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House, Senate leaders cautious about Scott’s $1.2 billion promise for schools

by John Kennedy | January 30th, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott’s pitch Wednesday for $1.2 billion more for public schools didn’t draw resounding support from his fellow Republican leaders in the Legislature.

House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, and Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, said they still want to see how Scott finds the extra cash in the state budget, before they said much about its prospects.

“We do have more revenue, but our budget surplus is breathing room,” Weatherford said. “It’s not enough to put your feet up on the couch.”

Gaetz also sounded cautious, as the two leaders follwed Scott at the Associated Press’ annual planning meeting at the state Capitol.

“We’ve come out of the locust years,” Gaetz said, relying on a biblical reference to frame the budget balancing facing lawmakers. “But I’m not sure we’re in the land of milk and honey.”

State economists say the improving economy has yielded an $828.5 million budget surplus — making this year the first since 2007 that lawmakers won’t face a shortfall during this spring’s session. But the extra cash can easily disappear, both Weatherford and Gaetz warned.

Weatherford said he’s eager to hear Scott’s full budget presentation Thursday.

“We’ll see tomorrow how he does that,” the speaker said.

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2 Responses to “House, Senate leaders cautious about Scott’s $1.2 billion promise for schools”

  1. Searcher Says:

    Scott REALLY wants to be re-elected. I thought TEACHER’s were just BLOATED GOVERNMENT WORKERS that needed to pay more for their benefits, according to Scott and the Tea-Twits. Will Scott make them fold their Union first, like in Wisconsin? It’s ALMOST funny to watch him trying to BRIBE them!

  2. Mustafa Says:

    The day decisons are taken for the benefit of the people rather than for the number of votes it is going to guarantee will be the day that we all benefit as a society. Scott has shown previously that the benefit of the people of Florida has no bearing on his decisions…they are either motivated by party politics or by the need to position correctly for the next election. It takes years to build trust, but only a second to destroy it…Scott will need dcades to build the trust that he has destroyed over the years.

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