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Rep.-elect Murphy pledges to work with Riviera Beach on beach erosion solution

by George Bennett | December 6th, 2012

Rep.-elect Patrick Murphy, center, in Riviera Beach this morning with lobbyist Tom DeRita from the group Protect Our Beaches and Mayor Thomas Masters.

RIVIERA BEACH — Democratic U.S. Rep.-elect Patrick Murphy met with Mayor Thomas Masters this morning and pledged to work with the city on a long-term solution to the problem of beach erosion on Singer Island.

Neither a specific fix — nor a price tag — were discussed in the brief meeting in Riviera Beach City Hall.

Lobbyist Tom DeRita , representing a group called Protect Our Beaches, said pumping sand onto the beach doesn’t work.

“We need the federal government, we need the state government, we need to work together…Our title is Palm Beach County and without the beaches our economic impact can be destroyed,” DeRita said.

“Putting sand down is not just the answer. What we need to do is find a solution that’s going to be permanent, whether it’s the groins or we have to put in some type of solution to stop the erosion.”

Murphy, who takes office next month, said he agrees on the need to do more than periodic sand pumping.

“We need a long-term solution. We can’t continue to have these Band-Aids, and while it’s nice to keep putting the sand back on, that’s a short-term solution and ultimately it’s going to cost all of us, the taxpayers, a lot more money. So we need to work in a coordinated fashion with all governments, all agencies, all groups in tandem to come up with the best solution, wither it’s a breakwater, whatever it may be, we need to look beyond what we’re doing now,” Murphy said.

4 Responses to “Rep.-elect Murphy pledges to work with Riviera Beach on beach erosion solution”

  1. Mike Says:

    Must be election time as Masters is showing his face on the Island. Where has he been for the past 20 years?

  2. Franklin Says:

    Great to see the Rep-Elect understands what is important to our area: our beaches, which not only have environmental impact but economically too.

  3. solutions Says:

    Great to see Rep-elect Murphy already getting to work!

    I live in FL-22 and lemme tell ya folks, you guys up in FL-18 made an EXCELLENT decision in voting for Patrick Murphy.

  4. mother nature Says:

    Mr. Murphy, I think your statement regarding the irresponsible suggestion of breakwaters should be retracted. While it sounds like a solution I would recommend doing a little bit of homework on past failed project proposals. $50 million of wasted taxpayer dollars doesn’t digest so easily.

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