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Allen West announces new Internet TV role with PJ Media

by George Bennett | January 15th, 2013

Former Republican U.S. Rep. Allen West will host an Internet TV program called “Next Generation Today” for conservative PJ Media.

West announced his plans in an interview tonight with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.

“We’re going to look at the news, the current news, through the lens of young Americans and we’re going to start to stand up for that next generation,” West said.

The show launches Feb. 4.

He’ll be joined by Los Angeles talk radio host John Phillips and conservative Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields.

Conservative firebrand West developed a national following during a single term in Washington representing a Palm Beach-Broward House district. He narrowly lost to Democrat Patrick Murphy in November in America’s most expensive House race.

15 Responses to “Allen West announces new Internet TV role with PJ Media”

  1. toni Says:

    Just what the world needs another talking head that loves the sound of his own voice.

  2. Marie Brady Says:

    Thank goodness for a man like Alan West, a man of integrity and a true role model for young Americans to emulate. Wishing this venture much success as it will be needed against the tide of of garbage which bombards our kids daily. He is a man of substance not an empty suit.

  3. RENEGADE Says:

    As if the younger generation doesn’t have enough problems already. Now West thinks he is a role model or standing up for them. They are doomed they never had a fair chance!

  4. Thom Burke Says:

    Heaven forbid he gets a real job.
    The worst thing is he’ll supplement his living on the government dole for the rest of his life. The benefits federal politicians get desperately needs to be curtailed.

  5. raintime Says:

    Allen West has brains enough and lots of life experiences to make him an exceptional person. But he comes off, to me, like some deranged lunatic who sucks up the the ultra right because it pays. Do you think he’ll wake up one day and realize he’s ruined his life. His last campaign was a walk on the dark side with poisonous ads blaring all day long. This is one man that belongs under a rock.

  6. West Is a Tool Says:

    “Internet TV”, “PJ Media”…wow!

    What is this, a “farm system” for “not yet ready for prime time” at FAUX News? Hysterical.

  7. LionDoll Says:

    Allen West is a loser in life !

  8. Bito Says:

    @ Marie Brady, a man of integrity and a true model for young americans? Are you on drugs? He violated the geneva convention and was kicked out of the military, You call that a role model? He was a disgrace to the uniform an the american people, you truly are living in another planet, get off the KOOL-AID, you had enough and are overdosing on it.

  9. kelly Says:

    Sorry Marie, but a role model does not call his colleagues communists because he disagrees with them. That’s not the kind of lesson young people need to learn.

  10. SciGuy Says:

    West should go back to teaching school if he really wants to help the next generation. Funny he only taught for one year and then told everyone how much he learned then. How many young people does he think will be watching him on the internet? They’re looking elsewhere to be with their friends online and not watching a washed up politician like West.

  11. Reality Check Says:

    To all the West haters, —- he does not care what you think, get a life, move out of your family’s basement and lose weight. Your postings are about as useful as mutual masturbation. Move on, he does not care what you think.

  12. RENEGADE Says:

    We just can’t seem to be rid of this Alan Waste! We tried to make him go away but he keeps popping back up like a herpes infection. Well ballots didn’t work….what was that other option?????

  13. dustmitecleaning Says:

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  14. VietVet Says:

    Talk about a bunch of losers! Probably a bunch of unemployed freeloaders that are afraid someone like Alan West challenging to justify their wated lives sitting in front of a computer trying to sound like intelligent critics, Get out of the food stamp line, go take a bath,lose some weight and you won’t feel so bad about yourself. When you criticize someone like Alan West who is a great Patriot, you are revealing your own inadequate worthless existance. Not to worry though. Obama is always in the market for idiots too stupid to get out of their own way.

  15. adverteren adwords Says:

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