too fond of each others ethnic group-so Puerto Ricans voting for Rubio? It won’t happen. The party’s platform must change to attract women & minorities.

    The GOP still holds onto antiquated views and policies of a bygone era. The majority of newly eligible voters are more tolerant of different lifestyles, legalization of marijuana, women’s issues, gender equality, immigration issues, taxation etc.. The GOP doesn’t seem to want to change those McCarthy 1950s ideals, so promoting Rubio as the GOP ‘savior’ is laughable. They still don’t GET IT!!!

  20. Tom Says:

    The days of the Cuban-Americans being a solid Repub voting block are long gone. The younger generation along with the majority of Latinos vote Democrat.

  21. joe Says:

    Rubio’s parents fled Cuba because of Batiste’ not because of castro.

  22. EBT Lifestyle Says:

    Can you guys give me more money to support my EBT lifestyle.

    I am begging you. I just am too lazy to work and I love Obama. Someone shove a dildo in my ass!!!

  23. nemo88 Says:

    Why we making such a fuss over someone who drinks water?

  24. Bito Says:

    @EBT, the dildo thing id doable, since you have been taking it that way for a long time from the RETHUGLICANS, and you seem to enjoy it.

  25. taxpayer Says:

    Why should I work? when I can sit at home, eat fried chicken,smoke crack and make babies and have uncle Obama support me.

  26. DavidW Says:

    So Marco thinks he’s a super hero that needs to be reminded he’s human huh? Arrogant and a liar.

  27. Kevin Says:

    That was a nice attempt at making a landmark speech but he ended up coming off like an amateur. He’s spouting the same old pull yourself up by your boot straps rugged individualist BS republicans have been trying to sell people for years, there’s nothing new here. Republican policies only create prosperity for those who already hold powerful affluent positions. While a number of these people are good decent caring law abiding citizens who work hard and treat their employees with respect and dignity. There are just as many deceitful back stabbing criminal liar business people who would sell their mothers into slavery if they thought it could benefit them personally. Republican ideas could create wealth for everyone and actually do what they claim in theory if human nature was for people to have compassion for others and act scrupulously. The competitive put me first mentality of most people more evident in Americans that anyone else on the planet does not do anything to improve the lives of the average man or woman working paycheck to paycheck trying to pay their bills and still take a week or two vacation once a year much less a poor, elderly or disabled person. Corporate tax cuts will do nothing to spur job creation because the corporate tax cut in and of itself does not create an increase in the need for products and services which is the only thing that creates jobs. It will just end up in the pockets of corporate officers and their stock holders placed into their off shore tax evading bank accounts not helping anyone or doing anything. Rubio is no republican savior. The party is terminal and on life support and there is nothing Rubio, Ryan or Paul can do about it. It will be a long time down the road before a republican will get elected as POTUS again. Better get used to your growing minority status. It’s going to be a long long time.

  28. djnfla Says:

    It’s is amazing that no one is talking about the speech that Obama gave and gives over and over and over and over and over-you get the point-again.

    No, it is Rubio drinking water.
    The real fact is Rubio’s pause to refresh was better that listening to the same Obama speech over and over again- to infinity and beyond.

    The only thing I remember from Obama’s speech-not one dime.
    Who believes that?

    Drink on Rubio, and press on. The truth will prevail.

  29. SteveinWPB Says:

    I agree with Kevin’s comments above. Any working person who votes Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

  30. Bkay Says:

    Mr. Rubio did the conservative cause more harm when he mouthed cliches spewed out by Republican ghost writers. it almost seems all Republicans have to repeat the same script. You wonder if there is a Republican censor behind the scenes.

    Imagine Democratic and Republican congress members allowing. They military to decide what it’s needs are rather than defense contractors they are indebted to.

    Republicans have misused the conservative label to serve disparate minorities, the rich and super rich, the religious fringe, the Tea Party extremists. They are designing their own demise.

  31. Jupiter Guy Says:

    He’s against all Latins earning citizenship except cubans.

  32. Stallion Pride Says:

    JustMeee are you as stupid as you sound? Poland Spring water comes from a spring in Poland, Maine. Population just over 5,000
    Quit trying to be cute and call it imported since it wasn’t from Florida. Admit it, you made a stupid statement. You had no clue and you thought it was from the country of Poland.

  33. Dee Says:

    I’ve never met a Republican who was human. What is Rubio talking about? Vampires maybe. They are sucking the life out of America.

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