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Former tea party leader sues St. Lucie County elections chief over West-Murphy records

by George Bennett | February 4th, 2013

Former Palm Beach County Tea Party Coordinator Pam Wohlschlegel and a national group called True The Vote have filed a federal lawsuit accusing St. Lucie County Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker of failing to turn over public records related to Democrat Patrick Murphy‘s narrow victory over former Republican Rep. Allen West in November.

Murphy defeated West by less than 1 percent in Palm Beach-Treasure Coast District 18. In St. Lucie County, which is home to about 37 percent of District 18 voters, Walker admitted some early ballots were double-counted and others were ignored on election night. But after a retabulation of St. Lucie County’s early votes nearly three weeks after the election, vote totals did not change enough to trigger a district-wide recount under state law and West conceded the race.

In a suit filed in federal court in Fort Pierce, True The Vote and Wohlschlegel ask the court to compel Walker to allow the plaintiffs to physically inspect a variety of records, many of which appear to be aimed at determining whether any ineligible people cast ballots.

Walker today said her office had been in ongoing discussions with True The Vote about inspecting records. She said she had not seen the lawsuit and could not immediately comment on it.


28 Responses to “Former tea party leader sues St. Lucie County elections chief over West-Murphy records”

  1. Charlotte Biggs Says:

    This is a valid lawsuit! The many errors are either the result of very slipshod management or criminal intent. Either action is unacceptable; and we, the people of District 18, are the losers – as is our country if the wrong man is actually representing us.

  2. Termack Says:

    This is a bogus lawsuit! Tabulation errors happen frequently and to suggest that this is somehow criminal is par for the course in the teabag land bubble.
    Sanity prevailed and the people of Dist. 18 are the winners. Alan West, and his crazy ideas, have been cast into obscurity where they belong.

  3. Nemo Says:

    This is going to uncover that the election was rigged and also it is going to reveal that the Democrats are part of the organized crime and the socialist mafia with headquarters in Chicago…Well done!

  4. jebamoni4 Says:

    Tea Party is dead in Forida. The Medicare fraud Scott is the next target.

  5. Bito Says:

    @Charlotte and Nemo, you two are dilusional, if somebody tried to rig the election it was YOU RETHUGLICANS, Ill bet you didn`t have a problem when GW stole the elections in 2000 & 2004, You are nothing but a bunch of SORE LOSERS,get over it.

  6. DDW Says:

    Thanks for the best laugh I have had in weeks. “Democrats are part of the organized crime and the socialist mafia with headquarters in Chicago”. Funny thing is when the word “Mafia” is mentioned I always think of the Italians from New York.
    Yeah good ole Tea Party favorite Rick Scott, the insurance companies or piss test clinics did not make any backdoor deals at the expense of the taxpayers of Florida.
    Tricky Ricky and the rest of the members of the G.O.P. have never done a thing that was against the best wishes of the Floridians they say they represent.Nope not a thing.
    Lets talk about the organized crime that is the members of the G.O.P. in the state capital.
    Oh and did you read where the G.O.P. is pissed with Mr. Murphy for beating them in the race even though he raised less money from out of town donors then Allen West. No wounder they are questioning the election results, I mean wouldn’t you after spending all that money, thinking you had bought the election and still come up short in the poles.
    Again thanks for the giggles.

  7. Thom Burke Says:

    I’m all for public records being public. But I also suspect there is a lot of whining by the TEA Baggers here. I suspect that once the records are released they’ll show nothing nefarious. This isn’t the first time a public official has held back records that ended up not showing anything significant.

    I’d kind of still like to see Romney’s tax returns from before the one he released. I’m guessing that he probably paid no income taxes at all, using offshore tax havens to hide his money.

  8. Kevin Says:

    Wah wah wah!! You Tea Party idiots are always whining about rampant abuse of the legal system and the number of frivolous law suites being brought to our tax payer funded courts unless of course it’s over something you contend furthers your extreme right wing agenda. This is just as ridiculous as your stubborn resistance to the fact that President Obama was born in Hawaii. It’s very obvious that this suit is being brought simply to harass and to keep your pathetic little group in the news. I look forward to posting about your loss and hope your little group gets stuck with all the legal fees for both parties. Mr. West lost election fair and square in spite of the Florida republican legislatures attempts to stymie minority votes during the election. Furthermore, he did absolutely nothing for the residents of district 18 during his tenure. It’s got to be his extreme and hateful, intolerant views combined with his colorful television showboating that turns you on. Besides he’s got a TV show now which was his goal and doesn’t have time to be your congressman. Why don’t you get a life and stop the constant baseless harassment. It’s time for the federal government to get things done and compromising with your opposition is how you make that happen. Your groups diligence in unseating republican politicians who compromise on legislation with democrats will no doubt lead to an across the board republican minority status and the eventual demise of your supposedly uncompromising principals. When will you learn that you are only preaching to the coir? Your extreme views and angry rhetoric are not accomplishing what should be your desired goal of bringing people over from the other side who sympathize with your cause. Your actions only confirm the fact that you are all crazy right wing zealots. This approach will eventually galvanize the left and put off people in the middle who are trying to determine which side represents their best interest. Good luck on destroying yourself.

  9. DavidW Says:

    The big mouth loser West LOST. Get over it baggers

  10. Thom Burke Says:

    Let’s just make sure we get rid of the remaining TEA Baggers out of office in 2014.

  11. TruthBeTold Says:

    Kevin – the king was born in Hawaii huh? That’s why the US Supreme Court has decided to rule on the issue of his fake documents and inelligibility this month. Look it up for yourself moron, and do a little of your own research before you continue to run your mouth and spew the same old liberal nonsense being broadcast everyday by the MSM. Additionally, anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence can look at the information and conclude there was RAMPANT voter fraud on the part of the democrats last election. Stop drinking the cool aid and try to open your mind for once in your life – you will be absolutely amazed at what you learn. Go ahead, I dare you…

  12. Kim Jacobs Says:

    Allen West is the typical Narcissist Personality Disorder….can’t believe he lost and won’t let it go. You Lost. Now move on to something productive…not negative. I saw him in person and he would sell his mother to get elected.

  13. DDW Says:

    We, the crazies in the middle, have done our homework and research and we have found through this research that there is a better chance of getting legislation passed that is in the best interest of the taxpayers. The way we have found to do that would be to vote out each and every member of the G.O.P. we can.
    Come the 4th. of Nov. 2014
    “We the People” Plan on doing just that and we will due it with a clear conscience.

    Name a single piece of G.O.P. legislation, state or federal, proposed or passed, that had the best interest of a taxpaying human as it basis. Take your time, this is not a timed quiz.

  14. Kim Jacobs Says:

    Oh…don’t get me wrong..I love and support the Tea Party. That’s how Obama won! Keep up the good work and keep wasting your time on this tiny mans problems with facing reality.

  15. The Rock Says:

    Hey DDW (stands for Dimwhitted Democratic Whiner)…how about the Republican tax cuts in 2001 that jump started the economy. Then there is prescription medicare benefit they passed. Republicans when they were the majority attempted Social Security reform and Immigration reform only to be blocked. I’m not defending the Republicans (I lean more Libertarian/Independent). Both traditional parties are an absolute mess. I’d have to say Democrats are a little worse right now. It won’t matter in a few years when the Republic falls apart. Good luck keep drinking your Kool-Aide, I’ll be prepared!

  16. DDW Says:

    Rock, as in Not.
    Tax cuts that jump started the economy? Did you mean the money give away with those massive $300 hundred dollar checks that “W” wrote everyone and his brother and or sister that was the start of the downfall of the surplus that Clinton had left “W” before the leading up to the largest recession sense the Great Depression? Those Tax Breaks? Yeah now there are some bragging rights.
    I guess you got the dimwit. ROCK NOT.

  17. JoseO Says:

    Will you Fleabaggers get off it. Your boy (West) lost the election because we (the people)object to his neo-nazi style of government. We voted him out of office. It’s the American way.

  18. JoseO Says:

    Allen West is a right wing, bible thumping, gun carrying, Muslim and immigrant hating, fear and war mongering, brown shirted, goose stepping fascist of the Fleabag Party. Down with West and down with the Fleabag Party.

  19. SOFLGirl Says:

    True To Vote….ia a Tea Party-aligned voter integrity group known for its controversial “poll-watching” efforts, filed a federal lawsuit on Monday seeking to pick up the ball that the congressman dropped when he conceded the race to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy in November. Please move on like West has….spare us all and please be sure that tea baggers are footing the bill….WASTE!

    Despite the concession, West later claimed that Murphy had to “cheat to beat me.” Really, Alan, please share how he cheated???

    True the Vote drew scrutiny in the lead up to the November election over allegations that its electoral integrity campaign was focused on impeding the voting process for those in minority-heavy precincts. We are all watching….promise!

    2014 is around the corner!! Florida is going to have real change….thank goodness!

    @Rock- prescription medicare benefit passed but there was NO money to pay for it…just sayin…

  20. Bridge Says:

    DDW and the rest of you liberal fools, listen very carefully. EVERY SINGLE nation on Earth which has tried socialism has failed. What part of history do you not understand? Just because the vast majority of you are too lazy to work, and would rather sit at home watching oprah and drinking malt liquor, doesn’t mean that lifestyle can continue unchecked forever. Look at Greece, Spain, France and other socialistic countries. ALL ARE FALLING! Wow, the stupidty being shown here is iincredible! Type in “the fall of Rome” in to your govt provided computer with free welfare internet and do a little reading. See EXACTLY what caused it and all other great kingdoms to fall. America is going the same direction. The sad part is the welfare scum are too dumb to realize it and the liberal animals are counting on it.

  21. DDW Says:

    WOW, Bridge,
    While you are here please explain to us dimwits the comparison of the economies of these members of the E.U. and the economic make up of the good ole U.S. of A.. You know dollars verses euros. How there unemployment rates went up 0.02% after the gutting of their economies by their conservative comrades.
    As far as the U.S.A working it’s way to socialism.
    Why do you think we are voting out the corporate welfare give away artist we know as the members of the G.O.P.?
    Again, take your time, this will not be a timed quiz.

  22. DDW Says:

    Oh and Bridge,
    by the way I paid for the computer. The government has given me nothing but a hard time at both the state and federal level. And calling someone an animal is really not very polite.
    Go get yourself a nice warm glass of kool-aide and get yourself all tucked in with your pillow and blankey and don’t let the bedbugs bite and we will talk in class tomorrow.
    Sweet dreams pudden.

  23. Richard wilmoth Says:

    the solution to the problems that Democrats and Republicans arehaving is to disolve both parties thereby allowing
    any individual to be able to run for elected office. there by stopping all these testosterone matches between parties…

  24. kelly Says:

    The Republican party (via Karl Rove) is in the process of sealing out the Tea Party from any influence in future elections. The R party knows it cannot win elections with an extremist fringe in their tent. A third party looks like the only path to recognition for Tea Party members. Maybe Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh will agree to be their leader so they have a national mouthpiece.

  25. Cory Says:

    The key to this whole story is “some of the votes were double counted and some were ignored”…what? This is no big deal to a lot of people…forget the politicians on both sides…clean up the VOTING PROCESS ..can anyone hear me??

  26. Kevin Says:

    @ truthbetold, I took your advice and researched your claim regarding SCOTUS decision to rule on the issue of Obama’s fake documents and ineligibility. As expected it appears that your inability to accept the facts you don’t like combined with your distrust of any media outlet that is not “birther approved” has led you astray from reality. Seems like a woman lawyer named “Dr.”Orly Taitz has repeatedly submitted requests to at least two individual Supreme Court justices to hear her case in conference and has been denied. It is customary when a lawyer makes a request like this to multiple justices individually one of them will bring it up in conference with the entire group so it can be summarily rejected by all justices at the same time, officially shutting it down once and for all. It is also relevant to note that Dr Taitz has been fined $20K and admonished in federal court as a sanction for her misconduct in violating the federal rules of civil procedure with regard to this case. The judge wrote: When a lawyer files complaints and motions without a reasonable basis for believing they are supported by existing law that lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law. It goes on from there in more detail but you can get my drift. You can read the whole thing on the “snopes” page. However you probably believe their in on the conspiracy too and can’t be trusted. So for those who are able to read and comprehend with reason, please follow the link if you want the truth about “truthbetold’s” irrational rant.

  27. Says:

    “Former tea party leader sues St. Lucie County elections chief over West-Murphy records | Post on Politics” was indeed in fact
    enjoyable and helpful! In todays universe
    that is challenging to carry out. I am grateful, Mae

  28. OBIWAN Says:

    All we want is a slice of that ‘transparency’ to assure no voter groups were disenfranchised or ballot box power subverted by dishonest election fraud?

    You think we suddenly got honest in ferreting out the double voting by snowbirds, 100,000 Israelis still voting in Florida without a homestead exemption, felons, Illegal Aliens, TPS Haitians, DREAMERS, ACORN voters, etc.???

    There is a distinct reason the five Democrat counties cannot finish counting ballots on election nite… need the seclusion of midnite for their ballot box stuffing.

    How many of you voted for President and skipped Senate, House or other statewide offices? Hmmm…

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